• It’s Not Possible without Your Passport

    Planning for abroad? The very first thing that comes in your list is your PASSPORT. Starting with a Flight booking to IELTS test, a passport is essential for you. The proof that you will always need to show as an Indian identification in the country of Germany is your passport.
    This is a mandatory step for you. In case, if you already have a passport in your hand, then go ahead and start your application process.
    Below is the detailed procedure to get your passport:


    1. Passport interview document

    1. Date of Birth Proof (DOB)
    2. Address Proof (Aadhar card)
    3. SSC (Secondary School Certification)/ HSC (Higher Secondary Certificate)/ Certificate of Graduation
    4. Statement of the bank for a span of last year (if required)
    5. In case, you wish to see additional documents, click here!

    2. Police Verification document
    1. Ration card
    2. PAN card
    3. Driving license
    4. Two witness letter from your neighbours
    5. Electricity bill


    Step by Step Procedure

    1. To register yourself, create a user profile!
    2. After the verification of your email address, log in and update your
    3. Now that you have an appointment for a passport, you have to select date and time to visit PSK (Passport Seva Kendra). To check your appointment availability Click here. From the given list you can select your date and time.
    4. Select your type of appointment (Normal or Tatkal) and your passport booklet type (36 or 60 pages).
    5. Application fee you have to pay is Rs. 1500 for Normal and for Tatkal Rs. 3500.
    6. Now you will receive an email saying ‘your application is being processed’. This email indicates that your application is submitted to the Regional Passport Office.


    Step by Step Procedure

    1. Be present at your allotted time in PSK (Passport Seva Kendra. No need to go an hour before and wait in line.
    2. Enter the main office of PSK (Passport Seva Kendra) and hand over your documents to the staff. One of the staff members will take a scanned copy of your documents and issue a token. Now you can move to the waiting room.
    3. During this process, you have to go through 3 counters named A, B and C.
    4. Counter A (Approx. 15 min)
    5. Verification of your document
    6. Your photograph, fingerprints and signature will be taken.
    7. Counter B (Approx. 20 min): Verification of your document will be done by Government officials.
    8. Counter C (Approx. 20 min): A final verification by the granting officer.
    9. Once, you are done with all the steps, you will be given a slip of acknowledgement.
    10. Approximated time will be 2-3 hour.


    Step by Step Procedure

    1. After finishing your passport interview, you will receive an SMS about the progress status of your Application. Police verification is the next step. You will receive an SMS/email with the contact number and name of the Verification Officer assigned.
    2. You need to visit the police station under which your residence falls and speak to contend. The police will pay a visit to your home for the confirmation process. This may take time, it will be better if you try to ease the process using your good interpersonal skills.
    3. For the interview verification the next day, you have to be presented physically. In case, you may be asked to bring the mentioned document and a few additional documents. (if required)
    4. Once you are done with the verification it will take another 7 Days and you will receive your passport. To keep a check of your application process, you can use a tool Track Application.
    5. Once you get your passport, don’t forget to check the very first page of your details i.e. whether the information is printed correctly or not. If you found any mistake in your profile, go immediately to PSK (Passport Seva Kendra).

  • General But Important!

    During your police verification, you might have to pay off the police officer. It is advisable not to bother too much about paying the amount because that gentleman has the authority to make the thing really difficult for you.

    1. Generally in the ‘Normal’ category of your passport, it will take 7-30 days whereas the ‘Tatkal’ category will take around 1-7 Days.
    2. MOKSH recommends you to do this by yourself and does not approach any agent. As the whole procedure is Online. In case of any queries, feel free to visit the official website,Click here.