About Polytechnic Institute Of Coimbra (IPC):

Portugal is considered as one of the best destinations of Europe and thus, study in Portugal for international students in IPC can be a great experience. Portugal has a pleasant climate with loads of historical and cultural aspects which makes study in Portugal a life changing experience. Just like Indians, the Portuguese are also fond of festivals and celebrations take place on a large scale in Portugal making student lifestyle in Portugal universities quite happening and study in Portugal for Indian students a great option as a whole. No student in any of the universities of Portugal and especially in IPC would be sitting idle as there are so many on campus as well as off campus activities of diverse nature which suite the interests of every student. IPC is one of the oldest and best universities of Portugal. IPC is one of the best public institutes in Portugal comprising of six schools under it such as

  • Coimbra College of Agriculture.
  • Coimbra College of Education.
  • Oliveira do Hospital College of Technology and Management.
  • Coimbra College of Health Technology.
  • Coimbra Institute of Accounting and Administration and Coimbra Institute of Engineering).
  • Social Welfare Services (SAS) and the Central Administration (SC).

IPC believes in providing a global edge to its students by giving them exposure to the culture of other countries through the university international relations. IPC offers a wide list of programs at bachelors and masters level. IPC also provides funding to the capable students depending on a variety of factors. A wide range of facilities including a community medical clinic, well equipped gymnasium, sports ground and much more.

Programs Offered At Polytechnic Institute Of Coimbra:

IPC offers a variety of programs such as Applied informatics, Biomedical engineering joint program, Business management, Management information system, Inland tourism, Human computer interaction, Biotechnology, Food engineering, Biological and chemical process, Biomedical instrumentation, Electromechanical engineering, Civil engineering, Electrical engineering, Industrial engineering and MGT, Mechanical engineering, Informatics and systems, MBA which last for 2 years on an average along with some Professional diploma programs such as Hospitality operations management and culinary arts management which also last for 2 years on a general basis.

Cost Of Study At Polytechnic Institute Of Coimbra:

Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra is one of the top graded universities in Portugal and among the very few Portugal universities offering so many programs at a very low cost. The total cost of studying in Portugal at IPC is the same as studying in an A grade university in India. Almost all the programs offered by IPC fall in the range of 2600 as the tuition fees which is almost as much as the fees taken by universities in India. The application and enrollment fees being 130 and 520 respectively. This totally proves that Study in Portugal for Indian students is the perfect option.

Accommodation At IPC:

As explained earlier, the universities in Portugal may not necessarily provide on campus accommodation but all the Portugal universities offer off campus accommodation in the form of hostels or shared apartments which are scattered throughout the city. This gives the international students an opportunity to get used to the city and the people and not just the university itself. It makes the students more independent and happy go lucky as well as gives them a chance to participate in the social work of the city as well as celebration of various festivals. The accommodation are offered by the university in Portugal so it is 100% safe and the personal needs of every student is taken into consideration when it comes to IPC.

Indian Food:

Study in good universities of Portugal does not require much of compromise when it comes to adjustment to the culture and lifestyle. There are many canteens spread across IPC but Indian food may not be easily available in the university canteens. Although, there are many Indian restaurants are available in Portugal cities, so Indian students would not face much of a problem. Vegetarian meals are easily available on demand.

Indians At IPC:

MOKSH, a reputed education consultant in India and specialized for Medical programs, has been placing Indian students for Study in Portugal in general & at IPC as its exclusive representative in India for the last 5 years. By now, MOKSH has been successful in placing many students for Study in Portugal programs while some of our students are currently studying at IPC in different levels. Always prefer to apply directly instead of local smaller overseas education consultants for admission to IPC since it would give the Indian students a chance to get honest guideline to select the right university suitable for Study in Portugal. Moreover, the application and visa process is the same for all the universities in Portugal and they follow the same system explained earlier.

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