South Kazakhstan Medical Academy


Month of intake at South Kazakhstan Medical University September 2022
Year of Establishment 1979
Duration of MBBS course 5 years
Language of instructions English
Recognitions Approved by MCI & WHO



The South Kazakhstan Medical Academy Shymkent (or SKMA) came into force in the year 1979. It further holds accreditation and recognition from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The infrastructure of the University is built so as to correspond to the modern times. The infrastructure further makes it certain that its students are able to obtain the utmost practical exposure. The library is the another chunk of the University, taking into possession tens of thousands of books related to numerous subjects which proves to be of great help to the students, especially while one is pursuing a medical course. The university is always inclined towards achieving a modern foundation to enhance its resources for scientific research labs. As far as ranking is concerned, the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy holds the 29th position within its national territory and is ranked 7899th on the international platform.

The location of this public higher education institution university can be traced down to the city of ‘Shymkent’. And within the university can be found more than 11,000 peers (both international and national) studying in the field of their interests. Majority of the international folks studying at this academy hail from India followed by countries like South Korea, Japan, China, etc.

The organization of the university is structured to serve the students with maximum assistance and ensure their excellence in the academic activities, building them as top-notch medical professionals. Moreover, such efforts are carried out on the back of several youth policies and supportive initiatives from the government, guaranteeing a consistent improvement.

Not only it emphasis on strengthening its educational background, the university calls it their priority to bring an exceptional development in the persona of the students by means of extra-curricular activities and initiatives. Being one of the best universities in Kazakhstan, South Kazakhstan Medical Academy Shymkent is filled with immense opportunities that students can avail to become an internationally renowned medical professional. The students are required to choose from the 5 types of medical faculties at SKMA, namely,

  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Dental studies
  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical studies
  • Faculty of Continuous professional development
  • Faculty of Preparation of Specialize with Technical Professional Education


Why the SKMU is worth to pursue MBBS is due to the high quality of educational standards it holds forth to its students at all the levels. The faculty at SKMU always put efforts to educate themselves about their corresponding areas to ensure best knowledge and skills being imparted to the students. And to accomplish such purposes, clinical activities are often conducted to train the teaching staff as well.

The MBBS course is offered to the international students with language of instruction in English as well, making it convenient for such students to comprehend the course. The students are also vested with a bundle of opportunities to participate in seminars conferences held on a global scale at South Kazakhstan Medical Academy Shymkent.

Considering it as an aim to impart foremost quality of education to its students, SKMA has maintained exceptional relationships with some of the finest medical schools (Both in Kazakhstan & Other countries) for the purpose of carrying out student exchange program. Many experts of various medical fields too visit the university to deliver lectures and interact with the students to create a better learning environment for the students.

There are quite a lot of reasons why SKMA is an ideal university to pursue MBBS. The first and foremost reason is that you needn’t appear for any medical entrance exam or a language test if you wish to study at the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy. Another compelling reason would be the vast variety of international students coming from different cultural backgrounds. The university brings together students from different nationalities and in one or the other way, enlightens the students to different traditions, ethics and values.

The South Kazakhstan Medical Academy Shymkent also holds recognition from MCI (Medical Council of India). So, after completing your degree program in SKMA, you can come back and practice in India once you have cleared the MCI Screening test. One more bit of studying at SKMA is the availability of Indian food not only within the premises of the University, but anywhere in the country at large! Hence, this ensures that there is no room left for nostalgia while studying at South Kazakhstan Medical Academy Shymkent.


Shymkent is one of the many cities in the Republic of Kazakhstan. It is counted as one of the three cities that hold the status equivalent to that of a region. Being the third most populous country in the nation, the city is home to around 1,002,290 (more than a million) as reported on June 1st, 2018. Fun fact is that the millionth resident of Shymkent was born on 17 May, 2018.

The Shymkent also acts as a means of connecting Siberia and Central Asia. The city is often viewed as a vibrant city, thanks to its bustling bazaars and a lively downtown. You will experience more of a Central Asian on the streets of Shymkent which is not at all easy to find in any other region of the country.

The city can also be termed as a notable cultural center. There are famous places that embrace the glory of this city.  One can witness the spirituality of this Koshkar Ata River, the water of which is believed to possess healing properties. And of you are a nature lover, then Shymkent has got the Independence Park for you which is the most popular park across the region, representing 137 statues of nationalists of the country. You may also come across the liveliest bazaars of Shymkent where you can buy cheap Chinese products, fruits and vegetables.

The residents of Kazakhstan are very friendly and represent a welcoming attitude toward the foreigners. You will often get to see local children playing in the field at usually 18:00-19:00 and if you see one, feel free to jump into it!

While you are staying in Kazakhstan and precisely Shymkent, try the local bites along with the Indian cuisines as well. There’s only one word to describe the delicacies in Kazakhstan, they are amazing! And if you care for the price, the dishes cost a very reasonable amount and the mojitos are a must to try in Kazakhstan.

Shymkent is noted as a trading hub of Kazakhstan which deals primarily in oil and beers. Today, Shymkent is home to Kazakhstan’s two best beers- Shymkentskoe Pivo and the Bavarian-style microbrew Sigma.


  • Low-Cost Living- South Kazakhstan Medical Academy Shymkent provides its students with excellent hostels furnished with facilities like attached kitchen & bathroom, furniture, Wi-Fi facilities, electricity & water facilities, etc. Besides, the South Kazakhstan state medical university fee structure also proves to be very reasonable However, it is your lifestyle that determines your cost of living as there are a lot of things one can do while staying in Kazakhstan!
  • Global Recognition- The medical degree granted by the South Kazakhstan Medical Academy Shymkent at the end of the program holds global recognition, enabling you to practice medicine in any part of the world. It has got accreditations from some of the prominent medical bodies like MCI WHO which will ultimately make you eligible to appear for exams like USMLE and PLAB.
  • Safety and Security- Kazakhstan is considered to be safer than many European as well as Asian countries. In a nutshell, there is no need for the parents to get panicked while sending their child abroad, given you are going to study MBBS in Kazakhstan. Moreover, you will find many Indian folks at coffee shops, shopping malls, theaters, etc.


Cost of studying medicine in Kazakhstan at South Kazakhstan Medical State Academy Shymkent

Cost (INR)* Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5 Year-6

Tuition Fee







 Download Cost Sheet with Brochure

The other costs in the first year involve Medical Insurance, Medical check-up, arrival expenses, admission charges, reception charges, transportation charges, Immigration clearance charges, etc.

The costs are calculated at 1 Kazakhstani Tenge = 5.4 INR and it generally varies within +/- 10% range.

The total cost to study medicine in Kazakhstan at the South Kazakhstan Medical State Academy Shymkent would be Rs. 16,31,000. Kindly add the cost of Moksh service charges towards Counselling, Guidance, Admission and travel services (Air tickets + Visa + Hostel Drop) as per the registration form.


The commencement of your admission in South Kazakhstan Medical State Academy Shymkent would take place with gathering the essential documents for the program. The general documents required in the South Kazakhstan Medical State Academy Shymkent procedure are listed below.

  • Application form
  • Passport sized photographs
  • 11th & 12th standard mark sheet and certificates issued by the respective board of education
  • IELTS/TOUFL Certificates
  • Your passport’s scanned copies along with the photograph page
  • Do remember that all these above mentioned documents must be notarized as well as attested from the pertinent authorities

There have been incidents faced by many students where one minor error has resulted in the failure of application. So to avoid any fuss, feel free to get in touch with any of Moksh’s counselors to gain access to the information regarding the required documents. Once you have collected all the required documents, you can hand them over to the team of Moksh so that we can submit the application to the South Kazakhstan Medical State Academy Shymkent on your behalf. You can submit your documents in numerous ways. You can either submit them online or hand them over at any of our 35 branches all across the country.

Since you are applying through Moksh, you can rest assured that nothing will hinder your admission process. After the application form has been submitted to South Kazakhstan Medical State Academy by Moksh, you will receive your invitation letter within few weeks and eventually, your admission letter will arrive. This is just the beginning of Moksh’s services for you. Throughout your entire education, we will assist you in numerous ways. So it’s no surprise that the Moksh family is expanding – the trust factor.


In order to guarantee your place for MBBS in Kazakhstan programs, you shall really have to time your application perfectly. It is definitely a great choice if you wish to study MBBS in Europe. The ideal time to apply is always before 31st of March every year in Kazakhstan. The problem is not with the admission letter but mainly the invitation letter & visa process which takes around 2-3 months to be issued from Ministry of Education & consulate of Kazakhstan. Visa is issued only on the basis of this invitation letter. Also, one must remember that there have been few cases if visa rejection by Kazakhstan consulate for Indian students apart from the very high cost of Visa for Indian students (Thrice the cost of Russian visa).


Indian students looking to study MBBS abroad having lower academics such as 55% in PCB and still wishing to go for higher quality and lower cost MBBS in Kazakhstan programs choose this University. Even the students with 50% may apply with just application as their risk factor and secure the admission here through Moksh. Chances are that you will be securing a seat in South Kazakhstan Medical State Academy Shymkent since you are applying through Moksh.

Reserve A Seat For MBBS In Abroad Admission 2022

Many of the students wait for NEET exam and results. These students are making a big mistake since the application deadline for most of the MCI approved MBBS abroad universities would pass. In turn, they would waste one more year by repeating the year. MOKSH offers you an innovative solution by reserving your seat and taking the admission letter in your hand as your PLAN B.

In case you get the admission through NEET 2020, you need not go to your chosen university for MBBS abroad. However, in case you do not make it, at least your backup plan is ready! It would be a smart decision for those students who already booked their medical seats. You must take note of important points:

  • The fees of private medical colleges have been jacked up by almost 50% reaching around Rs. 75 Lakhs for the full course.
  • The admission to the private medical colleges would be only for top 2-3% of the NEET takers.
  • If you have prepared only for the state boards, it would be very difficult for you to prepare for NEET even in 2022!
  • You do not need to pay even a single Paisa for reserving the seat except university application fees.

So just reserve the seat in an MCI approved MBBS abroad university as per your budget and relax!

Kindly note that many unprofessional agents collect money from you for the first year tuition fees from you. As you can see, MOKSH clearly gives you an indication of the actual fees and its service charges.



Moksh has a team specialized on visa application preparation. Generally, the student in Kazakhstan visa is attained through an interview at the embassy. The embassy is based in New Delhi. The student has to travel and stay in Delhi for a period of 2 days till the process completes. Speaking of the success rate of Moksh, you can consider it 100% when it comes to Kazakhstan student visa. There are a bunch of documents required for Kazakhstan student visa application that are listed below-

  • Invitation letter issued by the Ministry of education
  • Original passport
  • 10th level mark sheet
  • 10+2 mark sheet
  • Birth certificate (in English language)
  • Medical certificates including the HIV certificate
  • Student’s bank statement (a minimum balance of Rs.4 lakhs must be maintained)
  • Parents bank balance (record of minimum 6 months)
  • Transfer certificate from school/college
  • 10 Identical photographs (50mm X 50mm)
  • Affidavit certificate (Format available with Moksh)]
  • Gap certificate (only for those who had passed 12th level in earlier years)

For more information on the Visa application and process, you may call on our support team at 9699360370

Low-cost Roadmap To Study MD / MS In USA After MBBS In Kazakhstan

Many of the qualified students who wish to become a physician or a doctor in USA lack sufficient budget. MOKSH is the largest company recruiting Indian students for MBBS in USA program. Every year, we place around 200 Indian students for USA. However, there is a bigger lot of Indian students who wish to become doctor and practice in USA. We have this alternative route for them. Now, the students can learn MBBS in Kazakhstan and start preparing for USMLE Step 1 exam coaching online & USMLE step 2 CK online coaching during their MBBS abroad studies. The USMLE step 1 coaching guide will consist of various materials:

  • 220 Hours of Video and Audio contents.
  • 6 to 9 months of interactive online study access.
  • Access to the question bank on USMLE Step 1 Exam.
  • Huge volumes of hardcover original books and interactive e-books.
  • A dedicated mentor to support you throughout the studies.
  • Hand holding for ECFMG application process.
  • 24 x 7 access to the whole learning resources while you to study MBBS abroad.

The students must note that USMLE step 1 and USMLE step 2CK are online exams. MOKSH is the top MBBS abroad consultants in Mumbai providing the option of MD in USA while you are studying MBBS at top medical Universities in Kazakhstan. Once you clear these exams (Step 1 would require minimum 230 to ensure entry into Medical PG in USA), we would assist you with clinical rotations in USA. The green book rotations would be conducted in ACGME accredited hospitals during which you are expected to get the letter of recommendations (LOR) to enhance your residency (PG) in USA. During these rotations, you would also appear for USMLE Step 2 CS exam in USA.

So always have 2 coaching options with you:

  • MCI Screening Test coaching (To be replaced by an exam namely 'NEXT')
  • USMLE Step 1 & 2CK exam coaching to end your medical journey to USA

Benefit To Pursue MD In USA After MBBS In Kazakhstan

The biggest benefit of completing MD / MS in USA is that you do not have to write MCI Screening Test before or after MBBS in abroad. It means, on completion of MBBS in Kazakhstan, you can go for PG level (MD / MS) in USA without clearing MCI Test. The PG degree completed in USA would be valid in India as well as USA. Also, all the money that you spent while doing MBBS would be paid back by way of a monthly stipend (USD 4,200 Approx.) while pursuing Medicine in America!

Study Medical PG In Germany (MD / MS) After MBBS In Kazakhstan

Once you complete the MBBS in Kazakhstan, MOKSH can place you for your Post graduation in medicine in Germany. When you apply for this university, you may call on 9699360370 to understand your complete roadmap till MD / MS degree.

Students Who Get Admission Into A Good Medical University In Kazakhstan Which Come Under The Top Colleges In Kazakhstan Reap The Benefit Throughout Their Life. MD In Germany After MBBS In Kazakhstan Is A Good Option But Indian Students Generally Go For Their Medical PG In Germany After MBBS In Kazakhstan. MBBS Admission 2022 in Kazakhstan Has Been Made Direct, Simpler And A More Systematic System.

Service / Consultancy Charges Of Moksh:

We are a top MBBS abroad education consultant in India with Head office in Mumbai. MOKSH has been successfully placing Indian students for Admission to MBBS in Kazakhstan. MOKSH is an official representative of many low fees medical colleges in Kazakhstan. You can take the benefit of our online direct Admission System. MOKSH offers 2 types of services.

Once you apply for MBBS in Kazakhstan programs through MOKSH Overseas Education Consultants, you have several advantages such as:

  • FMGE or MCI Screening Test Coaching (Online) and FMGE Test Series with study notes.
  • Reliable and honest counseling.
  • Trustworthy university selection with long-term success effect.
  • Guaranteed Admission to MBBS program Georgia.
  • Perfect Visa application documentations & Zero rejection guarantee of Visa issuance.
  • 100% safe and escorted travel services to drop the students to the Universities.
  • Accommodation support at the campus as well as Off-Campus.
  • MCI Eligibility certificate application.
  • FOREX and Travel Insurance support.
  • Providing upgrade to PG level MD / MS in Germany after your course of medicine in Kazakhstan.

Past Success Of Moksh For Indian Students To Study MBBS Abroad

Till now, 550+ Indian students for MBBS abroad programs have been placed by MOKSH successfully in different countries. The Indian students can apply directly with MOKSH. They can also apply through its network of Premium Partner available in different cities across India. It would give the Indian students a chance to get the honest guideline to select the right university suitable for MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Indian Students At South Kazakhstan Medical Academy

MOKSH is one of the top Abroad Education Consultants in India which is specialized on MBBS Abroad. MOKSH has been successfully placing Indian students for Admission to MBBS in Kazakhstan in general & at SKMA as its official representative in India for the last 3 years. All these students understood the difficulty level of getting into Indian government medical colleges and applied through Moksh for MBBS in Kazakhstan. There are more than 25 Indian students placed by Moksh and are currently studying at this University.

Moksh has been a representative in India for the last 5 years. Till now, MOKSH has been successful in placing more than 350 students for MBBS abroad programs. Our 25 students are currently studying MBS in Kazakhstan at South Kazakhstan Medical Academy Shymkent at different levels. Always prefer to apply directly instead of sub-agents since it would give the Indian students a chance to get honest guidance to select the right university suitable for MBBS in Kazakhstan.

6 Years Of FMGE Exam / MCI Screening Test Coaching & Test Series

The overseas MBBS students can avail of the exclusive offering of Overseas Education consultants in India to prepare FMGE or MCI screening Test. The Indian doctors got to pass FMGE Exam / MCI Screening Test from MCI recognized universities abroad. The MCI Screening Test coaching is provided for all 19 subjects as per the course and curriculum designed by MCI. The students go through the MCI test coaching while they study MBBS program abroad. It becomes difficult for the Indian Students to have Indian study perspective and to be ready with all 19 subjects when you return back. This is the main reason for you not able to pass MCI exam when you return back. The MCI screening test results from this university higher only for the students if they take FMGE online coaching.

Now the students can avail of our 6-year package ensuring that they are tuned with Indian curriculum. Coaching goes through the subject by subject preparation in a systematically broken down 128 sub-topics. The video lectures were given by the top doctors including the one who passed MCI screening test. This is the key USP of this coaching package! Avail of this package without fail.…Read More


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MOKSH has more than 35 branches across India and students can visit the branches for a Face to Face personal Counselling and Career planning right up to PG. Call 9699360370 to know the nearest MOKSH branch in your city! MOKSH has an extremely knowledgeable and experienced team of MBBS counsellors who have an expertise in a specific topic like MBBS in Russia, China, USA, UkraineGermany, etc right up to PG. You can be in touch with one of the counsellors constantly via phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp, Emails, etc and they shall be there to solve your doubts and help you carve the right path towards your MBBS journey!

You can call on,

MOKSH has more than 35 branches across India and students can visit the branches for a face to face personal counselling and career planning session right up to PG. Call 9699360370 to know the nearest MOKSH branch in your city! 


MOKSH has its branch offices in 12 cities of India now so there is no need to travel all the way to the Mumbai Head office for a personal counselling! You can still do so if you wish though. To get to a MOKSH office in your own city for a free personal counselling session on MBBS Abroad right up to PG in USA/ Germany, You call on 9699360370 and our counsellor shall arrange a Personal counselling session in your city or the closest location to you.


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