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The AIMST University was founded in the year 2001 by the Ministry of Higher Education in Malaysia. University took official set-ups on 30 October 2001. The AIMST University was granted 4th rank in Malaysia Quality Agency (MQA) D-SETARA Ranking 2013 for Medical, Pharmacy, and Dentist. The programs are accredited and recognized by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and Ministry of Higher Education (Malaysia) (MOHE) and by the Public Services Department.

The AIMST University has 8 faculties in total, for instance, the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of allied health professions, Faculty of engineering & computer technology, Faculty of applied sciences, Faculty of Business Management, and Faculty of School of general and Foundation studies.

The AIMST University is works with the vision to offer a premier private university in the country. And that offers modernized practical education to the local and international students at an affordable price. The University gives teaching instruction for all courses in English language, but also lays emphasis on the importance of National Language in all activities. In addition, the University provides language support to students before and during their degree studies to ensure an acceptable level of fluency.

The university's vision is “To be a world-class university, achieving excellence in teaching and research, and engaged in the service of society in promoting lifelong education”. Above all, the University uses Modern teaching methods and provides a study exchange ERASMUS program.

Program Offered in AIMST University

The AIMST University offers 3 courses with a yearly duration as Pre University, Undergraduate Courses, and Postgraduate Courses. The Pre University courses are Foundation in Science for 1 year, Foundation in Business for 1 year, Diploma in Physiotherapy for 3 years, Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering for 2.5 years, and Diploma in Nursing for 3 years. Moreover, Undergraduate Courses are 14 with different course duration and the Postgraduate Courses offered are 13 the duration of the course differs as per the selection of the program.

University AIMST curricula for most of the degree programs are taken from a U.K.-based university. However, most of the components provide degree programs that include computer training, writing, and research to prepare students for work and to provide them with the ability to apply knowledge in their academics.

Program Type

AIMST University offers the Bachelor's and Master’s programs as follows:

Program Degree Specialization Duration Fees
Health Science Bachelor BSC. (HONS) ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE 3 Year 22600RM
Health Science Bachelor SCIENCE (HONS) BIOTECHNOLOGY 3 Year 12000RM
Engineering Bachelor ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING (HONS) 4 Year 14000RM
Engineering Bachelor COMPUTER SCIENCE 3.5 Year 14500RM
Health Science Bachelor SCIENCE (HONS) BIOINFORMATICS 3 Year 21600RM
Health Science Bachelor PHARMACY (HONS) 4 Year 29000RM
Health Science Bachelor BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES 4 Year 30800RM
Health Science Bachelor PHYSIOTHERAPY (HONS) 4 Year 15100RM
Health Science Bachelor DENTAL TECHNOLOGY 4 Year 39000RM
Health Science Bachelor NURSING SCIENCE (HONS) 4 Year 15000RM
Health Science Masters SCIENCE (MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY) 3 Year 7000RM
Health Science Masters BIOTECHNOLOGY 3 Year + EXAM FEE 7000RM
Business Masters MBA 3 Year 7000RM
Health Science Masters SCIENCE (PHARMACY) 3 Year + EXAM FEE 7000RM
Health Science Masters PHARMACY (CLINICAL PHARMACY) 2 Year 7000RM
Health Science Masters SCIENCE (MEDICAL BIOCHEMISTRY) 3 Year + EXAM FEE 7000RM
Business Masters SCIENCE IN MANAGEMENT 3 Year + EXAM FEE 7000RM

Admission Intake inAIMST University

The University of Sunderland offers the admission deadlines for intakes as follows-

Intake Month Last Date to Apply
Autumn September 2023 1st June 2023
Spring February 2024 15th Nov 2023

Cost of Living in Bedong City

Cost of Living in Bedong City

If you are planning to do higher studies at AIMST University Malaysia, the very first thing you need to know is the cost of living in Bedong City. Living in Bedong the city is considered the less expensive in Malaysia. The cost of living in Bedong is approx. 400-500 USD per month which includes your daily expenses. Of course, your accommodation, food, and lifestyle will determine the amount you spend. Moreover, your expenses in Bedong would be around 300-400 USD for accommodation, and 150-200 USD for your daily food and drink.

Hostel & Accommodation

The University AIMST offers hostel accommodation for all students, whether local, out-of-town, or International students. The hostel is shared by groups of four to twelve students. The Hostel is located within walking distance of the Student Centre that has shops, a cafeteria, and an ATM. The university provides a meal package that includes three meals a day at the cafeteria.


Students can obtain the Scholarship while studying at AIMST University. The University provides a full scholarship, which is offered to the Business & Science batch and the scholarship is offered to the top achiever batch. The scholarship is given based on Academic Performance in the Semester.

Part-Time Job

Part-Time Job

As an international student studying in abroad becomes a challenging task. Need to fulfil your day-to-day requirements become easy by doing a part-time job. Yes, you can work while perusing your studies, you can do part-time work at restaurants, mini markets, petrol pumps, etc. The working hours for part-time jobs allowed is 20 hours per week while the semester and during holidays 7 or more than 7 days.

Post Study Work (PSW) VISA

Post Study Work (PSW) VISA

After studying at AIMST University Malaysia, as an International student, you are eligible to apply for a temporary residence permit. After graduating, students are allowed to stay in Malaysia or any of the Schengen countries for 12-15 months, which enables students to look for jobs or get self-employed. Furthermore, the students must obtain the Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) as soon as they arrive in Malaysia.

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