First question is why moksh16? That is because we at MOKSH serve people once the student reach an age of 16 years. That’s when they shift gears from the school to a high school level or move to the junior college with their wild dreams in their mind. The students meet many people who advice on their way to reach those perceived dreams. Many of them are right and many of them are commercial oriented benefiting the education consultants. We have tried to create this blog to ensure that we give honest consulting advices, free of cost leading to clarity and step by step guidance for the students especially for the ambitious and smart students thinking to go abroad. The first thing that we identified was the area where the students find it very difficult to pursue their dream career. We came to following decision:

  1. Guaranteed solutions for admission to MBBS
  2. Employable solution for Engineering aspirants
  3. How to study abroad at the same cost of India
  4. How to study at top ranked universities abroad for MBA
  5. MD / MS program for doctors in India
  6. Passion based career such as culinary programs, Hospitality management, Event Management, Fashion Designing etc.
  7. How to study in USA at a lower cost?

So we set out on this journey at MOKSH and have a battery of advisors and counselors helping students every day to encourage and guide to take them nearer to their destinations across the world. Hope you would find it useful. We have segregated the questions asked by the students in the last 1 year (and we promise you to update it further for the next 3 years!) in 7 different zones as per the above given subjects. On a daily basis, we get around 100 questions from different categories and they are replied back with utmost honesty to ensure a good practices prevail in India. Enjoy and give us your feedback along with the like us on Facebook to get the updates on daily basis,

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