Are you one of those beach enthusiasts who love to play volley ball off the coast while cherishing the tropical season? If you are, then pop in on the island where every year more than 7 million international folks go to, Bali!

Probably never have visited, but heard from a lot of people raving about their spectacular experiences of this magical island. Now a very common thought must have crossed your mind as it does to many people, why only Bali? Since you are fan of a tropical climate, fascinating beaches, warm hospitability, religious scene, etc. then there’s no room for anything else than Bali tours!


Settled in the heart of Indonesian region, the Balinese island is a province and is the most popular destination among worldwide travelers for chilling out in Indonesia. Although beaches are fun, the Bali tours will let you know how much this island loves its cultural flavour as well. Go on youth travel to Bali and surrounded yourself with traditional practices, religious sentiments and warm hospitality.

The inhabitants of Bali are called Balinese and their population is as low as 4 million. Meet them and you will get to know of their affable nature that they hold for travelers and within themselves. They will always try to comfort you by breaking the ice first and make you feel no less than a family member with them. So, even if you are visiting Bali without any acquaintance, there’s no need to fret as the friendly Balinese have got your back.

Before you go onto travel to Bali, you must know that there are quite a lot of grounds which you will find common with the Balinese. Out of the 4 million Balinese, majority of these are worshippers of Hinduism.

While the non-Hindus in Bali generally belong to the islands of Java and Lombok. A large part of the population resides in the southern coastline and if you were to count, you will more than 350,000 Balinese dwellers there!

You’ll find most of the Balinese engaged in farming activities while some others are fisherman or engaged in trading business as these are the main activities for earning the bread. There is a committee of “Banjar” for taking decisions upon celebrations like marriages, funerals, festivals, etc. and the Balinese government assists it in administering other institutions.

The amount of work is divided in such way that the healthcare programs, construction works, schools & colleges, etc. are administered by Balinese government and rest of the jobs lies in the hands of Banjar. Subak is one more institution which has the piece of work of rice production and irrigation while taking orders from Banjar.

Take a walk in this magical island during your Bali tours and you would encounter innumerous spiritual temples with prayers running through the lips of Hindu Balinese. The shimmering sunlight spread throughout the year will always remind you of the tropical climate of the island that ranges between 20° to 33° Celsius.

Bali tours further welcomes you to satisfy your shopaholic vibes in the traditional bazaars where you can buy commodities like wood carvings, textiles, artifacts, etc. at an affordable cost. So make sure you carry an additional suitcase with you in case your storage space runs out!

The magical island is also home to many flora and fauna. You would always find the Banyan tree and Tamarind tree greeting you in the north coast. While the Mangrove tree and Acacia (flame tree) would roll out the red carpet for you in the South coast. While exploring the flora during your youth travel in Bali, don’t forget to pay a visit to the 300 species of birds, long-tailed Balinese monkeys and the mouse deer!

Last but not the least, the PARADISE BEACHES! This is something your Bali travel is incomplete without. Not only get attracted to their fascinating beauty, but do engage yourself in activities like surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and yet counting!


The culture of Bali plays an intrinsic role in its grandeur. The cultural roots of Bali are entrenched way deeper than they will appear to you on the surface. The ancient customs & traditions, rituals, ceremonies, dance art, literature all together put in place the graceful culture of this magical island.

If you wish to set your glance on the cultural delicacy of this Balinese island, there is no better way than to observe these in the artworks of Tjokot, who was largely acclaimed as a genius of wooden carvings. It can be predicted that you might fall into adoring his exotic works which he used to make with no special tools but a chisel and mallet!

Religion lies in the soul of Balinese People. Hinduism is the predominant religion practiced in Bali and 8 out of every 10 Balinese you will come across would be a devotee of Hinduism itself. And since you are visiting Bali to enjoy to the fullest, make sure you don’t have any regret by missing out on the spectacular dance performances of Bali such as Wali dances, Bebali dances, etc. which portray a story using the whole body.

Tembang are the traditional songs of Bali. Consider them as an integral part of the culture of Bali. Popularity of these ancient songs is such that they emerged in the Balinese era even before the Hinduism and Buddhism ideology did.

Another way of immersing into the Balinese culture is through Wayang, which is the name of traditional puppet theater based on ancient manuscripts. Wayang are generally performed for entertainment purposes. However, various ceremonies involve Wayang’s performance too. Wayang are of two types, namely Wayang Kulit and Wayang Wong.

A chunk of the culture is clasped by the festivals that occur frequently throughout the year. For instance, if you’re lucky enough, then jump through the window of opportunity to attend the anniversaries celebrated by temples after every 6 Gregorian months based on the 210-days long Balinese calendar.

And if you seek the majestic festive vibes while your stay in Bali, then make sure you travel during occasions like monster parade or the mass kissing festival! Well, needless to say, now you know the best time to visit Bali!

So, for now, you must have come up with a rough idea as ‘where to go in Bali’ or ‘what to do in Bali’ during your Bali travel.

You would be able to relate with many Balinese notions as the ideology is very much similar to what we practice in our nation. For instance, the beliefs of Balinese people are such that man exists in a cycle of birth, life, death and again birth. And this cycle continues until he attains ‘Moksh’ and thus, his soul is unified with God. You have heard that before, haven’t you?


Travelling to a new destination may be jumpy for you for many reasons. Homesickness is a common thing you might feel while your stay or you may confront situations where you don’t know how you are supposed to respond. But, would that stuff be really hampering your fun? Of course not! You needn’t bother about this stuff as we have got some local support to accompany you!

Moksh Youth Travel to Bali organizes host families for you through which you can get familiar with the customs and traditions of the nation so effectively as if they are your own.

Rejoice in the homely vibe you get while visiting Bali and living with a host family that interacts with you and tells you about the tales of their culture. And needless to say, thanks to their soft-hearted nature that there’s no room left to feel nostalgic during your Bali tours!

As there has been a rapid growth of foreign students in visiting Bali, the number of international schools has also increased. So, your opportunities are not only finite to getting acquainted with Balinese but a bunch of international folks too!

Creeping up to some serious affairs, it is a must for you to know that terrorist attacks have also been occurred in Bali in the past decade. Anyway, the island hasn’t run into any such events since 2005.

However, pickpocketing and other petty thefts often happen in Bali, yet foreign visitors haven’t fallen into such troubles with the local public. Nevertheless, you would always be recommended not to leave your luggage anywhere in an alien country.

Notwithstanding the fact that adventures through private cars have been increased in the recent years for Bali tourism, board the public transport as it is way more popular plus reliable for getting around as well as adorning your trip to Bali.

If you haven’t got any idea as to which mode of public transportation would be appropriate, try out the most popular mode of public transport - Bemo, or call it a minibus. Through Bemos, you not only give a call to an amazing adventure at an affordable cost, but get along with the Balinese travelers as well.


More than sightseeing, it is an exploratory trip to Bali, where you immerse into a new culture and explore a city, unlike a typical Bali tourism but like a local who knows it all! To make the best out of your travel to Bali, eat the Balinese cuisines, be a part of a Balinese festival and live the language like it’s your own!

Through a cultural trip to Bali, you get a front line view of the native history, art, architecture, religion etc. Typically, a cultural tour may be urban or rural or both. The purpose of such Cultural Bali tours would be to have a Global exposure all by yourself or you can join group tour in Bali with your close friends & learn the minute details of the Balinese way of Life along with the top tourist destinations in Bali!


Take part in Balinese language lessons that are conducted throughout the Moksh Bali travel so that you can interact with the locals and enhance your knowledge about their culture. Moreover, it allows you to blend in their culture in a better way and understand the particulars of their customs and traditions in a more desirable manner.


Speaking of accommodation, you won’t be able to differentiate between the hotels from the natural wonders. Reason being, these hotels & resorts in Bali are built for the purpose of matching the aesthetic beauty of the natural wonders that draw breath in the Island of the Gods.

Although Bali tourism has become extremely popular, you can always find space in your desired hotel with ease as there is an oversupply of hotel rooms in Bali. Besides, due to the price wars among the hotels, chances are that you can grab your desired room at a cheap and cheerful rate as soon as you visit Bali. From lavish resorts with splendid swimming pools to affordable hotel rooms, you say it, Bali has it all sorted!

Budget travellers are usually a fan of hostel accommodation as they are affordable. One can find plenty of hostels by visiting Bali ’s popular tourist destinations. Beds are offered in shared dorms. However, you can stay in a private room with a shared washroom if you have got the money to spend.

Moreover, if you want to keep your travel to Bali on a low-scale, then seek accommodation in Losmens. These are family operated bungalows, or say, guesthouses. They are a very good option for hanging around in the rural areas during your Bali travel. Plus, they enable you to interact with the local Balinese people and other international travelers as well.

Besides hotels, people also prefer to rent private villas which give them a fancy feeling during their trip to Bali. These villas are furnished in traditional Balinese style. If you have got the money to spend, you can choose a villa with a private swimming pool as well as a private staff too!

The most popular places for budget as well as high-end accommodations bring to light the regions of Kuta, Sanur and Seminyak that are the household names in Bali.

  • The Kuta region offers plenty of options for accommodations, some fascinating shopping destinations and a never-ending & bustling night life as well. The beaches in the Kuta region are very well known for surfing and other water sports.
  • Sanu is one of the oldest tourist towns of Bali and has managed to safeguard its pristine atmosphere and traditional culture. You will undoubtedly find the white sand beaches of Sanu to be a peaceful alternative to the crowded beaches of the Kuta region. While the medium priced accommodations stands out as an affordable alternative to the lavish hotels of Seminyak.
  • The Seminyak is more of a peacekeeping region rather than following a hustling & bustling lifestyle of the other two regions. It is located further up the coast from the Kuta region. The pristine beaches, classy bars and delightful accommodations together enhance the glamour of this region. Other popular places comprises of the Bukit peninsular, the Ubud region and many more.


The Balinese cuisines have, at time, become the primary reason for people to give a shot at Bali tourism. The Balinese cuisines are a blend of a variety of spices, vegetables, meat and fishes. Some of the Balinese delicacies are famous across the globe such as-

  • Sate Lilit: This cuisine has its signature ingredient as chopped meat. You can even replace meat with beef, chicken, pork, fish, etc. It is then marinated with lemon juice, coconut milk, spices and pepper and grilled on charcoal to bring the truest flavor.
  • Ayam and Bebek Betutu: The Bebek Betutu is dish you must try during your trip to Bali and you will always find them in ceremonies. It takes so long to prepare the dish that you have to inform the chef one day before you would like to eat it. As far as the ingredients are concerned, roasted chicken and duck are accompanied by rice or veggies and traditional spices too.
  • Nasi Ayam and Nasi Campur: If you wish to have the perfect taste and texture of this delicacy, there is no better place than the warungs to try this out. You will find almost every warung trading in this dish. It is a kind of chicken rice prepared with different Balinese elements such as babi buling and veggies, accompanied with a bowl of soup.
  • The Jimbaran Seafood: During your Bali travel, make sure you pay a visit to the array of beachside eateries in the Jimbaran Bay that is a household name for serving delicious seafood. The array encompasses a lot of variety like shrimps, lobsters, clams and a miscellany of fishes. But what sets it apart from other dishes is the secret recipe of every chef’s barbecue sauces, often known as ‘homemade sambals’. And this is how it has got the name ‘Sambal Seafood – Jimbaran Style’.

Be it a Warung (street stalls) or a lavish restaurant, Bali will never fail to amaze you in terms of its food. Along with amazing food, Bali offers some of the incredible and world’s best restaurants too!


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