• IELTS - International English Language Test System

    Applying for IELTS you need to prove your English language capability to apply for your Master's course in Germany. You can prove it by giving an IELTS examination. IELTS and TOEFL are two widely accepted international standardized English language tests. In the event that you also want to apply in any other US university, TOEFL could be a good decision. In almost all the German University IELTS test score is accepted with the same section and similar testing styles. MOKSH recommend you to select IELTS as it is a better option.

  • At the outset

    1. Before you start, check the course requirements, whether the IELTS is compulsory.
    2. The minimum score required for your admission is overall band 6.5.
    3. In most of the cases, it is not necessary to have IELTS scorecard for your admission if your bachelors course is taught in English.
    4. Note that you have to take the IELTS test to fulfil your Visa requirement.

  • Documents Required

    1. Debit/ Credit card
    2. Your Passport
    3. Select any 5 universities in Germany to which your test scores present (optional).

  • Follow these Steps!

    1. For registration, click on the link IELTS Registration.
    2. Go to Find Test Date form and select the following details then click on Find.
    3. Date: Select the month of your test
    4. City/Town: Select your nearest town
    5. Module: Academic
    6. Check Availability and Test Date: Now look in the list of dates available. If you dont see anything listed, then change the test date or city and try again. You will also see the corresponding test fee. Select a suitable date and start the process.
    7. Terms and Conditions: Agree on the Terms and Conditions and continue.
    8. Details of Candidate: Now the form will ask for the candidate details. Make sure to fill your details as given in your passport. Then click on Continue. Remember: Dont be too selective on the details like Why are you taking the test? Or what is your occupation sector? This is the only way of the British Council to gather details of candidates for improving the test quality.
    9. Summary: Once again, have a look at your details. Make sure that the IELTS Test Details are correct with your name and the details in the passport are spelt correctly in Candidate details.
    10. Payment details: As given
    11. Recommended: To pay easily use your debit/ credit card.
    12. Pay later: In such case, if fee needs to be paid within next 3 days go to any ICICI branch with the cash and filling in an ICICI challan or you can also pay a Demand Draft-Draft should be in the name of British Council payable at New Delhi.

  • Post Registration

    1. After your registration, you will receive an email confirming payment receipt which contains the access details of free online preparation course.
    2. A week before the test you will receive a written confirmation from the test centre which includes your test dates, time and test venue.
    3. The test centre will confirm your Speaking test dates and time may be on the same day as the written test or within 7 days after the written test.

  • Test Day Requirement

    1. Go early for the IELTS test in case you arrive late then you will not be allowed to give the test.
    2. Once you get in the IELTS test location, the staff will check your Passport. If you dont have your passport, you will not be allowed to give the test.
    3. In some test locations, they will take your photograph on the test day, due to security purpose.
    4. After entering your test centre, you have to switch off your mobile phone and if you carry any other electronic device they will not allow you to enter the hall (Mobile phone, Calculates). You will be only allowed to carry your ID card, pen, pencil and eraser.
    5. The duration of Listening, Writing and Reading tests is 2 hour 40 minutes and there is no break during the test. Speaking test takes about 10-14 minutes (if scheduled on a different day).

  • Result of your test

    1. 'Band' 1-9 is the indicator of your IELTS score for English Language proficiency.
    2. The test result will be released and the calendar test centre will send your Test Report Form to you, 13 days after the test.
    3. You can go and check the result online here. The result remains for 28 days.
    4. To check your result you should know your date of birth (DOB), Candidate number, and your passport number.
    5. An aspirant can request for 5 additional TRFs that will be sent to German universities of his/her choice but this must be within the first month of appearing the exam. Even if you fail to mention a university to receive the TRFs, most of the German universities will accept a normal IELTS score

  • Keep in mind

    1. Preparation of IELTS basically takes about 2 weeks to 2 months depending on your current level of English Language proficiency. Announcing the test result takes 13 calendar days. Plan your dates accordingly if you need to send IELTS scorecard along with your application.
    2. In case, you are not sure about the IELTS test scorecard is required for your course or not? Then do the following:
    3. Go to the search option to enter the university website, write to the admissions department of the university asking for clarification or contact past applicants.
    4. To achieve the IELTS test the best way is to practice test. Try to be calm and keep anxiety in check during the test.
    5. Most of the technical course in Germany required a minimum of band 6.5.
    6. Your IELTS test result has a validation for 2 years.
    7. You can take the attempt of IELTS as many times as you can and send the university your highest score. But giving the test, again and again, will not improve your results unless you work on the weakness by identifying them in your test report.

  • General Instructions

    Now IELTS is freely available online so self-study with some dedication should get you through this. MOKSH suggest you not to get lost in all the courses. Pick one or two from each category and stick to them.

    1. Take advantage of free online preparation course road to IELTS. As it contains 9 practice test, 4 informative e-books and advice videos from British Council IELTS This will give you a rough idea about your weaknesses and strengths by showing in graphs and tables.