Ever heard of Burj Khalifa? Well estimated! Yes it’s that astonishing building which heights to 2716.5 feet. You must be aware of the Eiffel tower or the Empire state building but this would be an eye opening fact for you that when it comes to Burj Khalifa it is three times enormous and vast from the Eiffel tower and twice prolonged from the Empire state building.

Certainly, you must now have got the picture about what the talk is all about, it’s Dubai. Located on the Persian Gulf coast of UAE, this place presents you one of the ultimate destinations when it comes in the context of globetrotters.

Keeping the record of the tallest building aside, Dubai has undeniably occupied a significant yet sizeable portion of the world’s floor. Okay so how do you feel in the case of an elevator? You could possibly say that there is nothing to experience much about, but what if the movement is prolonged i.e. beyond a building or mall? It’s absolutely not a prank but because Dubai is involved in the conversation, you would be amazed to know that it offers world’s largest travel distance elevator.

Additional spellbinding fact for you! If you put the concrete used in Burj Khalifa on weight it is equal to the weight of 100,000 elephants and the amount of aluminum used is equivalent to that of 5 A380 aircraft.

Your travel to Dubai will conclude best if you are fond of ancient monuments, architectures and shopping. No one can ever believe that Dubai was once a completely deserted area but now it has transformed itself into a metropolis city which is one of the seven emirates of UAE.

Analogizing Abu Dhabi (the capital center of UAE) with its north-east neighbor Dubai, it has a long way to go in order to compete especially in terms of all the hype, glam and glitz.

It does not mean that Abu Dhabi has nothing to offer to its visitors. Before you right it off aside, you must consider this: the lower panel of the city has yet conserved the historical culture of UAE with an impressive impact. Some of the best places of UAE are: the magnificent “Sheikh Zayed Grand mosque” and the heritage village.

Where Dubai is vacant in terms of natural beauty, Abu Dhabi is fulfilling it with sand dunes, mixing roles of verdant oases, towering mountains and sweeping beaches.

About Dubai

To sample more of an authentic UAE, you must visit to the Al Jahili Fort situated in the eastern city, Al Ain or in case if you are nuts about camel riding then do not miss out the southern part of emirates.

To make you trip more memorable, go shopping in Abu Dhabi which can offer you a range of traditional outfits, cuisines and much more in the spree stream. Needless to say, the skyscrapers are not to be missed.

As you know that UAE is more of a deserted region, the climatic conditions are really severe in both kinds, be it hot summers or cold winters. When talking about summers, the mid-month i.e. the July and august part, the temperature is sternly burning so it’s advisable not to move out of your rooms. While in rest of the summer days, the climate is pleasant and sunny. Speaking about the average daily temperatures of summers in UAE it is as high as 450c accompanied with the humidity of an average over 90%.

Best time to visit Dubai is in the season of spring and autumn which initiates from the month of March and last till May and autumn season begin from the month of September where the temperature steeply starts falling.

Taking you towards the winters of UAE, this can be one of your best times to visit. Winter season initiates from the month of October and end in March. The average daily temperature is quite comfortable for its visitors varying between 150c to 300c.

Rainfall in Dubai is a bit unfortunate which usually does not last for a longer period. Annual average of rainfall is at maximum not more than 5 days. However, the rain falls mostly during the winter period.

Culture in Dubai

As you are aware of, UAE is indeed an Islamic nation where you can expect encountering Muslim religious practices which are quite common here. The prayer sessions are held5 times a day and Muslim holy day is celebrated every Friday.

Because it’s more of a Muslim region, there are no businesses practices held on Fridays due to which you may find most of the shutters down in the market. However, during their festive season of “Ramadan”, they still continue to operate their respective business.

Just in case, if your visit in UAE coincides with the festive reason of Ramadan, prevent yourself from smoking, eating and drinking the public places.

As far as Emirati culture is concerned, Modern outfits are largely avoided. You will frequently observe that men are wearing traditional kanduras (long, shirt-like robes) and ghutras (white or red-checkered headdresses) while women are dressed in Burkhas (long veils) and sheylas (headscarves).

No women immigrant is expected to wear headscarves but when it comes to the “Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque”, the head must be covered. Another piece of advice is, avoid wearing tight or revealing clothes during your stay in UAE.

Arabic prevails as the official language of UAE but English is also widely spoken. At most of the places, credit cards are acceptable, but if you are visiting the Abu Dhabi’s souks (local market); it is recommended to carry cash in hand along with you.

Learn the local way of living with a local

Your visit to Dubai can be both a fairy-tale dream and daunting at the same time, if you lack practical knowledge. We, through Moksh, provide you all the details so that you know what to expect. Thus, you can plan beforehand and can make the most of everything that lifestyle of Dubai has to offer.

You cannot skip Dubai, specifically when you are scrounging for more of a happening destination. So if you wish to enjoy your social life in the fast lane, then Dubai cannot be ignored!

If you are a sporty person, than here is glad tiding! There are many sports club which closely connected and concentrated together than any other place, worldwide. For party people, you can also have a great time like that of other expats, by simply joining the private beach clubs or hotels and can spent most of the time, enjoying the environment there.

The crime rate is low in Dubai which is also the best thing as far as women are concerned which further makes it safest of all.

Dubai is quite a bureaucratic headache especially if you are a newly arrived expat here. You are asked to get permissions and licenses for most of the things that you have planned for. Particularly for drinking, driving working or planning to reside in Dubai.

No worries! We are only here to help you so there is no need to take any sort of stress, just enjoy the spin. During “Ramadan”, if you are an immigrant, you are allowed to eat in the daylight hours and can even buy alcohol but drink it in your hotel rooms only!

Known as the “Lifestyle hub”, Dubai is one thing, you won’t hear the immigrants and expats complaining about. Albeit, Dubai is more of a heated place due to which you’ll find more of indoor air-conditioned activities, nevertheless, you still have plenty of entertainments and all shopping sorts.

Ranging from fully themed private beach clubs, opulent shopping complexes, cinema theatres, indoor snowboarding to remarkable music fests, Dubai really have it all.

Food in Dubai

Be it the Korean fare or Russian specialty, UAE emirates have all kinds of cuisines waiting for you. Don’t regret being a remiss later, if you left out the local staples, left sampling.

The Persian Gulf of UAE is more relied of variety of fishes while Middle East strives for eastern spices like- cinnamon, saffron, turmeric and cardamom. So you can find that the cuisines are influenced by the emirate you are in.

Don’t get amazed if you the camel dishes in the menus because these desert ships are adored more for the meat rather than the milk, produced by them. The dishes which are to sample chiefly are:

Al Majboos (where spiced meat is boiled with dried limes and served with saffron rice).

Al Madrooba (here, salted fish is blended with spices and nuts in a thick sauce and served over white rice).

Yes, it is difficult to find the most accurate fare but still you might find some locally best served dishes in the district of Al mina. Try some of the local dishes at Al Arish located near to the fish market.

In case if you wish to upscale for more local staples, than head towards Mezlai, in the Emirate palace (one among the best restaurants where some of the best local dishes are served).

Yeah! No dinner is completed until the deserts are served. So here are some of the spontaneous yet shinning deserts in the spotlight of UAE:

  • Favorite fruit of the country is dates.
  • Gah-wa (strong Arabic coffee)
  • Ligamat (deep fried batter — similar to doughnut holes — drizzled with date syrup)
  • Bethitha (semolina combined with crushed dates, butter and cardamom).

The timings are 10 pm or late when it comes to dining out for locals Emiratis. So one thing you must keep in mind that the Emiratis eat later than Americans. Do not miss out leaving a tip of 10-15 percent although gratuity is typically factored in the bills.

Accommodations in Dubai

Dubai is more of a preferred and desired region especially for living. The island of Abu Dhabi stretches along with the waterfront and is a home to lot many mixed-use developments.

Coming to the island of Al- Reem, it is sought right after Abu Dhabi when it comes to the modern luxury developments. You can find hybrid developments in the Khalifa city along the roads of Dhabi- Dubai.

In terms of high-end apartments, Saadiyat Island is recently furnished and is a home to 160,000 residents. However, Al Reem, the city center has faced certain setbacks.

The maximum cot can reach up to 15000 GBP, annually. This is average cost of a well-furnished and decent apartment in a good location and is to be paid up front.

Although, if you already own a property in Dubai and wish to rent it out then you can easily earn yields of 8-11%.

As the real estate industry is thriving in Dubai, it seems more of New-york like due to which you are supposed to take the large single expenses into consideration. Because of the commercial developments, the prices of residential buildings have skyrocketed.

There are also studio-type flats available in Dubai which will cost you around 3600 AED per month which you may easily find in the areas of Deira and Bur Dubai.

Also in the places like Dubai Marina and Jumeirah, alternatives are available of high-end living which cost around 8000 AED/ month. Most of them are either provided by the company or are flat shares.

What is Cultural Tour?

Cultural Youth travel to Dubai relates to the majestic art, fascinating architecture, age-old customs, impeccable hospitality, authentic cuisines, thriving nightlife, and many more amazing and fascinating facts related to the country of Dubai. These compelling aspects build up the culture of the country.

The cultural tour also plays an influential role in developing and boosting the history of Youth travel to Dubai in Dubai.

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