As a boon to the elderly,  the competency-based PG DM in Geriatric Mental Health has taken shape as the recent notification by the National Medical Council discloses. The course is designed to provide the very necessary awareness regarding the importance of appropriate mental health care of our old and also to impart skills related to it.

The NMC notification contains the guidelines which establish that the doctors need a detailed understanding of practices in this field including demonstrating appropriate behavior when dealing with subjects of this age group and their relatives. The guidelines also mention that the DM program will focus primarily on Clinical Training including communication skills and Research Methodology.

The DM Program in Geriatric Mental Health will be of 3 years in duration at the end of which the PG student must be able to identify the health needs, able to handle psychiatric problems and be aware of recent advances.

The introduction of this PG DM Program is something India needed since long.