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Life in Croatia

Croatia is officially called as Republic of Croatia, located in the Central and Southeast Europe. It has an option of an Adriatic Sea coastline. It shares a maritime boundary with Italy to the west and southwest and borders Slovenia to the northwest, Hungary to the northeast, Serbia to the east, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro to the southeast. With twenty counties, Zagreb, the capital and largest city of Croatia, serves as one of the country's main subdivisions. There are little about 3.9 million people living in this 56,594 square kilometre (21,851 square mile) nation.

Climate of Croatia

The temperature in Croatia in Month of January is -3 oC (27 oF) where as in the Month of July it hits 18 oC (64 oF). The climate of the country is moderately warm and rainy season; whereas, the coldest parts of Croatia are Lika and Gorski kotar with a drop of snowy climate. The Adriatic coast is the warmest area, as it has moderate high temperature.

Study in Croatia

Study in Croatia

Thinking why to Study in Croatia?

Croatia has become a most searched country for student to study in Abroad. The most attractive destination for the high-standard education having a excellent faculties and the Infrastructure.

Croatia has over 133 higher education institutes. The student who speaks Croatian or studying the program in Croatian language has a range of degree exchange program to study in higher education universities throughout Croatia. As per the records the 49% of people in Croatia Speaks English whereas, 34% speaks German, 14% Italian, 4% French and Russian and the 2% speaks Spanish.

Advantage of Studying In Croatia

Are you planning to Study in Croatia?

But don’t know what the advantages of studying in the country are? The reasons for it are:

  • Studying in Croatia with affordable tuition fees and English taught program. Universities offer more the 50 bachelor’s and master’s programs which are taught in English. The tuition fees for international students is somewhere between 1,100 EUR to 10,400 EUR, application fees may vary between 60 EUR to 300 EUR.
  • For studying abroad the very first step is the Visa process. You have an advantage of studying in Croatia as an International student and also you can get Croatia Visa through Croatia Embassy in India.
  • Quality of Programs and courses in Croatian Universities are marked by “The Times Higher Education World University Ranking”. Additionally, the country’s overall learning environment, Experienced Professor and the Teaching methods are the reason why study in Croatia is on the peak.
  • Moving out of your country, safety is the main consent for parent and for student. Yes, Croatia is a safe country for living. Security in Croatia is one of the things which make it an ideal place to study.

Medium of Instruction in Croatia

More than 40+ Colleges offer Bachelor's and Master's degree programs which are taught in English language. Universities mainly focus on the skills-development for the international students and providing easy education.

Scholarship in Croatia

The Scholarship is provided by The Central State Office only for Croatian Students living in the heritage of Croatia. About 1,000 students were able to gain Scholarship in the academic year 2021/2022. Each year students are awarded with a scholarship that is for 10 months’ duration. However, the Croatian students who are enrolled in a university for a full-time program are only eligible for the scholarship.

Scholarship in Croatia

Indian Students in Croatia

Croatia has become the willing study destination for International student. The reason which make student to move to Croatia is the affordable living. In addition, Croatia offers its rich culture, high quality education and standard of living.

Overall 75,000 students are currently enrolled in the region of South-Eastern part of Croatia. The University of Zagreb is the oldest and most famous university which was established in the year 1669.

Program Intake

Croatia has two admissions Intake for International students. The confirmation for enrolling may differ from university to university. The primary Intake starts from January to mid-June which is named as Autumn Intake. However, the subsequent Intake continues in September month. However, Student need to keep in mind September intakes application gets end half a month sooner. If you are looking to enroll for the program you must begin with the application procedure before due time. And, hence, it will ensure to keep away from the possible issues at the very last moment.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission

Documents and Eligibility Criteria required for the International students while processing for the Application

Criteria may differ from university to university or any of the additional qualification may be need as per the program selection.

  • Student should have 55% score in their Class 12th.
  • Candidate should be 18 years or above.

Admission Procedure

Following are the required documents for the Admission Procedure of Croatia University:

  • 10th / 12th higher education score card
  • T.C/School leaving Certificate
  • Passport or ID card (Proof of your leaving Identity)
  • Passport sized photographs
  • An essay or a letter of motivation (Optional)
  • Certificate of English language from your high school (Mandatory)
  • Registration fee

Study in Croatia at the cost of India

Studying in Croatia opens doors to ample opportunities. However, the very first thing student should know is how to manage their finances if they are planning to study in Abroad. Management programs in Croatia cost 250 - 300 Euro/month in Indian it would be 80 to 1.5 Lacs. Comparatively studying in Croatia is lesser that of India. Studying Management in the top ranking university in Croatia add the global work experience and skills development.

Hostel or Accommodation in Croatia

Accommodation for International students may be a difficult task as student has to first contact with the International Cooperation. The affordable type of accommodation in Croatia is public student dormitory. Unfortunately, as the availability of the housing capacity is less dormitory for International or Non-International becomes very difficult.

Usually sharing of a single room is done between two students and the bathrooms are shared with one or more other room. Cost of the single dormitory varies from different cities which is around 200-800 Kn per month in Indian cost it is 2100-8500 per month.

Cost of living in Croatia

As an understudy, it's critical to contemplate what sort of facilities you will have, how much going you mean to do, and regardless of whether you intend to work part-time. Residing costs in Croatia can go somewhere in the range of 400 and 700 EUR each month relying upon where in Croatia you reside and whether you live in an understudy quarters or a secretly leased. This sum ought to be adequate to cover food, dwelling, utilities, books, transportation, and incidental costs. Whereas, Croatia has Cons for the living, the web of taxes and regulation may put you in difficulty.

Part-Time Jobs for Indian Students

Studying in Abroad students usually plan to get part-time job as an International student. As per the Law of European Union, the international students are permitted to carry out a part time job for 20 hours and full-time job for 40 hours per week.

Programs offered in Croatia

1.Management Programs in Croatia

roatia houses some of the top ranking universities, for instance, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek—Faculty of Economics, COTRUGLI Business School, University of Zagreb—Faculty of Economics and Business, Zagreb School of Economics and Management, The University of Split—Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, etc

ome of the preferred Management programs in Croatia include Administrative management, Business statistics, Engineering management, Facilities management, Leadership, Management services and so on.

2.Engineering Programs in Croatia

he top ranking Engineering institutions include the University of Zagreb (368th Ranking), University of Rijeka (499th Ranking), University of Split (502nd Ranking), Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek (549th Ranking). These universities rank locally and internationally as well. Certain study programs like Aeronautical engineering, Aerospace engineering, Automotive engineering, Biochemical engineering, Computer Engineer Chemical engineering, etc. are quite presented to the students.

3.Medical & Paramedical Programs in Croatia

he Medical & Paramedical study program in Croatia provides several medical specialization courses for medical care, diagnosis and treatment, and so on. Croatian Universities offer various bachelor’s and master's study programs in the field of Medicine, Veterinary, Dental, and so on. Moreover, the course duration for these study programs varies from 2 to 6 years.

4.Hospitality and Tourism Programs in Croatia

roatia houses some of the best universities that offer a Tourism and Hospitality Management program in Croatia. The international students can grasp the opportunity to develop practical skills and to work in a multicultural environment, which has evolved into a necessity in today's time.

5.Natural Science Programs in Croatia

he Universities in Croatia offer advanced study programs such as Biology, Molecular Biology, Environmental Sciences, Geophysics, Physics Education, Physics and Computer Science Education, etc. And, hence, students can choose from the degree programs such as, etc

Visa Processing in Croatia

The Student Visa Processing time for the Croatia is 4-6 weeks from the day of the submitting the application at the Embassy. If in case the, additional documentation are not placed the processing of the visa timing may get extended.

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

Studying in Abroad many students want to earn while doing their studies for their living. However, students have rights to earn while building their career. But the job opportunities are not more than a delivery boy or street food waiters. Whereas, students have a opportunity to stay in Croatia for the duration of more than 15 months and look for a field job opportunity. In addition, students have a degree validation in 25+ countries where students complete their studies and look for new country for new job opportunity. The currency symbol for Croatian Kunas is HRK (Kn). (1 HRK = 10.60 Indian Rupees)

Popular Job Roles in Croatia Average Salaries (Per Year)
Allied Healthcare Professional 222000 HRK
Business Manager 241200 HRK
Engineer 150000 HRK
Finance / Investment / Accounting Manager 190000 HRK
Financial Analyst 150000 HRK
Hospitality / Tourism 120000 HRK
Marketing Manager 199500 HRK

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