MUAS or “MOKSH University Application System” allows the student to directly apply to 150+ universities across 17+ countries for medical programs. It just takes less than 15 minutes to complete the application and when done, it connects the student to the admission office of the university. This is a unique system wherein, the student is absolutely safe due to transparency.
The students applying through MUAS is guaranteed to get the admission for the chosen university. It currently offers 150 medical universities from 17+ countries. All these universities are connected directly to MOKSH App. If all the required documents and the information are properly submitted, the university would be uploading the Admission letter from their end. The student is provided with the panel from which you can download your admission letter! In case MUAS fails to provide the admission, MOKSH commits 100% refund of your registration fees excluding the GST.
In order to apply, you just need to upload clear scanned (not photos!) documents to be uploaded on MUAS.
  • 10th and 11th Mark Sheets
  • 12th Mark sheet (If not available, expect a conditional seat reservation letter)
  • NEET Score (if available, 2021 / 2022 / 2023)
  • Passport copy (In case you still have not got it, apply it NOW!) 
  • Aadhar Card (In case passport not available)
  • Photo taken on mobile camera, wherever required.
This is sufficient for you to start the process. On receiving your application, you would get a call from MOKSH Execution team who would provide you the entire list of documents which would be needed further right up to Visa issuance. Please note that every country and many times, every university have different requirements of documents. There is absolutely no requirement of original documents during application stage.
You have a student login wherein you can see all your documents. This is a digital wallet created for you so that you can store all your academic documents. All your submitted documents and all the documents generated from the university as well as Visa and air tickets would be available on this student panel. Always keep a watch on the notification leading to your panel!
MOKSH has a large team to support you and few times the students find it difficult to connect with the right person. For various activities, we have separate support teams such as 
Pre - registration Counselling
Post Registration Execution (Documentation & Application)
Travel Desk (For Visa & Ticketing) 
Accounting (Invoices, Receipts and payment), 
Coaching (Access to license exam prep) 
Scholarship allocation
Technology Support
MOKSH offers several types of services and while registering your seat via mobile app on MUAS, you need to clearly define the services required by you. You may be able to edit the services later on; however, it is always preferable to be specific right from the beginning. For example, if you do not need the travel services from MOKSH, which is not a mandatory costs, you may choose accordingly.
If you cancel the seat reservation due to getting an admission letter from an Indian government medical college, 100% refund would be given back to you before 31st Dec of the same year. However, in case you cancel your reservation due to your own personal reason, the refund policies would govern the decision. MOKSH is liable to provide you with all your original documentation via courier. Your written confirmation about cancellation and acceptance of refund is mandatory for the process.
The refund policies for registration cancellations have been mentioned clearly in every MOKSH registration form. Please read them carefully before signing up. The process involves digital confirmation of acceptance of all terms and conditions for reserving a seat. Once you have registered a medical seat via MUAS, you would have to scan and send us the signed copy for records.
Once you have got the admission letter, you would need to pay your second instalment of payment, as per the registration form and the MOKSH services selected by you. This payment can be paid again via MOKSH Mobile App or directly via NEFT to MOKSH account from your bank. Always remember to share your UTR number with MOKSH accounts team for smooth processing. You may upload your payment slip from the MUAS student panel for ease.
MUAS connects you with the university directly. Your application tracking mechanism is available in the “Menu” wherein you can actually check things out. Also, always check your notifications when received since the automated notifications are generated and pushed to individual students regarding receiving of the admission letter from the university, receipt confirmation of your payments, issuance of invitation letter and Visa etc.