One of the things that make France unique is the people that reside here! They mostly give great emphasis on efficiency in every next thing they do! People say that France is been Americanized! This is because of the world symbol of US in its consumer products. Roman Catholicism is the faith of 81% of the French residents. The French are said to be the tolerant of all kinds which does not mean that they are wholly prejudice but they believe in fair acceptance of customers. Although French is the official language however some sections of the country speaks both German as well as Italian language. France is a very interesting and unique country.? Due to the incredible history of the origination of France, they have many fascinating features.? Their government is in many ways similar to the United States government.? The three branches of government do their best to help make and carry out the law. France is not only a beautiful country but indeed a very prestigious nation which is dynamic in nature. France has international influence which strives to form and carry out numerous economic and political policies for the benefit of itself and for the rest of the world. France is a country of beauty, mystery, and intrigue. Paris has the most known tourist attractions in the world: The Eiffel Tower, Larc de Triomphe, and the Louvre to name a few. Paris is called the City of Light; the lighting of monuments and buildings emphasizes the beauty of the architecture in the city.? The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris, if not the entire country. It is one of the most known monuments in the entire world, and definitely one of the most photographed. If we talk about the various age slabs be it 18, 40, 60 or 80, the taste and preferences of individuals will definitely differ. Like, if we talk about an old man of 80 years he would obviously not prefer to enjoy the night life of Paris whereas the teenager of 18 yrs. will be overwhelmingly exited for the same. I am more than sure that if you have ever watched the movie Queen you must have dreamt of the same tour and we assure you that with Moksh. Be it a youth hostel or a local French host family, you will love to make new friends and will love to explore the city altogether with your fellow mates. With Moksh, you get to establish understanding of cultural differences and get used to it. Besides, you also learn quite a bit of French language which adds the cherry on top to your trip and makes it more interesting! Especially if are between the age bracket of 17-22 years, then France is a must going place for you to get growing. So before you hit your mid-twenties, take a break and visit France at least for once to save yourself from regretting! If you really want it, no one can stop you! Just have faith in us; it is very much possible if you strive for it! Aim for it and you will see best of it coming towards yourself!