Life of an MBBS Student in Orel State University, Russia

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a doctor, but tuition fees at home seem daunting?

Look no further! Orel State Medical University (OSMU) in Russia offers a compelling alternative for aspiring medics worldwide.&

But what's it really like to be an MBBS student there?

Buckle up, future doctors, because we're about to dissect the exciting, challenging, and rewarding life of an MBBS student at OSMU.

About Orel State Medical University

Orel State Medical University, located in Orel, a city in western Russia, is renowned for its prestigious medical education. Originally considered during the First World War, the university officially became Orel State University (OSU) in 1931. It boasts a history of over 90 years.

The Medicine Department at Orel State University was established nearly thirty years ago. It provides students with cutting-edge laboratory facilities for practical coursework and research endeavors. The university's infrastructure is top-notch, featuring specially equipped rooms furnished with advanced technical resources. Notably, the histology, clinical immunology, and biochemistry laboratories stand out for their exceptional quality.

Life at Orel State Medical University

Getting on a medical journey at Orel State University, Russia, is an enriching experience for Indian students seeking quality education and cultural immersion. Life as an Indian student at Orel State University offers a blend of academic rigour, cultural exchange, and personal growth.

As it is seen, the majority of Indian students want to get admission in Russia, especially in Orel State Medical University (Oryol State Medical University). Let's explore what makes this journey abroad unique and fulfilling for Indian students.

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Academics: Gearing Up for Medical Excellence

OSMU boasts a well-structured MBBS program spanning 6-years. The first few years focus on foundational sciences like biology, chemistry, and physics, all delivered in English. This is a big advantage for international students, removing the language barrier to grasping critical medical concepts.

As you progress, the curriculum delves deeper into specialised medical subjects like anatomy, physiology, and pharmacology. Here, theory meets practice through extensive lab sessions and clinical rotations in the later years. Expect to be pushed academically.

OSMU is known for its rigorous curriculum, but fret not! The supportive faculty and a well-equipped library ensure you have all the resources to excel.

Life on Campus: Building a Global Network

Imagine studying alongside classmates from all corners of the world. At OSMU, this multicultural tapestry comes alive. You'll find a strong international student community, particularly from India, making it easier to adjust to a new environment. The university organises events and clubs that foster friendships and cultural exchange.

Accommodation Options: Finding Your Place

Accommodation Options: Finding Your Place

OSMU offers on-campus dorms, a budget-friendly option for most students. These dorms are known for being safe and well-maintained, providing basic amenities for comfortable living. If you prefer more independence, fret not! Apartments near the university are readily available.

The basic need equipment is:

  • Bed
  • Study Table & Chair
  • Wardrobe, etc.

Every hostel at Orel state medical university has a common kitchen where students can cook their food; complimentary usage of the kitchens is allowed. Facilities in the kitchen are:

  • Fridge
  • Induction Cooktop & Microwave Oven
  • Washing Machine etc

Exploring Orel: A City Steeped in History and Beauty

Orel, the city where OSMU resides, might not be a bustling metropolis, but it boasts a unique charm. History buffs will love exploring the 18th-century architectural gems and museums showcasing the city's rich past. Nature lovers can find solace in Orel's picturesque parks and gardens.


Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Living abroad presents its own set of challenges. One of the biggest hurdles for MBBS students at OSMU is adapting to the climate. Orel experiences harsh winters, so pack those warm clothes!
Another hurdle you might face is the language. While the university provides English medium instruction, basic Russian goes a long way in daily life. Consider enrolling in a Russian language course to bridge the communication gap and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Beyond Academics: Embracing the Russian Experience

Studying abroad is more than just textbooks and exams. It's about broadening your horizons and experiencing a new culture. Embrace the opportunity to try traditional Russian cuisine, from hearty pelmeni (dumplings) to flavorful borscht (beet soup). Explore the vibrant local markets, and don't forget to attend cultural performances and festivals.

Making the Most of Your MBBS Journey at OSMU

Here are some golden tips to ensure a successful and enriching MBBS experience at OSMU:

  • Be proactive in your studies. Don't hesitate to seek clarification from professors or seniors.
  • Embrace the international community. Make friends from different countries and learn from their diverse perspectives.
  • Step outside your comfort zone. Explore the city, learn Russian, and immerse yourself in the culture.
  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance. Studying medicine is demanding, but schedule time for relaxation and extracurricular activities.

Is OSMU Right for You?

OSMU offers a high-quality MBBS program at an affordable cost, making it an attractive option for international students. If you're prepared for a challenging but rewarding academic experience, embrace cultural diversity and adapt to a new environment. OSMU could be your perfect launchpad for a successful medical career.

Bonus Tip: While this blog provides a general overview, it's always recommended to get in touch with a study abroad consultant for the latest information on admission procedures, fees, and scholarships to study MBBS in Russia.


Life as an MBBS student at Orel State University is a unique blend of academic challenge, cultural immersion, and personal growth. If you're ready to embrace hard work and new experiences, Orel State University could be the perfect stepping stone to your dream of becoming a doctor. Get in touch with MOKSH expect for the right pathway and smooth admission process.