Known for the central Beethoven house, Bonn is a German town situated in western Germany straddling the Rhine river. Bonn was founded in the first century BC as a roman settlement and is one of the oldest German cities. It is also said to be one of the major cities in Germany. Bonn is also known as the city of arts.

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About The City: Bonn, Germany

One cannot label Bonn as the ex-capital city of Germany. Earlier known as the “federal village” and now known worldwide as the hub of commerce and culture, Bonne still thrives as the headquarters of two Germany’s largest multinational corporations. The people of Bonn are very friendly and hospitable. Fine museums and other various cultural institutions are still available to enjoy. From local souvenirs and timeless finds to high-end latest fashion brands, there is a wide range of shopping locations in Bonn. From quiet residential streets to the most crowded places Bonn has restaurants everywhere suiting all budgets, from old vintage cafes to modern food joints and restaurants. Languages spoken profoundly in Bonn are German, English and French.

Bonn, Germany Geographical View Of The City:

Bonn is a city in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Bonn is in the southernmost part of the Rhine region. To the south and to the west, Bonn borders Eifel region which circumscribes the Rhineland nature park. To the north of the city, Bonn is the Cologne Lowland. Also, its natural borders consist of the river Sieg to the northeast by the Siebengebirge to the east. Also, the city borders have a total length of 61 km.

Climate In Berlin:

Bonn has a very oceanic climate at all times





















































Cultural View Of Berlin:

Beethoven, a world famous German composer and pianist was born in Bonn, next to the marketplace is the Old City Hall, built in 1737 in Rococo style. The three highest most buildings in the city of Bonn are the radio mast, the headquarters of the Deutsche and the Former building for the German members of parliament Langer Eugen. The Godesburg fortress ruins is a beautiful castle in Bonn. Beethovenhalle, Bundesviertel, Post tower, Tmobile towers, Deutsche Telekom are on of the tallest and the most modern buildings in Bonn. This city is full of culture and life which further makes it a beautiful place for international students to study and live.

Politics In Bonn, Germany

The city of Bonn was the seat of Government and capital of the federal republic of Germany for around 50 years. The Post Tower corporate headquarters of Deutsche Post is a prominent landmark symbolizing this development. It is Germany’s second political center. The five federal ministries- the Environment, Defence, Development, Food, and Education. The members of the Federal Parliament met here from 1992 to 1999. Moreover, the political background of Bonn has been developmental and progressive for many decades.

The Universities In Bonn, Germany

One of the best universities in Bonn has been officially named as the Rhenish Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn after the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm was founded in 1818. Also, this university is based on liberal values and critical thinking expanded rapidly with many scholars worldwide. The university of Bonn is one of the most leading research universities. This university offers great subject combinations and subject strengths in Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, philosophy etc. it offers over 90-degree programs. The university is on the banks of river Rhine. The university offers great job opportunities. Thus, it is a wonderful example of how universities in Bonn are.

Global Employment Opportunities

Foreign engineers in Germany are in the news lately, in a good way. People from all around the world are welcome to fill these vacancies that are there in Germany. Also, Germany has always emphasized on science and technology from the very beginning. There are maximum employment opportunities in Hamburg, Stuttgart areas and in the cities of Berlin and Munich. Due to the shortage of engineers, the entry requirements are low. In order to save up some money, many students take up part-time jobs or a weekend jobs. Thus, This is a great opportunity to make professional contacts.

Indians And Other International Students In Germany

Germany is the third most popular destination for studies abroad among students all around the world. More than 12 percent of students in German universities come from abroad. Also, a number of universities in Germany are offering amazing subject combinations and unique courses which are of great value all over the world. Students from all over the world including India consider coming to Germany because of the friendly environment, low-cost living, low or free of cost studies and good employment opportunities.

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Life Of A Student In Bonn, Germany:

Students in German universities can experience bits and pieces of every neighboring culture as Germany is right in the heart of Europe. Life for students in Germany is very much affordable. The Federal Government funds the majority of institutions for higher education in Germany since it’s a Federal state. Hence studying there becomes really cheap or almost free. Stay in Germany for students is cheap as well, cheap and healthy eats are available on every street and in every corner, there are places that serve to-go meals as well. There are many employment opportunities, internships and part-time jobs. Students in Germany can even choose between public and private health insurance.Also, students receive a number of price concessions and discounts on a movie, opera, museums, public swimming pools and other various cultural activities.

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