Application process for clinical elective in USA. So you’ve probably decided to go for these medical electives in USA . But, what is the procedure to apply for these elective clerkships? The application process is not very easy and it may take months to apply for it. But to cut it a bit short, you may refer to our guide given below.

A good way of approaching the medical electives in USA is to apply for them in the same hospital in which you are planning for a residency. This practice is known as ‘audition elective’. This will enable you to get hands on experience on the environment of the workplace and you could probably take a decision as to whether you fit in there or not. Another boon is that during you residency interview, chances are that the panel would recognize as and hence, a familiar environment can take place.

Also, make sure the hospital you apply to, is renowned for its quality since gaining experiences form a well-known institution can enhance your CV. It may be difficult to get into such institutions, but don’t give up on that easily, it is doable to some extent as well. Hospitals like Stanford, Mayo Clinic, Harvard, etc. welcome a few visiting candidates and the chances to get selected in the programs of these institutions are high.

As far as application requirements are concerned, different hospitals have their own set of obligations to be fulfilled. You can look for the latest information for the requirements in the website of the institution where you plan to do your electives. However, below are given some documents which are required by almost every institution for the elective in USA

  • Application form (It can be either in paper form or electronic form and should hold confirmation from your university. It usually takes time to get the application signed by the Dean/Department of study of the university so make sure you apply early.)
  • Letter from your Dean (This serves as a proof as to when you are going to be in your final year of Medical school, your overall performance in the school, any study-related achievements and the expected date of your graduation as well.)
  • Letter of Recommendations (If you have earlier worked somewhere during your pre-clinical years, then seek an LOR from your supervisor under whom you were working for. And try to obtain at least 2 LORs.)
  • Insurances (This incorporates various insurances like personal insurance, Liability insurance, etc. Always look for a cheaper one and purchase it only after you have been selected for an elective. Also, obtain a letter from your insurer mentioning the date and cost of insurance.)
  • Transcript of records from your Medical school
  • CV
  • Records of vaccinations (Ask your physician for antibody titers against Measles, HBs, etc.)

You must apply 6 months prior to the commencement of your medical elective in USA as it is very difficult to manage your timings with the application process. The application procedure for medical electives on USA takes approximately 6 months to complete so plan accordingly. One should usually start applying for the elective clerkships at the commencement of the 5th year of medical school and complete it during the second half of the same year. So virtually, you should start preparing for your medical electives in USA after you are done from your USMLE Step 1.

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