Basic Steps to Apply for Study in Germany

Basic Steps To Apply For Study In Germany Time Management In Germany

Basic steps to apply for study in Germany abroad involves a variety of aspects which one needs to take care of. Right from choosing a suitable country to shortlisting universities, applying for scholarships, insurance work to finding a good housing and applying for the visa and other documentations is not an easy task and one needs to handle it professionally in the matter of overseas education who can systematically organize the entire process in order to make it a smooth and hassle free journey.

German education gives a top priority to time management during the post admission period. Timely submission of important documents and mark sheets of various entrance exams and financial arrangement is extremely important. Universities abroad and precisely, universities in Germany are very strict in this matter. They do not tolerate any carelessness when it comes to time management. Whether one is going for a complete degree program or just a semester or even for an exchange program, every student must conduct a detailed step by step organisation and planning in time while applying to any of the top universities in Germany.

Basic Steps To Apply For Study In Germany Time Management Tips For Studying In Germany

In order to make this simple, we have designed some basic steps to apply for study in Germany some time management tips to help students manage time optimally. We are dividing this process into two parts-

Basic steps to apply for study in Germany 12-15 months before application are as follows-

  • Research on the available opportunities in Germanyis the first step. One needs to research well and have enough information about Germany. One must also study its economic and political status. Students must also consider International relations, culture and its people. Good universities in Germany, application process, entrance exams, availability of financial aid, job opportunities, future prospects, language barriers and much more will give the student a clear view of his/her future journey.
  • The actual as well as the hidden costs need to be analyzedin detail as financial arrangements take a long period and without which it is not possible to go ahead with the next step. Thus, calculating the total cost of studying in Germany including the tuition fees, living cost, travel cost and other daily costs is necessary well in advance. One also needs to prepare for scholarship exams if any and apply for financial aid according to the time slot allotted by the university.
  • Searching and applying for part time internshipsin various companies in Germany needs to be done a year in advance at least and all the required documents must be submitted to the company in relation with the university that one is applying to. Most of the students earn their own living cost while studying in Germany due to ample employment opportunities and value for novelty and innovative thinking. Thus, one must not miss out on this point and plan it accordingly.

Basic Steps To Apply For Study In Germany Considered 6-8 Months Before Application To German Universities Are As Follows-

  • A final decision on the university and his/her subject combinations with suitable specializations(if any) must be done at least 6 months in advance as the further documentation might require information on subjects and university. Also, students must do enough research upon the combination that is being offered, its scope and practical applications beforehand. This will avoid disappointments in the later stage.
  • The foreign office of the respective German university must be contactedin order to obtain information on the application process, submission deadlines, payment of fees, program model, start and end of the semester and much more must be completed half a year in advance and one must be in constant touch with the university officials and upcoming university events along with a daily glance at the university web page and new notices posted on it.
  • Application for the study programmust begin at this stage. The German universities have designed every study program uniquely with a different study model. Thus, the process of admission and application is also different. Students must keep all the necessary documents such as previous mark sheets, certificates, entrance test scores, social work certificates, internship certificates, project letters, recommendations and others ready 6 months in advance for submission according to the date provided.
  • Application for housingmust be done 7-8 months prior. Whether it is on campus hostel facility or an off campus rental apartment, one must apply and book it before time as it can pose a major problem after arrival. One must know the housing area well. One must consider the safety factors before choosing any apartment. Sharing an apartment with a bunch of friends from the same university is the safest, most famous and convenient option in Germany.

Travel Related Considerations

  • Visa applicationcan be troublesome sometimes due to language barriers in Germany. Thus, students must study the visa application process well. One must take Professional help in this matter. Also, it is advisable to learn basic German language before appearing for the visa interview. Students must complete the Visa application 6-7 months in advance to be on a safer side.
  • Application for Health insuranceand other insurance in Germany must be completed 5-6 months in advance as it can take a long time and it is highly important to have all the insurance documents in hand while arriving at the university. Students must never compromise on the safety and security factors while planning to study abroad.
  • All the documents must be checked for the final time5-6 months prior to the submission deadline and must be kept systematically to avoid any last minute problems as it can lead to a major problem in the admission process leading to rejection sometimes.

Basic Steps To Apply For Studying In Germany With An Efficient Use Of Time

Apart from this, international students need to think and make a day to day plan for themselves. It should involve extracurricular activities. Sports, dance, music or learn German part time, weekend socialization, making new friends, travelling to different German cities and knowing what each one of them has to offer, planning a productive vacation and much more. In simple words, making the best of their stay andStudy in Germany. One must use their time abroad efficiently in order to make it a memorable experience especially for those who wish to study in Europe.

Eligibility Criteria For Admission In Germany

If you wish toStudy in Germany, “University entrance qualification” is mandatory. This is a kind of School leaving certificate which makes you eligible for enrollment in the German university. If your certificate is considered inadequate then you are supposed to enroll for a foundation course “Studienkolleg”.

To confirm your entrance qualification in Germany, you can take help fromDAAD(Database on admission requirement). Enter the name of the country where you received your secondary education certificate then follow these steps:

  • Your certificate is acknowledged as qualification for general university admission
  • Your certificate is acknowledged only for subject-restricted university admission (i.e. forstudy in a limited subject area)
  • Your certificate is acknowledged only in combination with one or two years of successful universitystudy in your home country your certificate is acknowledged as university entrance qualification aptitude test instead.

If a student belongs to a European country or Iceland than their school leaving certificate is considered in Germany as well. At times it may be possible that certain meritorious students are not required to appear for entrance tests if they apply for artistic subjects.

The next basic steps to apply for study in Germany substitute to check whether you are eligible for admission in a German university is “AusländischeStudierende”. It is basically a test which includes language test and specialist questions relating to your respective filed of subjects.

This test further helps you to choose for a specific subject when you judge yourself with your studies. Once you pass the test with good results, your chances of admission in Germany, automatically increases. The exam fee is 80 euros for all the candidates.

Admission Procedure

The basic steps to apply for study in Germany process ofadmission in German Universitiesdepends on two major factors, the subject you chose to study and the country from where you come from. The deadlines vary from university to university and degree to degree.

While students are waking up to the many advantages of pursuing their education from Germany, the eligibility criteria continue to baffle and confuse students. This is primarily because German Universities have multi-level eligibility criteria.

  1. Find your area of focus and field of study which you wish to pursue in Germany and then wisely chose your German university accordingly.
  2. Admission requirements:
  • Visa and Residence Permit- As an international student you require an entryvisa in Germanydepending on where you come from and how long you plan to stay here. Before applying for Visa keep the following points in mind:
    • Submit yourGermany visa application formearly enough as it takes time for processing otherwise it might become a difficulty later on.
    • Make sure to apply for the correct Visa otherwise with the wrong Visa you will be forced to leave the country at the same point, you enter.
    • Schedule your trip to Germany so that you have sufficient time to enroll at your university and take care of the administrative obligations. Enrolment is a prerequisite for obtaining the “residence permit for purposes of study”.
    • Make sure your passport is valid for your entire stay! If your passport expires while you are in Germany, you will have to return to your home country and extend the validity of your passport there.
  1. There are two types of visas:
  • Student applicant visa (“Visum zur Studienbewerbung“)

If you have not yet received notification of admission to a university or foundation course, you should apply for a student applicant visa.

This three-month visa allows you to meet the requirements for admission to a German university. If you find that three months is not long enough, you may extend your visa to a maximum of six months. If you are admitted to the university or foundation course within this period, you may apply for astudent visa in Germany.

  • Student visa in Germany(“Visum zu Studienzwecken“)

If you have received your notification of admission to university or a foundation course, you should apply for astudent visa in Germany.Student visa in Germanyis usually valid for three months. Within these three months, you will have to apply for an extended residence permit at the Alien Registration Office in your respective town.

  1. Application Requirements :
  • Confirmation of registration from the Residents’ Registration Office
  • Confirmation of private or public health insurance coverage
  • Student ID from your German university (certificate of enrolment)
  • Proof of financial resources (if you didn’t present it earlier when you applied for a visa)
  • Valid passport and current visa, if you have one
  • Certificate of health(if applicable)
  • Your tenancy agreement (if applicable)
  • Biometric passport photos (if applicable)
  • Money for the residence permit fee (inquire at the International Office about the current rate).

You initially receive a two-year residence permit which can be extended if necessary. The approval of an extension depends on whether your studies have proceeded “properly” (i.e. you are keeping within the standard period of study for your degree program).

You have to present a letter of confirmation to this effect from your university. And remember: You must apply for an extension before your residence permit expires!

  1. German Language is a prerequisite- But not always: German is normally the language of instruction in most degree programs at German universities. That’s why foreign applicants are usually required to prove their knowledge of German before gaining admission.

However, German is not a prerequisite if you enroll in an international degree program or a special post-graduate course. Some universities do not ask for proof of German language proficiency if you plan on studying there for only one or two semesters.

This rule does not apply everywhere, however. It’s best to inquire directly at the university about the language requirements for incoming students.

  1. Recognition of your secondary school leaving certificate:

If you want to study at a German university, you will need a “Hochschulzugangsberechtigung” – or “university entrance qualification”. This is a school-leaving certificate which qualifies you for university study.

If your secondary-school certificate is deemed insufficient forStudy in Germany, you will have to attend a foundation course (“Studienkolleg”) before you are allowed to enroll.

It is very important for you to know whether your certificate is:

  • It is very important for you to know whether your certificate is:
  • Recognized only for subject-restricted university admission (i.e. for study in a limited subject area).
  • Recognized only in combination with one or two years of successful university study in your home country.
  • Not recognized as university entrance qualification.

A formal university entrance qualification is sometimes not required from talented candidates applying for admission to artistic subjects. Depending on the university, you may have to submit samples of your work or pass an aptitude test instead.

Procedure For Visa

Many students desire to pursue education from abroad but the issue that lies in front of them is the lengthyvisa procedure for Germany. MOKSH Overseas Consultantsendeavorto cut this lengthy process into short with the help of its resource person.

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In order to not face any trouble in thevisa procedure for Germanylater, we keep an official linkup with the pertinent authorities that keep us updated with the latest information. Moreover, we examine the documents before sending them to the visa office for inspection by the authorized officers following the final submission.

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