Eligibility Criteria For Admission In Germany

If you wish to study in Germany, “University entrance qualification” is mandatory. This is a kind of School leaving certificate which makes you eligible for enrollment in the German university. If your certificate is considered inadequate then you are supposed to enroll for a foundation course “Studienkolleg”.

To confirm your entrance qualification in Germany, you can take help from DAAD (Database on admission requirement). Enter the name of the country where you received your secondary education certificate then follow these steps:

  1. Your certificate is acknowledged as qualification for general university admission
  2. Your certificate is acknowledged only for subject-restricted university admission (i.e. for study in a limited subject area)
  3. Your certificate is acknowledged only in combination with one or two years of successful university study in your home country
  4. Your certificate is acknowledged as university entrance qualification aptitude test instead.

If a student belongs to a European country or Iceland than their school leaving certificate is considered in Germany as well. At times it may be possible that certain meritorious students are not required to appear for entrance tests if they apply for artistic subjects.

The next substitute to check whether you are eligible for admission in a German university is “AusländischeStudierende”. It is basically a test which includes language test and specialist questions relating to your respective filed of subjects.

This test further helps you to choose for a specific subject when you judge yourself with your studies. Once you pass the test with good results, your chances of admission in Germany, automatically increases. The exam fee is 80 euros for all the candidates.

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