FMGE Online Coaching

FMGE online coaching


Why Fmge Online Coaching:

FMGE Exam Pattern SECRETS OF SUCCESS IN MCI SCREENING TEST : In order to be successful following aspects need to be understood. PRE DEPARTURE SOLUTION:

  1. Choose a reliable overseas education consultant and not an agent. Compare an education consultant and an agent.
  1. Choose A / B Grade Universities in China. Do not opt for ‘C’ Grade Universities. MCI screening Test results would be far superior in this case. Download MCI approved list of Chinese Medical Universities list with Grades.
  1. Choose ‘A’ Grade University in Russia in larger cities. Prefer not to go to smaller cities. Be near to the larger cities like Moscow for safety purpose, in case it’s a daughter!
  1. Avoid choosing Philippines as your choice of destination to pursue MBBS abroad. The MCI screening test results are pathetic as against the wrong information promoted by agents.
  2. If there is a constant coaching for FMGE, than even low cost destinations such as Kyrgyzstan is a better option to study MBBS abroad. In case of other countries, On-Line MOCK TEST of FMGE provided by MOKSH can be a good option to prepare for the same.
  3. AIPGMEE, the entrance test for the PG program also is based on the same 19 subjects but slightly with higher difficulty level. Ultimately, every doctor wishes to do MD / MS program and accordingly, the test would have to be prepared. Preparing for FMGE indirectly would help the students to get ready for AIPGMEE exam in India! FMGE is not be dreaded and not at all a reason for you to avoid MBBS abroad.

POST DEPARTURE SUCCESS FACTOR The course of MBBS in India consists of 19 subjects and FMGE is based on all these. Learning from Indian perspective FOR mbbs and keeping focus on FMGE exam all throughout the 6 years of MBBS abroad is the key factor towards success to pass in the first attempt. Do not wait for returning back and then preparing for the same. You would most probably fail! This means, you need a 6 year course being taught while you are abroad. That is the biggest possible solution that we have created for you.

Fmge Online Coaching Modules:

FMGE Online Coaching course module COURSE MODULE We have designed the Module by dividing the 19 subjects into 128 topics which will allow us to part with the coaching in a specific manner with Indian perspective of MCI designed course and curriculum. As you progress in your level of MBBS abroad, for example from 1st year to the second year while doing MBBS in China /MBBS in Russia / MBBS in Philippines or any other country at a MCI approved University, you would go through the various subjects as per MBBS in India course. The on-line course for FMGE exam coaching is done exactly as if you had joined Indian MBBS program such as Pre-Clinical, Para Clinical and finally Clinical subjects. The table shows how MBBS in India is conducted: PREPARE FMGE EXAM WHILE YOU STUDY ABROAD. DO NOT WAIT FOR YOU TO RETURN! TEST MODULE Test ModuleWe have created a large Question Bank consisting of 20,000 questions which are supported by a PDF note with explanation for each one of them. This is a huge bank of knowledge by which a MBBS student abroad van prepare for the MCI Screening Test. Naturally, more the test modules that you attempt built in our FMGE Online Coaching, better prepared he would be for the FMGE exam. In order to prepare you step by step, we have divided the tests in 3 ways to facilitate Self Testing constantly:

  • Topic wise Test series
  • Subject Wise Test Series
  • Grand Mock test (in the final year of MBBS)

SUPPORT MODULE Support ModuleWhile you go through the learnings in abroad, you are bound to have doubts and queries. Naturally, you would always feel the need that if someone was there to help you solve your doubts, you could have been doing much better! You basically need a experienced mentor from the Indian medical teaching fraternity. Imagine, this support available with you throughout the journey of MBBS abroad. Just a query on Whatsapp and you get your doubts cleared! It is not just FMGE Online Coaching but also a doctor available for you to get the required teaching support! MOKSH PERFORMANCE TRACKER: MOKSH PERFORMANCE TRACKERWe are constantly tracking your performance after the FMGE Online Coaching for each of the topics are covered while you are away studying MBBS in another country. Each of your test performance is noted and stored on MOKSH server and a historical progress is noted by our experts. The performance would also be compared with hundreds of other students to tell you where exactly you stand among each of the students pushing you towards doing better. Remember, your motivation would come from competition! MOKSH IMPROVISATION MODULE: MOKSH IMPROVISATION MODULEAfter serving hundreds of students, we exactly know, the level to be achieved by you for each of the subjects and we would constantly be pushing you to achieve these levels. Our idea is to take you to all 19 subjects to the perfection and make you ready for FMGE exam by the time you return back to India. The self intelligent module has been designed to identify your weaknesses and constantly communicate to you the areas requiring your attention and need for improvements. You can be so relieved and happy to see yourself improving after using our FMGE Online Coaching. INTELLIGENT PASSING PREDICTOR INTELLIGENT PASSING PREDICTORThe unique technology being implemented at our end would assess your performance constantly and keep you updated about where exactly you reached with regards to passing the FMGE. This intelligent module of our FMGE Online Coaching would automatically measure your performance after every test that you take and convey to you that how many marks could you possible take that you have reached. Your goal is to reach 150 marks out of 300 and on your way, you would have your own dashboard showing your exact status. These indicators would surely give you a peep into your preparation level and just predict the most probable range of marks that you could get at that level of preparation. If you believe the intelligence and our experience, we can confidently tell you that you are on your way to pass this licensing exam conducted by NBE in India. The top analytical tool for you to ensure that overall, you are doing your best but is it enough?