More than 12,000 students are currently studying medicine in Russia. In order to study medicine abroad and be eligible to practice in India after completing MBBS in Russia, the National Medical Commission (NMC) announced four rules in 2022 concerning course requirements:

  1. The course must be fully in English.
  2. The minimum course duration should be 54 months, followed by a 1-year internship.
  3. Students need to appear for the NEXT license qualifying exam in India, which will also serve as an entrance exam for PG courses.
  4. Doctors must complete an additional 1-year externship in an Indian hospital.

Why is there a rush towards Russia to pursue MBBS?

In light of recent rule changes, 4-year medical degrees from countries such as the Philippines are no longer recognized in India. Furthermore, MBBS programs in Kazakhstan mandate a minimum of 2 years of internship, for which students must pay more, and the internship is subject to availability for international students.

Regrettably, many students fall prey to dishonest agents who conceal vital information and send them to these countries. Therefore, one must be very cautious in selecting the right MBBS Abroad agent.

The combination of altered regulations—resulting in diminished student flow to the Philippines and Kazakhstan—and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has significantly narrowed the range of options for prospective students. Consequently, the number of students opting to pursue MBBS in Russia has increased.

The following options would help you decide the universities in Russia.

Preferences of Indian Students for Studying MBBS in Russia

Typically, the primary reason for choosing a university in Russia for a medical course is its proximity to Moscow. Accordingly, the first choice for the students becomes expensive universities located within Moscow or more affordable institutions in neighboring cities like Oryol.

University Fees (RUB)* Course in Remarks
Oryol Medical University 260,000 English Value for Money!!
Bashkir State Medical Univ 294,000 English Away from Moscow
Kazan State Medical Univ 416,000 English High quality
Crimean Federal University 300,000 English Highest FMGE pass
Pirogov NRM Univ 500,000 Bi-lingual Top in Moscow
Astrakhan Medical Univ 180,000 English For low budget
Mordovia State Medical Univ 260,000 English Great Choice
Orenberg Medical University $ 3,200 Bi-lingual Many scams
Perm Medical University 270,000 Bi-lingual Low FMGE Passing
Mari University $4,000 Bi-lingual Just 7 years old

* The fees mentioned above are in Rubles based on 2022-23. Updated fees will be published on 1st June.

5 Crucial Factors to Consider Before Choosing to Study MBBS in Russia:

Students may encounter various challenges while pursuing MBBS in Russia. Therefore, it is essential to exercise caution and consider the following factors:

1 Deceptive Practices Involving Tuition Fee Payments for Indian Students:

When planning to study MBBS in Russia, ensure that you sign a two-party agreement directly with the university, rather than a three-party agreement involving a contractor. Some Indian students may be given misleading packages by small-time MBBS Abroad agents with incorrect tuition fees, causing them to pay a higher amount while the contractor profits from their parents' hard-earned money. To avoid this, students should obtain written confirmation from their overseas education consultant that "the tuition fees will be paid directly to the University and not the contractor, under a two-party agreement system between the Student and the University.”

For more information, please watch the below video.

2 Be Cautious of Current Students Acting as MBBS Abroad Agents

Exercise caution when approached by a student encouraging you to join the university where they are presently enrolled. These students may have become study abroad agents themselves (often because they were misled when they joined a low-quality institution) and could appear friendly at first. However, once you arrive at the university, you may discover their true intentions for persuading you to choose their institution.

3 Avoid Small Education Agents When Building Your Career

The first crucial decision you need to make is to ensure that you select a career planner, not just an agent offering admission services. You might be inclined to visit the nearest overseas education center or study abroad consultant, but are they the best choice? Here are seven essential questions to ask the consultant before finalizing your decision:

  • Are they a nationally recognized organization, or just a small entity aiming for quick profits?
  • Do they have at least 10 years of experience in sending students abroad?
  • Is it a proprietary company or a large public limited company?
  • How many employees work for the organization?
  • Does the MBBS abroad agent have an office in Russia to support registration, or will they rely on a contractor who might deceive you?
  • Are they recommending that you sign a two-party agreement allowing you to pay fees directly to the university, or do they insist on collecting payments in India or Russia?
  • Can they demonstrate their Learning Management System (LMS) for preparing you for the NEXT/USMLE exam?

After evaluating the credibility, reliability, and trustworthiness of the study abroad company, you can proceed to choose your preferred university to study MBBS in Russia.

4 Language of Instruction for Studying MBBS in Russia

Russian universities offer three distinct types of medical courses:

  • English-taught General Medicine program
  • Bilingual program (3 years in English + 3 years in Russian)
  • Full 6-year program in Russian language

When selecting a university, make sure you choose an English-taught program. Be cautious of small overseas education agents who might steer you towards MBBS programs in Russian language, as this may be more profitable for them. Do not jeopardize your medical career by making an uninformed decision.

5 Preparation of NEXT while you study MBBS in Russia

When you choose to study medicine abroad, you must understand the real problems faced by students is not admission. The problem is to qualify in FMGE, the licensing exam required to practise Medicine in India. From 2024 onwards, all students (studying in India or abroad) would have to appear for NExT. It is important to prepare for the exam right from the 1st year. The same exam also serves as an entrance for PG seats.


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