• B.tech in Germany

    The country of Germany is quite famed for its automobile technology and allied business opportunities. For instance: Audi, BMW, Volks-wagon, etc. are giving a stiff competition to the worldwide car market.

    Doubtlessly, when it comes to choosing a brand we derive a thought of having these best-class wheels in our garages, isnt it?

    No one can figure out the success failures, the automobile company has undergone and how they aced the worldwide market for the quality tech generation.

    Studying B.tech in Germany is a stroke of Genius!

    Indeed, there are more reasons, why this highlight seems so eye-catching. Yes, the country of Germany is simply an extraordinary spot for B.tech studies and technology training. In fact, in other streams like humanities and Economics, studies in Germany are unbeatable.

    We strongly recommend you to select a course for UG engineering courses like B.tech in Germany, Mechanical Engineering in Germany, Electrical Engineering in Germany, etc. So, you can fetch multiple benefits and opportunities while studying in Germany.

  • Perks of pursuing B.tech from Germany-

    1. Firstly, the universities in Germany are well-considered to be as world-class in every aspect. Especially, when it comes to degrees and recognition. In fact, you will be regarded as the preferences of employers while a job interview.
    2. Secondly, the country of Germany, being the 3rd most appealing international educational hub, makes the nation, the most alluring spot for engineering in Germany.
    3. Thirdly, the Degree you earn from the German universities are placed as superior ones and is equivalent to the profound acknowledgement, you derive from any top-class institute. Particularly, when engineering in Germany is concerned.

  • Have a look

    1. Foreign students in Germany have more of a wider scope of study opportunities as it offers you with over 500 state-licensed universities (associated with 1800+ projects to browse) to choose from.
    2. In addition to this, students in Germany have a choice of learning English language as there is no issue of seeking the native German language.
    3. With an effectively low education cost, the universities in Germany are exceptionally intriguing places where you study for a moderately insignificant expense.
    4. Furthermore, as of now the government (AKA public) universities in Germany charge minimal or no study fees at all.
    5. Clearly, the German universities are a major impressive institute for which anyone might get interested and seek their scholastic degree, thereafter.rn
    6. The most amazing fact is that the moment you enter the premises of Germany. You will experience the incredible heart of Europe. Where you will not only study but reside for a reasonable period of time.rn
    7. You will happen to be a part of the most assorted culture linked with numerous nations, encompassing it.

  • Academic essentials for B.tech in Germany

    The first and foremost requirement for admission in B. tech in Germany is to learn the German language. The German language is a prerequisite in case you want to enroll in a B.tech program in German University.

    Majority of these bachelor programs are taught in the German language. Yet you can find some of them being offered in the English language. You are further required to give proof of your English language proficiency through exams like IELTS, TOEFL, etc.

    Moreover, the required score in these exams should not be less than 6.5 bands in each module. Except this, there are some general documents which you need to present to the University in which you have enrolled yourself for the B.tech in Germany. They may include your school leaving certificate, passport size photos, etc.

  • The Application Process

    The commencement of your admission procedure would take place with deciding the ideal university for your program. To make it simpler, you can approach our counsellors who will enlighten you to some of the best universities in Germany that fit your requirements.

    After you've opted for a University, you will need to fulfil the requirements of your desired course. There have been incidents where one minor error has resulted in the failure of an application.

    Always, feel free to get in touch with any of Mokshs counsellors to gain access to the information regarding the required documents.

  • Hand over documents to Moksh

    Once you have collected the required documents, you can hand them over to the team of Moksh where your documents are again verified so as to avoid any trouble afterwards. After the verification is finally completed, we submit the application to the University on your behalf.

    Since you are applying through Moksh, you can rest assured that nothing will hinder your admission process.

    This is just the beginning of Mokshs services for you. Alongside your entire education, we will assist you in numerous ways. So its no surprise that the Moksh family is expanding the trust factor.


    Although no public-funded universities in the 16 states of Germany charge any tuition fees for any program, you need to pay a semester contribution to the University to avail facilities like bus services, sports expenses, meals, etc.

    Furthermore, if you plan to study in a private university in Germany, then the cost would vary on a large scale as all the private universities have rights to charge whatever fees they want from the students (both international and national).


    While planning to study abroad, there are a handful of things that you must take care of while you apply for a program at a German University. The first thing would be to get health insurance.

    It is required while your enrollment in a university or if you're planning to reside there. There are two types of health insurance plans in Germany that you can select from. Moreover, the health insurance plans from other nations might be accepted in Germany.

  • Health insurance in Germany

    You should inquire with your health insurance company for further information. In such cases, you have to validate your existing health insurance in Germany.

    Another thing to keep under consideration is your visa. Once you have received your admission letter, its time to get your visa process done. You must have your student visa before you arrive in Germany.

    Furthermore, it would be suggested to commence the entire process at least 3 months prior to the beginning of your studies because even if you are concerned about the commencing dates of your studies, the embassy is not.



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