• German Student Visa for foreign students | Study in Germany

    The number of foreign students in Germany is rapidly increasing with each growing year in the country of Germany. Most of the foreign students in Germany will require a German student visa from a German Consulate before they actually enter premises of Germany.

    Still, this criterion of issuing a German student visa varies with the country for instance; you might be exempted from getting a visa issued to study in the country in Germany. In this category, you are however required to acquire a residence permit for studies (that lasts for more than 90 days), as soon as you arrive here in Germany.

  • Do I need a German Student Visa to pursue my studies?

    Well, it depends like if your program lasts within 3 months then you need to get a Schengen Visa issued but in case if your studies last longer than a span of 3 months then you are expected to issue a national German visa.

    When you enter the country of Germany with a national visa, then you are supposed to extend your stay in Germany via applying for a residence permit for studies at the foreigners office. Remember you are expected to do all this within the validity of your entry visa.

    All you need to know is that whether you need a visa or not to pursue your education in the country of Germany and if you actually require, then make sure that you clarify the type of visa and apply accordingly (considering the nature and length of your planned studies in German Universities).

  • Kinds of Germany study Visas

    The category of visa relies on the range of study degrees and level (inclusive of undergraduate, exchange, graduate and post-graduate studies). In addition to this, it also covers participation in non- academic German language course and pre-academic measure.

    German Visa

  • However, there are three types of German student visa for which you can apply:

    1. Student Visa
    2. Application Visa (Student)
    3. Language course Visa

    The first type is German student visa. It is basically a standard student visa for foreign students in Germany who have been admitted to German Universities and is fully prepared to initiate their studies for a full-time course at the universities in Germany.

    The second one is a German student applicant visa. This is issued to those students in Germany who apply for university admission in person. Making it very clear, this visa doesnt allow you to study in Germany and is only valid until your application process gets completed.

    The third one is the German language course visa; you need this to study a German language course in the country of Germany.

  • Requirements for German student Visa:

    Documents needed for your German student visa process are mentioned below:

    1. Locate and derive the address of your closest German consulate or embassy via Google search so as to confirm your visa requirements and process. All of the official German missions in other countries have an official website along with their physical address and contact of information.
    2. Review and confirm the procedure and requirements. That is as soon as you find the official website, go to the student visa tab and review all of the specific requirements. That relate to your home country and procedures to set up a visa appointment.

    Dont forget to make it sure that you carefully review all the information that is provided to you. Especially the documents that you need to have before applying for appointment of visa.

    Fetch appointment for the visa. When you completely feel that yes you are prepared and have all documents required then follow the steps of German consulate and set up a visa appointment.

    In some of the countries, you are expected to apply for a visa appointment at least a few weeks before of specified time as it might take a longer time to get it to you. As, timings are really precious, so make sure, that you know how to act fast.

    Get ready with documents for visa application, once your visa appointment is fixed. It is highly advised to you that kindly double check your document required and make sure you have everything together.

    You can also do all of this by yourself but still if you face any difficulties or hardships than do not forget that Moksh is always beside you.

    Moksh prepares you for your Visa interview. First of all, keep 60-70 euros aside as the application fee and get the payment confirmation with you at the time of your visa interview.

    This fee is non-refundable, in case if your visa application is rejected by the German embassy. In addition to this, you have to verify your exchange rate of your countrys currency and pay the exact amount.

    Moksh is here to prepare and ready all of your documents on your behalf. After your visa interview is accomplished, you will receive the official answer that whether your visa is approved or rejected.

  • How to obtain a student residence permit in Germany?

    Firstly, look and find your permanent accommodation in Germany during your first week of arrival. When you plan your stay in Germany, you are required to have a visa and apply for a residence permit within 7 days from your arrival.

    Once you have successfully accommodated yourself in the country of Germany, immediately register at the local Residents office and upon registration, you will be given a confirmation for your registration, termed as Meldebescheinigung.

    To register for a student residence permit as foreign students in Germany, you are needed to have the following documents:

    1. Your national ID card and valid passport which shows you have a valid visa if you are a visa-regime citizen.
    2. Your rental contract.
    3. Confirmation letter for your living residence. Which is to be issued to you by your landlord of the place you’ve rented.

    Next step is to enroll for studies at German universities. You are expected to enroll and secure a place at universities in Germany within the validity of your enrollment period (announced to you in the admission letter. This process is called as matriculation. Which is accomplished by submission of a list of documents relating to Studentensekretariat (students affairs office).

    In addition to this, you are asked to pay off your semester fee so that you are issued your ID and password as students in Germany.

    The documents required to enroll at German universities as foreign students in Germany:

    1. Your national ID and national passport which complements your entry visa, if you are a citizen who qualifies for a visa to enter the country of Germany.
    2. A confirmation letter for your admission at a university in Germany.
    3. Your entrance qualification for German universities or equivalent qualification. Which permits you to initiate your course to study in Germany.
    4. You recently clicked photographs in passport size.
    5. Health insurance of the student.

    Note: theres this international office at your university, known as Akademischen Auslandsamt which is the key address. Where you can get a wide range of information about your studies and residency requirements.

    After you have been registered to study in Germany you now can get your visa extension via applying for a residence permit for studies at Einwohnermeldeamt (local foreigners authority).

  • What are the required documents to apply for a residence permit in Germany?

    Below are the requirements that you are advised to fulfil if you are looking forward to applying for a residence permit to study in Germany:

    1. Completed and duly verified application form where the original name is “Antrag auf Erteilung eines Aufenthaltstitels”.
    2. Your national ID/ national passport which assure that you have a valid entry visa if you have entered with a visa in the country of Germany.
    3. Confirming documents for your permanent address in Germany.
    4. A letter for confirmed registration.
    5. Your rental contract.
    6. A confirmation letter from your landlord.
    7. You’re recently clicked passport-sized photographs.
    8. Proof of financial subsistence which you are expected to present while applying for a visa.
    9. Proof of your admission, for instance; confirmation of admission, certificate of enrollment and evidence of conditional admission in studies).
    10. Payment confirmation of application fee which cost you around 56-100 euros for (first-time applicants) and around 46-96 euros for extension of the residence permit and for the Turkish people the cost is 28.8 euros.

  • FAQs for a student visa

    What can I get after getting my student visa in Germany?

    1. You can get a non-academic language studies course that lasts from 3-12 months with duration for at least 18 hours of lessons in a week. This is the kind of course which you might to aim to prepare for your further academic studies.
    2. If you wish to enroll for a course that prepares you for your further studies then take pre-academic measures which are for 3 months.
    3. Apart from this, there is also a pre-academic German language course in which you participate before sitting for any of the recognized tests and studies which is a university prerequisite before your final admission in studies.
    4. Furthermore, there’s this preparatory foundation course “Studienkolleg studies” that aims to prepare you for the qualification test termed as “Feststellungsprüfung” and once you have successfully passed it. You must expect to obtain a recognized university entrance qualification, called as “Hochschulzugangsberechtigung” (note: this only applies if you are among those foreign students in Germany whose school leaving certificate is not recognized in the country of Germany).
    5. Additionally, there are propaedeutic courses that offer specific knowledge, academic and language skills which relates to methodology and education system that prevails in the country of Germany. These courses lie in the hands of the education providers where you are actually studying.
    6. It is believed that participation in an internship must be a precondition that is kept for admission in the study program for instance; university of applied sciences. Thus, partaking in a preliminary internship is mandatory.
    7. When you receive the admission confirmation from any of the German Universities, you are now eligible for your relevant studies leading to a recognized degree of higher education, like in the bachelor section it is B.Sc., BA, BSEng and for the masters, it is M.Sc., MA, MEng and PhD.

    What is the conditional admission confirmation letter of German Universities?

    This is the decision taken by the authorities of German Universities in their respective admission offices after you apply. But these conditions are to be completed with a few more requirements before you become an official student at universities in Germany.

    These requirements are generally participation in the preparatory measures or passing certain pre-academic tests held for admission in the German universities.

    Whats the confirmation letter of German universities?

    So its a written confirmation that verifies that yes you have been admitted as a student at your German university and it contains the following:

    1. Details of your education provider i.e. the university/institute where you have been admitted.
    2. After this, you are required to accept and confirm your allotted place and it is to be done by replying to the admission office with a signed card.
    3. Remember to register within the enrollment deadline after the expiry of which, foreign students in Germany might face obstruction and even there application might get rejected.
    4. There are also exam dates at which the German language test and university preparatory entrance examination will be held (in case you are admitted conditionally).
    5. Make sure to get the details regarding the orientation day i.e. when new students are informed about the university’s premises and various activities conducted within the campus of the universities in Germany.

  • What is HZB?

    HZB expands for Hochschulzugangsberechtigung and is kind of university entrance qualification. This is also one of the key documents for which you need to apply while admission at a German higher education provider.

    The point is that it acts equivalent to your foreign education certificate with the German Abitur. In case if youre earlier education doesnt qualify you as equal to HZB and you will then need to undertake a test for recognition.

    Note that this only relevant if you also meet other university admission requirements.

    For studying in Germany, what language proficiency certificates are considered valid?

    Even if you have any of the following certificates than they are recognized German language certificates for studying in Germany:

    1. Level for of TestDaF: this is a test of German as a foreign language for foreign students in Germany under all sections.
    2. Level II or Level III of DSH certificate: after passing the DSH test, foreign students in Germany are admitted as it acts like a German language test.
    3. The third one is the admission test. Which is conducted after the accomplishment of the institutional preparatory course at universities in Germany.
    4. Level II of DSD certificate: this is the language diploma of the permanent conference of ministers who relates to cultural and educational affairs.
    5. Passed the Goethe test of C2 level.
    6. Or must have passed Telc C1 or B2 Hochschule test and earned a certificate for the same.

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