Kazan State Medical University

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Kazan State Medical University, Russia remarkably considered one amongst the superior most international universities in Russia. Holding an experience of more than 200 years, Kazan State Medical University, Russia has the best scope in the stream of medical training.

Several years back, there were 700 students in the premises of Kazan State Medical University, Russia who belonged from 57 different countries. Half of the students got themselves enrolled in Kazan State Medical University courses for in the English language. However, the other half inclined towards seeking German.

When observed, the crowd of students in Kazan State Medical University, Russia consists of a large cluster of students from the neighbouring remote regions of Russia.

The prior aim of Kazan State Medical University, Russia is to indulge itself in the never ending support and care for international students so as to attract young people from around the world.

If we talk about the current situation of Kazan State Medical University, Russia, you will find that there 5500 medical students, interns and clinical residents which enrolled in Kazan State Medical University Russia.

With 9 faculties engaged in 65 departments and staff of more than 1500 professionals, KSMU is constantly striving to attain it heights and develop its operation.


When you are a student, you always want to make a mature decision like that of every adult so that it positively affect and influence your present as well as upcoming life. So you should better be aware of both, pros, as well as the cons of any university before you, actually enroll yourself into it and we through MOKSH will help you for that matter.

It's quite understood that when you opt to go for a foreign university, you automatically become a part of the minority. Anyways, you will have the opportunity to meet people, to make new friends and to interact with students of Kazan State Medical University, Russia.

Studying in Kazan State Medical University, Russia makes it easier for you to connect with the members of Kazan State Medical University as well the locals of Russia. During your stay in Russia, you will gradually be aware and comprehensive about how to stay away from your home and will overcome the language barriers.

Via outpacing the apparent challenges, you seek the most nuanced aspects of the cultural difference, be it the social or academic ones.

Perhaps, it can serve as an overwhelming decision for some while for others it still remains a tough choice in terms of choosing a university. Before sending offspring to myriad schools, parents often stress about choosing the right one.


  • The Kazan State Medical University ranking boasts of a nationwide 3rd position on the account of its ancient accomplishment right after St. Peters burg and Moscow. The Kazan State Medical University world ranking are also something worth giving a mention as the Russian university is counted among the best med schools round the world.
  • Another fact is Kazan State Medical University, Russia the only university in Russia recognized from the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation and Ministry of Health.
  • Kazan State medical University is MCI recognized and so ideal for those who wish to practice in India.
  • Kazan State Medical University, Russia is the sole university in Kazan which acknowledged by “WHO” and listed in the AVICENNA Directory for Medicine (World Directory of Medical Schools).
  • Kazan State Medical University, Russia exclusively approved by ECFMG (USA).
  • Merely the University in Kazan which approved by the leading medical council viz. AMC, MCI, GMC, etc.


Often the students misinterpret the Kazan Federal University as Kazan State Medical University. Keep in mind that you need to get admission to ‘Kazan State Medical University’ and not ‘Kazan Federal University’. Reason being, the MBBS program at the former is an English taught program while that in the latter is taught in Russian language. For further insight, do check out this video! Kazan State Medical University vs Kazan Federal University


There is a great student life waiting for you at KSMU. The Kazan State Medical University,        Russia draws its area of focus to give the best student life to the foreign students in Russia. A must note point for you is that the Kazan State Medical University, Russia encourage and appreciate those students who actively participate in the athletic programs.

Fun fact is, during your vacations, you can reside in the “Medic” (camps located in the forest and on the bank of the Volga River). Also in the winters, you have a range of co-curricular activities to participate in like the year-round recreation (it includes football, swimming in summer, basketball, tennis, skating or skiing).

Coming to the Kazan State Medical University Hostel life, the Kazan State Medical University Hostel are located within the university premises and there are a total of 6 hostels. Here, students are offer different kind of rooms, varying in terms of size. It’s a predominant rule in KSMU, that the two or three students can accommodate themselves in one room via sharing.

All of the Kazan State Medical University hostel rooms meant for the foreign students are very well furnished and heated with all the comfortable fixtures. Apart from the rooms have internet access, telephones and T.V. sets. One thing you must keep in mind that the basic facilities are organized for the sharing purpose, for instance the kitchens and bathrooms.

Additionally, there are special rooms for students in Russia, to interact and know each other well, this is the best way to socialize and make new friends. Hostels are closely located to the Kazan State Medical University, Russia. These hostels are fully protected by the police for every 24 hours.


By spreading over an area of 17 million sq.km, Russia not only covers the 1/8 land area of the planet but also is the largest country in the world. It nearly double the size covered by Canada which is the second largest country and triple of the third largest country, USA.

Location wise speaking, Russia not only appreciated for its scenic beauty and landscapes but in the eyes of the foreigners.

You would be surprised to know that, though Russia a home to magnificent cities still not considered supremely beautiful but just an average. One thing you must know about Russians is that they are very proud of their history, heritage, political scene and the global influence of their country. So think twice before speaking anything against it, especially when you are to make new friends.

The people in Russia, give utmost importance to family values and have are embedded with the deepest and kind souls of all. You can figure it them as “the mysterious Russian souls”.

One more fascinating fact about Russia is it has the coldest place of earth. Yes, you guessed it correct! It is none other than Siberia. Again it sounds bit weird yet it is the pride of Russians.

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