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    1. Transcripts: This is a combined list of all your documents including your grade bachelor's degree and all the courses. This is an important document for applying your masters course.
    2. GRE: The Graduate Record Examination is a test required to be taken by students
    3. Provisional Degree: After you complete your graduation, you receive the original degree certificate after some time (maybe as long as two years). Till this happens, your university gives you a 'Temporary' degree certificate. Which is valid for all purposes whether employment or higher education. This is a provisional degree certificate
    4. IELTS: Applying for IELTS you need to prove your English language capability to apply for your Masters course in Germany. You can prove it by giving an IELTS examination.
    5. TOEFL: In the event that you also want to apply in any other US university, TOEFL could be a good decision.
    6. Course Catalogue: If you wish to now the details of the curriculum that you are applying for you will do good by referring to the course catalogue. For more specific details feel free to visit official website of specific universities.
    7. Grading System: The grades are calculated according to the performance given by the students.
    8. Medium of Instruction: Germany know for it's penchant to keep it's medium of instruction German. Either you need to learn their language and get certificate or you look for a university that categorically specifies it's medium of instruction as English.
    9. Work Experience: This is a advantage for you if you have a working experience. This can help you to apply easily in your MS degree.
    10. Student Visa: Make sure you have a visa starting from the beginning to the end.
    11. Visa Sponsorship Letter:
    12. Visa Photo Specifications: Before giving your photos take care of this point.