Study in France for Indian students

Dreaming of croissants by the Seine and a globally recognized degree? Look no further than  Study in France! This European gem offers Indian students a unique blend of affordability, academic excellence, and cultural immersion, making it a top choice for your 2024-25 study abroad adventure.

Why Choose France?

  • World-Class Education at an Affordable Price: France has 25 Universities listed in the QS World University Rankings, known for their tough academics and advanced research. Compared to the US or UK, tuition fees in are significantly lower, especially at public universities. Factor in government scholarships and grants (like the Eiffel Excellence Scholarship) for even greater affordability.
  • Did you know? 22% of international students in France are from India! This vibrant community provides support and connection while you explore your new home.
  • English-Taught Programs: Don't worry about mastering French before you arrive! Over 1,500 programs are taught entirely in English, catering to diverse fields like engineering, business, and humanities.
  • Boost Your Employability: You can develop practical skills and real-world experience through internships and projects with top companies, thanks to France's strong ties with industries. Specialized Master's Degrees in fields like luxury goods, aerospace, and sustainable development equip you with in-demand expertise.
  • Post-Study Work Visa: Increase your employability and stay in France for up to 2 years after graduation with a Post-Study Work Visa, potentially securing permanent residency.
  • Central Location: Explore study in Europe with ease! France's central location makes weekend getaways to neighboring countries like Spain, Italy, and Germany a breeze.

Beyond Academics:

  • Live the "Art de Vivre": Immerse yourself in France's renowned gastronomy, charming cafes, and vibrant art scene. Explore medieval castles, delve into the Louvre's masterpieces, and embrace a cultural tapestry unlike any other.
  • Learn French: Enhance your career prospects and communication skills by learning (or improving) this globally desired language. Studies show it also boosts your brainpower! Many universities offer French language courses and support programs.
  • Multicultural Hub: Connect with students from around the world in France's melting pot of cultures, fostering global understanding and enriching your personal and academic journey.

Ready to Make Your Dream a Reality?

Start by researching universities and programs that align with your academic goals and career aspirations. Connect with Moksh Overseas Educon, your trusted guide to Study in France. We offer personalized support throughout your journey, helping you:

  • Navigate the application process seamlessly.
  • There are scholarships and financial aid available for Indian students to study in France, making it more affordable to pursue your dream.
  • Adjust to life in France with cultural guidance and pre-departure support.
  • Connect with a network of Indian students in France for support and community.

Investing in your education abroad is an investment in your future. France offers a unique combination of affordability, academic excellence, cultural immersion, and career opportunities. Contact MOKSH Overseas Educon today and and embark on your French adventure with study abroad consultants!