• For Starters

    Starters Kit before you begin, we need to wish you an extraordinary accomplishment for your application procedure. We make it a point to serve you starters kit. This could be expected by means of this stage and ideally, get you enrolled in your fantasy college.

    1. Glimpse
    2. Keep a track of your application timeline
    3. Assess your profile
    4. Begin with your search for preferred university
    5. Be ready with all required documents
    6. Broad outlines

  • Glimpse

    Here, you will pretty much find all the 15 stages associated with your application procedure. Peruse each area cautiously; they are referenced in the request for need.

  • Keep a track of your application timeline

    Above all, it is essential, to be aware of the course of events for each procedure in the application process. This helps you to keep tabs on the progress of your application process.

  • Assess your profile

    Firstly, invest some energy in analyzing your application profile before you start searching for colleges.
    Moreover, you must comprehend the qualities and shortcomings of your profile, before you choose a course.

  • Arrange Transcripts

    Certainly, your transcripts and degree declaration are the obligatory prerequisites for any course.
    However, on the off chance that you are working. You subsequently need to visit your college and request some duplicates of your transcripts.
    It will hardly take any time before you get them.
    For more details visit: http://www.moksh16.com/mbbs-in-germany/

  • Be ready with all required documents

    This is a checklist of the documents required for your application procedure. Go through this and subsequently, arrange your documents.


    Original passport with 1 scanned photocopy of it.

    School certificate

    Your original SSC (senior school certificate) and a scanned copy of the same.

    High school certificate

    Your HSC/PUC (Higher school certificate) with a scanned photocopy.


    A bachelor degree certificate with a scanned copy and a photocopy.


    Duly attested Bachelor transcripts (in sealed covers).

  • LOR (Letter of Recommendation)

    1. Firstly, From the university HOD or College Dean, (Highly suggested for TUs). From Undertaking Guide (Highly suggested for TUs).
    2. Secondly, Teacher who showed you, in any event, one course (Recommended). From Instructor who showed you in any event two courses (Recommended) From Work.
    3. Thirdly, Venture Manager or more elevated level (Highly prescribed for FHs). From Foreman (Recommended). Entry-level position chief (Sufficient).

  • SOP

    Statement of purpose with an original number of targeted universities and a scanned copy (if required).


    Must qualify TOEFEL, GRE and IELTS.


    Original and Copies of your German language certificates.


    Original and Scanned copies of your work experience, Experience letter and offer letter (if applicable).


    Your photos (strongly recommended to be clicked for professional applications).

  • Others

    Any other certificates and few scanned copies of all extra-curricular certificates. (sometimes optional and sometimes recommended as per the norms of the universities).

  • Broad Outlines

    A mission statement is considered as one of the most significant archives you send alongside your application. This is the one record that you need to make without any preparation.
    To sum up, it requires some investment and exertion. Then you might suspect to wind up with an agreeable adaptation of your SOP. Check this segment, for more data and begin soon.

    1. Remain composed, keep up a record on MS applications and monitor each archive.
    2. Every one of the photocopies identified with scholastics. This must be appropriately verified by the school senior member.
    3. Every single other photocopy must be appropriately authenticated by a confirmed open legal official.
    4. SOP and CV are self-bore witnesses to; they needn't bother with legal approbation.
    5. Continuously take excellent examined duplicates.
    6. Utilize excellent paper for SOP, LOR and CV.