• How to withdraw money from the blocked account in Germany?

    Once you registered address is settled in Germany, your blocked account is now open for you to withdraw money, just keep one thing in mind, you still do not have the direct access to your blocked amount. The only way through which you can gain access to your account is via opening an international student bank account in Germany where you can easily transfer blocked money, every month.

    At present, the limit is set to 720 euros/month (the maximum possibility is 725 euros), until and unless you have maintained more amount then the minimum value required. The amount of money required is generally transferred from the Sperrkonto to your regular account (international bank account of a foreign student in Germany) this for your ease so that you can easily withdraw money from your account at any point of time.

  • Is it required to prove the source of money when opening the blocked account?

    As long as you chose the Fintiba bank, theres no need for you to prove the sources of funds that you transfer but when you go for the Deutsch bank, you are required to show the origin of funds. Also, there are lot many options open for you to get this done.

    Being a foreign student in Germany, the majority of the international students choose the most common way of proving their financial means, where they submit a bank statement. This bank statement is further used to deposit records in the bank. Do not overlook this, because if you want to be on the safer side and wish to continue with your studies in Germany without any trouble, go for this!

  • Can the third party send the deposit in the bank, on behalf of the foreign student in Germany?

    Yes, the rights of sending the deposit are granted to the third party, if you wish to send it through their hands, however, they are mandatorily needed to prove their identities as first.

    The blocked account provider is liberal to obtain the authorization from you so that the organization or the authority, for instance, the bank receipt of the bank transfer or a valid passport.

  • How far is the money deposited, safe at the blocked account?

    The answer is yes it more than just being safe. Almost every next association of bank in Germany is a participant of the Deposit Protection national scheme, under which each German bank gives the guarantee to safeguard the deposits of foreign students in Germany.

    The guarantee of each and every bank in Germany is to make sure that at least 20% of the total capital of the foreign student in Germany is protected and there are no chances of it getting robbed or there is no possibility of a reduction in even an ounce of it.

  • Are there any exemptions possible to open a blocked account?

    The only evidence to prove your financial worth is blocked account; it is to make sure that you have that much credibility to withstand your stay for at least a year or more in Germany.

    It is believed that though there are other alternatives for you to prove it still you will be asked to confirm it for once from the German consulate, beforehand so that you need not face any hassle later on.

    Like in case if you have any of your relative residing in Germany, who is ready to act as a guarantor for you while your stay in Germany and promises to bare your entire cost of living in Germany, then for once go and confirm it from the authorities.

  • How to speed up the processing duration for opening a blocked account in Germany?

    Unfortunately, you cannot speed up even a step of the processing duration, even if you are facing a tight shortage of time.

    No bank has the authority and principal to process your application before the specified time limit and there is no provision to faster the process of application.

  • Where to register your address for the proceedings of your blocked account in Germany?

    At the local resident office registration (commonly known as Einwohnermeldeamt in the German Language), your residence in Germany can be registered.

    As soon as you stay in Germany for at least a span of two weeks is completed, you are obliged to get your residence in Germany registered. The reason why the bank needs this is to confirm the details for your blocked account in Germany, as soon as you arrive in Germany.

  • Which option is best Deutsche bank or the Fintiba bank?

    Down to this, we are providing you with a table of comparison for both Fintiba bank and Deutsche bank so that you can judge better which can be preferred being a foreign student in Germany.

    The table aims at the most common problems faced by foreign students in Germany while opening their Sperrkonto:


    Planning to pursue higher education in Germany? Good for you! But be prepared to follow some procedures that studying in Germany brings with itself, one of them being the blocked the account in Germany. Since you are a citizen neither from an EU country now from any EEA country, you will be required to prove your financial health (or Finanzierungsnachweis) while you pursue higher education in Germany. And for that, you will need to open blocked account in Germany with a German bank and thereby deposit funds in it. This proof of your financial health not only enables you to study in Germany but assist you in obtaining the student visa and residency permit. Ahead in this article, you will be made available of the detailed information about a blocked the account in Germany.


    A blocked the account in Germany is a kind of account specially designed for the international students arriving in Germany for educational purposes. The account serves as proof that international students possess sufficient financial resources to manage their stay in Germany. Another name of this blocked account is Sperrkonto and acts not only as financial evidence for the international students but to those too who have come to Germany in pursuit of a job. Although you can opt for other ways also for evidencing your financial standing, the concept of blocked the account in Germany is considered the most popular one among the international students.

    After you have deposited a particular amount of money in the German blocked account as determined by the government of Germany, you have officially given a testament of your capability to manage your expenses while living for a particular time in Germany. As per the reports of 2018, it was indicated that the average expenses of an international student amount to a figure of around 720 Euros. And 12 times of 720 makes 8,460 Euros (Annual Expenditure). Hence, this is the minimum amount you need to deposit in the blocked account to ensure your stay in Germany. Also, do understand that the monthly minimum expenses determine the maximum amount you can withdraw from the blocked account on a monthly basis. So out of the figure of 8,460 Euros, the amount you can withdraw in a month cannot exceed 720 Euros.

    If we talk about the time it will take to open blocked account in Germany, then there cant be a certain answer to this. The duration for opening a blocked in Germany depends on various factors such as the relationship of Germany with your nation, your provider, the working pace of the German embassy in your nation, paperwork, etc. if all these above-mentioned factors go in flow with each other, then it wouldnt take more than a week for you to gain access to a German blocked account.


    In general, all those people who do not belong to any EU/EEA country are required to open blocked account in Germany. Mostly the international students who have got their admission letter from any German Universities can apply for a blocked the account in Germany. Moreover, job seekers to require opening a blocked account in Germany. Au pairs (Domestic assistants from a foreign country) further require opening a blocked account in Germany.


    The procedure for opening a blocked account in Germany might take as long as one month. If you are opening it during the admission season. So better would be if you open it at the earliest. To open an account in Germany, the first and foremost step you need to take is to select a bank in which you will be opening the account. Afterwards, you need to apply online to the bank by filling the application form. Legalization process in the German Embassy should be looked after you are done with the Application Form.

    After the legalization process, you ought to deposit the required funds in the account. And once you have received the confirmation, you are good to go!

    There are certain documents that you need to keep with yourself while opening the blocked account in Germany. However, the required documents may vary depending on the bank provider you have chosen. And the nation from where you belong to.

  • If you are planning to open blocked account in Germany with the Deutsche Bank, you will need the following documents.

    1. Deutsche bank blocked account application form
    2. Your valid passport
    3. The admission letter from your university
    4. A bank statement of your income
    5. A prepaid fee