How to choose a Top medical college for MBBS in Bangladesh?


Many Indian students are turning to Bangladesh for their MBBS due to the attractive mix of low costs, excellent education, and a hassle-free application process. A bonus is that these medical colleges are recognised by both the NMC and WDOMS, allowing graduates to practice medicine back home in India. The MBBS program is similar to India's, lasting five years with a mandatory internship.

Many factors need careful consideration when venturing into higher education in another country. This guide explores the complexities and challenges students face in their search for the perfect fit for their MBBS studies. We'll delve into the key considerations and obstacles you'll encounter in finding the ideal medical school.

Discover Your Expertise

Medicine has many different jobs you can choose from, like being a doctor for children (paediatrician), a heart (cardiologist), or a brain (neurologist). Each job has its own cool things to learn and do. Before starting your medical studies in Bangladesh, consider which job sounds most interesting to you! There's definitely a perfect fit out there for what you like to do. So explore all the choices and see what excites you the most!

Best medical colleges in Bangladesh

How to choose a medical college in Bangladesh?

Before choosing the top medical college in Bangladesh, one should remember the below points before selecting the best medical college. Have a look below:

Accreditation and Recognition

Accreditation and Recognition:

Ensure that the medical college you choose is recognised by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) and accredited by relevant international bodies, such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI). This ensures your degree is recognised globally, facilitating further studies and practice opportunities in other countries.

Infrastructure and Facility:

Evaluate the infrastructure and facility provided by the medical college. Look for modern classrooms, well-equipped laboratories, libraries with a huge collection of medical literature, and advanced medical equipment. Adequate hostel facilities and recreational amenities are essential for a conducive learning environment.

Faculty Qualifications and Experience:

The quality of education largely depends on the faculty members. Research the qualifications, experience, and expertise teaching staff. Look for professors and instructors with relevant qualifications, clinical experience, and a track record of academic excellence. A faculty comprised of renowned medical professionals enhances the learning experience.

Clinical Exposure and Practical Training

Practical training is integral to medical education. Evaluate the clinical exposure the medical college provides through affiliations with reputed hospitals and healthcare institutions. Hands-on experience in diverse clinical settings prepares students for real-world challenges and enhances their clinical skills.

Curriculum and Teaching Methodology

Assess the medical college's curriculum and teaching methodology. A comprehensive curriculum covering basic sciences, clinical rotations, and elective courses ensures a well-rounded education. Interactive teaching methods, case-based learning, and practical demonstrations facilitate better understanding and retention of knowledge.

Alumni Network and Reputation

Research the reputation of the medical college and its alumni network. Look for testimonials from current students and alumni regarding their experiences and achievements. A strong alumni network indicates the credibility and success of the institution in producing competent healthcare professionals.

Understand the Application Procedure

Understand the Application Procedure

So you've found the perfect medical school! Now it's time to apply. Avoid last-minute worries by figuring out how they want your application. Do they want you to submit it online or by mail? Every college has a slightly different application process.

First, contact the right Study abroad consultant so that you can follow the right procedure. MOKSH expect counsellor will make your application process smooth. All you need to do is submit your required document, and our team will take care of the remaining steps.

Here's a tip: Before you apply, carefully read all the instructions on the application form. This includes things like what documents you need (like transcripts), where you can live (dorms), and any other services they offer to students. By doing this, you will be away from a fake agent.


Choosing a top medical college for MBBS in Bangladesh requires thorough research and careful consideration of various factors such as accreditation, infrastructure, faculty expertise, clinical exposure, curriculum, student support services, and reputation. By evaluating these aspects, you can make an right decision that sets the stage for a successful career in medicine. Remember to prioritise your academic and professional goals while selecting the medical college that best suits your needs and aspirations.