German Grading Practices

Many systems of grading exist that can give a ballpark idea of the ones, prevalent in Germany. The modified Bavarian formula is one of them which are most commonly used in German universities. Moreover, the study conduct by WES is evaluated as the German average grade which is 3.0 and it is equivalent to a 'B' level in the US.

PercentageInternation GradeGerman GradeDescription
90 – 100%A1.0 – 1.5very good an outstanding achievement
80 – 90%B1.6 – 2.5good an achievement substantially above average requirements
65 – 80%C2.6 – 3.5satisfactory an achievement which corresponds to average requirements
55 – 65%D3.6 – 4.0(sufficient: an achievement which barely meets the requirements
0 – 50%E5.0 mangelhaft / ungen gend / nicht bestanden insufficient/ failed

Indian Grading System

Firstly, in India majority of the universities and colleges use 10 point scale which is Cumulative GPA (CGPA). Some colleges, the percentage system prevails. In better universities, like IITs, NITs etc.the 10 point grade system is relative while in other common universities, it may be absolute (obtained by dividing the percentage by 10).

In India, there are some colleges which take grade/score very strictly as the percentage required for the graduate is 50%. Using Grade calculation in Germany will let you now if you are an average student, your CGPA should be 7.0 or your Percentage should be 70%. Above all, using the conversation table, your GPA (GRADE POINT AVERAGE) on the German scale would be 2.80.

In some case, if the University is well known or well-reputed and your GPA is above 2.50 in German scale, the university straight-away thrashes your application form.

This is the only reason why most of the schools dont ask you to convert your score.


  • Try not to convert your score to German grading until and unless the university asks you to do so. Furthermore, it will be good for you if you apply the grading scale, as given by your bachelors university.
  • In case you have a very strict grading system in your school then try to mention the top grade obtained by you and explain that you are a top grade student. As in some universities in Germany, like TUM give special preference to this factor.
  • Do remember your LORs should have this sentence: Ms/Mr. Z was among the top ______ student in our class. Before judging your bachelors grade, German universities, scan LORs for this information.