Perm State Medical University

PSMU was established on 14 October, 1916. It is one of the ancient universities of Russia. In the year 2016, it already accomplished 100 years of its existence.

It currently has over 569 employees, 18000 undergraduates and 160 foreign students from 21 countries. The academic staff of the university comprise of 1800 professors.

At present, two polyclinics are operating within the university. Also, 9 well furnished hospitals are linked with the university.

Since 2016, the university started providing courses in English language as well.

In spite of these, there are certain areas where there is serious concern like low MCI Ratio. A low MCI ratio would mean a lot of problems for an Indian student to get a License to practice in India.

More Information About The University

Scientific seminars, projects and conferences are also organized within the university, in which the students actively participate. The university has established good connections with other universities as well.

The faculty members hold a degree from well recognized universities.

Faculties of the universities are;

  1. Faculty of Medicine.
  2. Faculty of Pediatrics.
  3. Faculty of Dentistry.
  4. Medico-prophylactic faculty.
  5. Faculty of Psychology and Social Work and Higher Nursing Education.
  6. Faculty of additional professional education.
  7. Faculty of pre-university education and targeted training.

About The City

Perm lies in the eastern parts of Europe. It is the 3rd largest city of Russia. Currently it has 24 universities, 25 museums, 48 libraries. It is 1400 km away from Moscow.

The city of perm is famous for its ancient history, limestone caves and wild rivers.

There are more than 30 orthodox churches and chapels and community centers of other religious confessions.

It is also known as the dynamic study of Russia because of its virtual 3D aquarium, leisure centers, entertainment parks and carved fences.

The winters can be very cold. The lowest recorded Temperature is -44.90C. It remains between -0.9 to -16.20C. It is a great challenge for even the Natives.

Why Study At PSMU?

  • The students who finish MBBS from Perm State Medical University can work in any of the country, once they qualify the National medical exam of that particular country.
  •  Perm State Medical University provides degree which is recognized by WHO, MCI, USA and European medical councils.
  • MBBS provided by Perm State Medical University is relatively cheaper as compared to other universities.
  • The students who are interested in taking admission can take admission in Perm State Medical University without any kind of entrance exam.
  • The biggest merit for international students is that the medium of instruction is in English.
  • Various vital and essential facilities are provided to the students for their ease like, sports areas, internet connections, personal hygiene rooms, libraries, cloak rooms and free internet facilities.
  • Keeping in mind the hygiene factors, Perm State Medical University provides an Indian mess for students.
  • As the university has signed international agreements with 18 universities, the students of PSMU takes active participation in the work of international conferences.


In spite of these, there are certain areas where there is serious concern like low MCI Ratio. A low MCI ratio would mean a lot of problems for an Indian student to get a License to practice in India.

Why Study In Russia?

  • No entrance exams are required and no donations are to be paid.
  • The education provided by PSMU offers high standards of medical education.
  • The cost of residing and studying in Russia is comparatively low.
  • The medium of education in Russia is English.
  • Medical education provided by the universities in Russia is recognized by MCI and WHO.
  • It provides hostels with best facilities
  • The students can chose between English and Russian medium of study as per their convenience.

Fees Structure Of PSMU

Cost Year-1 Year-2 Year-3 Year-4 Year-5 Year-6
Tuition Fee in USD 3,400 3,400 3,400 3,400 3,400 3,400

Campus Life

PSMU has the best campus in the region and also won “Moscow Mayor’s prize” for the same. The campus covers an area of 50 hectares and includes 27 buildings, sport and medical facilities and 12 comfortable hostels (associated with well furnished rooms and kitchens).

The campus of Perm State Medical University provides many activity centers to their student which involves, gym, handball, basketball, tennis and football grounds.

As compared to other medical universities, the accommodation provided by Perm State Medical University is quite comfortable and affordable. The infrastructure used by the university is considered to be world class as it is made out of good quality. In the kitchens of the hostel, proper check is done to maintain good control over its hygiene conditions.

Overall the life of the student in Perm State Medical University is not only affordable but also comfortable in all means.

Sports In Perm State Medical University

PSMU provides various sports opportunity to students so that they can actively participate. A sports hall is constructed in the ground of the university for those students who aren’t interested in outdoor activities.

Students can play basketball, volleyball and badminton in the sports arena of the university. They can also perform martial arts under the guidance of experts.

They can enjoy aerobics and can take part in athletics as well.

PSMU organizes sports competitions every year

Cultural Life In The University

The university owns a “cultural palace” namely, ‘ACADEMIA’. It provides a great variety of cultural events and performances, which is quite enjoyable for the students.

‘ACADEMIA’ always has something to offer, irrespective of the interest of the students.

Admission In PSMU

Step 1. Sending the documents

You should send (either by e-mail or fax) the following documents:

  • The completed application form;
  • The copy of the international passport pages (those with the photo, date and place of birth etc.);
  • The documents confirming your previous education translated into Russian or English language. Document requirements depend on the program (Example: applying for the MSc program you should send the BSc diploma with transcript).

Duration of the step – 1-3 weeks (the documents for the MSc, PhD and BSc programs require more time to be considered).

Step 2. Making the invitation

The whole procedure takes 45 working days. There is NO possibility of making urgent invitations. Try to do everything in advance.

Step 3. Receiving the invitation

The invitation will be sent to your email in pdf format.

Step 4. Legalization of the documents

Please pay attention that by your arrival at the University both your Certificate/Diploma and Transcript should be LEGALIZED (legalization is the procedure of academic documents approval in the Ministry of International Affairs in the country of your graduation and after that in the Russian Consulate - in both these organizations they should put a stamp on the back side of your documents or on their copies; in different countries there are different rules). !

Invitation is NOT enough to enter Russia. It is necessary to make the student visa.

Step 5. Arrival at PSU to pass the exams

For more information please contact the admissions office or the chosen faculty.

Remember! At the Perm State University the language of instruction is Russian. So, a foreign student needs ROLF (or equivalent) certificate or a one-year training language course at the University's Language Centre before starting the main course.

In case you pass all the steps successfully – congratulations, you are admitted to PSU!

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