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Fashion Tour Inroduction - MOKSH EducationThere is not a single person who does not nurture an innate desire of looking good and feels to be accepted in the socio-economic circle. After reading this statement, a very pleasing word known to be ‘Fashion’ might have come to your mind. Also, the word fashion must have brought to your mind a flash of color with a dash of glamour.
Fashionholds a prominent place in every individual’s life as fashion is something that you cannot compromise on. It helps in extending your personality and draws attention to those features which bring your true persona. There are many factors that contribute to the evolution of fashion as a whole. Be it a festival, special occasion or another usual day, the term fashion will always be synonymous in terms of your lifestyle, profession, religion or attitude. Apart fromtravel and education, fashion has a lot more to offer.


In simple words, the purpose behind encouraging fashion tourism is to foster the outlook of people towards different fashion activities which will act as an add-on to the other benefits of youth travel, while they travel from one place to another. When it comes to fashion tourism, “dynamic duo” is the best-suited synonym for travelling and fashion. Therefore, you might find Fashion tourism to be the best alternative forEducational travelling.

What are Fashion Tour - MOKSH EducationFashion tourism is sometimes misunderstood to be just shopping tourism, but the reality is something entirely divergent. You might have an idea that the ultimate goal of fashion tourism is to plan a trip to France or Paris and buy some expensive apparels or clutch from the luxurious stores of Louis Vuitton or Prada. Well, there is something more than that for you.
We through Moksh, will not only help you to find celebrated fashion streets or visiting fashion museums but will also lead you to learn and observe latest trends in fashion designing so that you can get your hands on some of the breathtaking youth travel experiences.


After talking through the concept of fashion, the crucial question that arises is how to explore the true means of fashion? And for such purpose, which country is popular for youth travel? Well, what can be better than the place where fashion was born and brought up? The French nation is where fashion belongs to and is home to many voguish brands.
You must have heard France considered for being the center of the fashion world with Paris being the heart of France. The designers often go on a pilgrimage to Paris twice a year in months of January and July. Designers like Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent are some of the remarkable designers in the world and are the best sellers.(Their products are quite expensive too!) Well, these facts undeniably make a way for France among the best places for youth travel.

France Fashion Tour - MOKSH EducationFrance began to draw the attention of the world of fashion back in the days of Louis XIV (1638-1715). After his reign, a turning point in history occurred when the rest of Europe closely observed the fashion trends of Paris.
The first famous fashion designer to hit it big in France was Rose Bertin, who also served as Minister of Fashion to Marie Antoinette.
You cannot talk about French fashion without mentioning haute couture which means “high tailoring” of pieces design which the houses create. Charles Fredrick (also known as father of Couture) founded his 1st couture house in 1858.


In shaping the French culture and economy, fashion has played an important role for ages. The fashion of France is not only aesthetic but also has artistic dimension especially in terms of French culture.French Fashion Culture - MOKSH EducationYou may not know that the influence of French culture on French fashion has been more of a creativity-driven rather than being consumer-driven. It doesn’t mean that they misunderstand their consumers and client but they believe in giving a higher position to the artistic and authentic talent of designers.
This focus on creativity has led to international development, resulting in increase of 22 billion, if we include the French fashion brands in the figure of fashion brands.


How to dress like the French is the subject of many fashion magazine articles and especially for a lot of foreigners in France. French way of dressing is worldwide known for their enviable sense of style.
More or less, everyone has an idea of what French style is, whether it’s Brigitte Bardot in a Breton-striped top, an old Frenchman playing a sun-soaked game in a beret or the impossibly slim Parisian woman dressed head to toe in black.
One thing you can be sure of is that whatever the French people do, they do it dressed stylishly.
While your youth travel experiences, you are likely to get allured by French women as they are praised for their ability to be chic at all hours of the day without spending the whole day getting ready.


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