If you compare to other European countries, then you will find living in Germany quite affordable. At present, a rough figure of 720 Euros a month would be sufficient to bear your living cost in Germany. And speaking in annual terms, you will need around 8,640 Euros a year. Before you go to study in Germany as an international student, it would be suggested to you to have a specific figure in your mind about your cost of living in Germany since it is a must to maintain your expenses while living in a foreign land.


You have just got to know that you have been selected for your desired University program in Germany and you are nowhere else than cloud nine as you have no idea what mighty opportunities your destiny is holding for you! But soon you realize that it will also be a bit hard to cope with all the duties and hardships you will be confronting while studying in a foreign land. And when it comes to studying in a country like Germany, you not only have to monitor your grades and education but other situation too. But if you have a thorough knowledge of what awaits you across the seven seas and how you can effectively deal with these affairs, then you are ensuring a successful path for your career as this article will enlighten you to the tactics to make your stay in Germany comfortable and pleasant. So yeah, there’s no point of diminishing your cheerfulness because all you need to do is to have proper information of what to expect and what not while you stay in Germany. And you will find such details being discussed in this article as you read ahead.


Although there are some Universities which have redesigned fees structure for international students, there still prevail majority of them encourage higher education without charging any tuition fees. So where you will be spending your money is on facilities like bus services, sports expenses, meals and so on. Even though you needn’t pay the University tuition fees, the rental cost what will cost you a pretty penny. Germany is not a very expensive country to live in as an international student but chances are that you might put yourself into a lot of trouble in case you do not plan your expenses in advance.

The major deciding factor of your Germany living cost is the location where you’re planning to dwell in. if you wish to live in a big industrial city, then be prepared to spent lump sum amounts on your food, clothing and rents. While on the contrary, seek a less populated city and your expenses will be cut to half of what you will be spending in the former. Further, if you tend to avoid some further expenses like regular partying, then you can save a lot of money as well. In the rest of the article, you will be learning about how you can make accurate figures of your Germany living cost and while doing so, you will get to know the ways in which you can keep it at minimum. While studying in a foreign land, three of your biggest concerns are shelter, food and travelling expenses. Once you get a good hand at these, you needn’t worry about other challenges you will be facing while you live in Germany.


If we talk about the high end living places, then the southern Germany comes first into the picture. The cost of living in Munich and Stuttgart brings a lot of expenses while you stay in southern Germany. If you rent a flat in any of these two cities, be prepared to lose your pockets with an amount ranging around 800-900 Euros. While if your care for your money, then renting a flat in the northern part of Germany would save you around 300-400 Euros. Moreover, cost of living in Germany’s capital city, Berlin is not as expensive as compared to other capitals of European cities and also the most prominent German cities. However, the rental cost is what would be the biggest factor in determining your cost of living in Berlin. A rented apartment with one single bedroom would add around 700-800 Euros to your cost of living in Berlin. You can also seek apartments in other northern countries like Leipzig which is considered to be the most affordable cities to dwell in Germany. You can observe a reduction of about 30% in rent while living in northern cities if compared to that of southern cities.

If you were to make a list of cities according to their expenses, then it would look somewhat like this-







BEER (500 ml)



900-1000 Euros

1.4 Euros

12.5 Euros

0.85 Euros

1.7 Euros

3.8 Euros

1.9 Euros


700-800 Euros

1.27 Euros

8 Euros

0.80 Euros

1.77 Euros


2 Euros


800-900 Euros

1.27 Euros

10 Euros

0.70 Euros

1.78 Euros

4 Euros

2 Euros


800-900 Euros

1.3 Euros

12 Euros

0.77 Euros

1.6 Euros

4 Euros

2 Euros

So this table makes it clear that south is the most expensive part of Germany to live in. if you arrange them in order from the most expensive to the cheapest, then the series would be south, west, north and finally east.


Finding an appropriate place is the first challenge the students have to deal with, while living in a foreign country. Why cities like Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, etc. have been tagged as expensive cities is primarily because of their rental cost. The cost of living in Germany in the prominent cities is very high and you can’t bear it all alone in a nominal budget. So better would be if you rent the apartment on a sharing basis and hence alleviate some of the financial burden. The price of the apartment also varies on the basis of its location in the city and other facilities. A single-room apartment in a prime location would cost you more but the one located on the outskirts of the city would be way cheaper than the former. Likewise, a well-furnished apartment situated in the heart of the city would seek a rental cost of around 1000-1500 Euros.


If you have got some cooking skills, then good for you. But if not, then better head towards the kitchen and learn some before you head to Germany. Eating at restaurants isn’t really a good option if you are planning for a budgetary stay in Germany. A meal at a ‘not so expensive’ restaurant would also cost you around 12 Euros and that would sum up to be around 1000-1100 Euros on a monthly basis (Since you will be eating thrice a day). And if you further add a desert to the meal, the price gets even higher. Price of beer ranges from 3-4 Euros and that of a coffee would be around 2.5-3 Euros. Furthermore, you will have to pay around 1.77 Euros for a water bottle and around 2.25 Euros for a soda. However, if you wish to eat outside sometimes, then go with the options which will help you save much of your financial resources. You can eat in cafeterias located in Universities that provides you with a variety of options together with an inexpensive cost. However, it would be strongly recommended to learn some culinary skills if you are a person with financial concerns. Although you can’t expect a very delicious meal from yourself, it would be surely a better option.


Being a student, most of the time you will be getting around from places to places. Attending the lectures at universities, going back to your apartment, making plans to visit a friend, weekend getaways, etc. are what make your life in an abroad country a bit hectic. But to escape this stress, having a thorough knowledge of what type of transport would be beneficial. This will only help you to save time but let you save some extra Euros as well.

The semester contribution you will be paying to the University covers your expenses for the bus fees. While in other cases, you must have a sound knowledge of which mode of transportation is effective along with being affordable. Bicycles are largely used by the German folks for getting around, especially at places where there are large crowds. And speaking of other travelling alternatives, public transport outstands as the cheapest option. The fare of public transport for a one-way journey would cost you somewhat 2 Euros. So if you are a frequent traveler, then you can avail of a monthly ticket which would cost your around 70 Euros.


It is mandatory for all international students to have their health insurance done either from their home country or from Germany itself. In particular, there are two types of health insurance plans in Germany, namely the private health insurance and public health insurance. The public health insurance program is necessary for every person in Germany and costs lesser than the private health insurance programs as well. However, it does not cover a lot of medical requirements. The rate of these plans ranges between 70-80 Euros. On the other hand, go for private health insurance plans if you want to have more medical requirements included in your plan. A standard cost of these plans cannot be stated as they come in a lot of variety.

However, the health insurance plans from other nations might be accepted in Germany. You should inquire with your health insurance company for further information. In such cases, you have to validate your health insurance in Germany. In order to validate it, you must get in touch with a health insurance provider in Germany prior to your enrollment in university and ask him to issue a letter for the purpose of verification of your health insurance.


Apart from paying the rent, you also have to pay the water and electricity bills. However, you can split these bills if you are living in Germany in an apartment on a sharing basis. There are many further expenses which you need to consider while you stay in Germany. You need to set aside a particular amount for clothing expenses too. In Germany, you will find only high quality of clothing and their price would be tagged in such a way as to match their quality. For instance, a pair of pants, trousers or jeans would have a price tag of around 50-100 Euros. While a pair of shoes will range between 70-130 Euros.



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