• BBA in Germany

    BBA in Germany associated with vast and hybrid cultural heritage. The country of Germany continues to be recognized across the world for its ongoing excellence in technology. However, its not a surprising fact that Germany is the preferred destination for foreign students in Germany. When it comes to pursue their technical education, both for UG and PG level.

    Healthy support and research based curriculum have attracted top scholars, globally. Apart from MBBS in Germany there are opening up of international courses like BBA, MBA, MS, etc. The reason is active interface between the worlds best companies and business schools.

    Eligibility Criteria

    While the foreign students in Germany are waking up to boons of pursuing their higher education from the country of Germany. The eligibility criteria continue to confuse and baffle the students.

    Primarily, the German universities have multi-level eligibility criteria and to unravel the same. We present you de-cluttered eligibility criteria for admission in both UG as well as PG programs in Germany.

  • Mainly there are 2 parameters for eligibility; you need to take care of:

    1. Proficiency of languagern
    2. Scholastic/subject aptitude

  • Proficiency of language:

    The official language is German but in case, if you opt the English-taught programs and fall under the category of international. Ones then a basic understanding of BBA in Germany German language is must. Which is indeed desirous and expected if you are up for studying in Germany, particularly at an undergraduate level.

    There are two sorts of test i.e. DSH at university level and TestDaF (standardized test); you can select and appear in any one that suits you better.

    Although, you will be required to present your basic understanding of the language doing BBA in Germany even for visa purposes so that it become an integral part of your preparation for the option of study abroad in Germany. Moksh always recommend and help the students to learn a foreign language that could facilitate your communication in a foreign land.

    In addition, when you are applying for English-taught courses BBA in Germany the country of Germany then you will be asked to show your proficiency in the language and score of TOEFEL or IELTS is usually accepted.

    Again, Moksh urges you to kindly go and refer to the respective German universities and of course their eligibility criteria for BBA in Germany (already mentioned on the official website of Moksh) to get a gist of the individual cut-off requirements.

  • Scholastic/Subject Aptitude:

    In the absence of the standardized scholastic aptitude tests like ACT and SAT, the foreign students in Germany, frequently fall in dilemma, well! Just trust Moksh and there wont be any difficulties left at all.

    In fact, foreign students in Germany who are up for engineering in Germany or pure science courses, have reasons to rejoice like JEE is accepted and well appreciated in most of the German Universities.

    Initiating BBA in Germany from beginning, to your journey for under graduated courses in Germany, you are needed to have your high school certificate or secondary level certification and in addition to this:

    1. At least one year completed of bachelor degree education from a recognized university in India.rn
    2. You should have passed the Feststellungspr fung (a sort of entrance exam for different German Universities) that you would take to signify the effective accomplishment of Studienkolleg.

  • In addition to this, the courses are bifurcated in terms of per subject and under 5 broad categories

    1. 'S' category course for language subjects (some of the German Universities also offer you with combined S and G courses).rn
    2. 'G' category course for students of Humanities stream.rn
    3. 'T' category course for scientific and technical subjects including Mathematics.rn
    4. 'W' category course for economics and social sciences (inclusive of any of the related subjects).rn
    5. 'M' category course for biology, medicine and any similar subject stream.

    There are full-time courses offered to foreign students in Germany and it extends for two more semesters. At the end of every course of your choice, you are needed to clear Feststellungspr fung which further deems you eligible for admission in your desired course at German Universities.

    It is however vital for you to note that clearing the test doesnt guarantee your admission at universities in Germany thus for Indian students in Germany are highly recommended to dedicate their one year in the subject of choice from any of the recognized university of their home country.

    Another piece of advice is to get prepared for another important aspect of admission at German universities i.e. you proficiency in the language (as mentioned earlier).

    Currently, undergraduate studies are free in all of the public German Universities though finding free English-language courses are not that easy at public universities.

    Majority of the public German universities offer undergraduate courses in German language and as per the DAAD database, there are 98 programs in total that are taught entirely in the English language inclusive of 55 bachelor programs with no tuition fees).

    Furthermore, there are two kinds of an education system that prevails in German Universities.

  • They are:

    1. Technical German Universities
    2. University of applied sciences

    Generally, the normal or technical universities are more of a research-oriented kind and believe in offering a wide variety of subjects whereas on the contrary universities of applied sciences are more practical and industry oriented.

    The universities of applied sciences offer courses mainly in the streams of business administration, engineering, design and social sciences.

    Here you get ample opportunities to intern in topmost and superior companies and also do not offer PhD degrees. But yes the students in Germany who earn their bachelor degree from here are eligible for pursuing PhD courses from elsewhere upon graduation.

    Indeed the TUs have got better ranking as compared to THE and QS but this cannot be neglected that even the universities of applied sciences are no way inferior to the TUs in terms of training, education and job prospects.


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