After completing high school education in India, students often make their way to the foreign Universities to pursue their higher education and look forward to a global career. But the case does not follow with Germany. And the cause is that Germany follows a wholly distinct academic culture and you cannot directly enroll yourself for a program in a German University. On that account, the Studienkolleg institutions prepare you in order to make you eligible for studying at German universities.

The school leaving certificate that you obtain may entitle you to study at any University in your homeland. But it is not recognized as equivalent to the German high schools as the German contents of education, schooling hours and the schooling system differ if compared to that of other countries. In such case, the Studienkolleg becomes a helping hand for you.


Every country has its own culture and traditions which means that the youngsters bring with themselves different intellectual profiles. The Studienkolleg are the preparatory colleges in Germany that assists them to put together the essential fundamentals in professional and cultural terms so as to make sure they have a successful academic journey in German universities. So there are some well-defined objectives of Studienkolleg that needs to be fulfilled by the fellow students during the two-semester course. These objectives of the lesson are listed below:

  • The students must familiarize themselves with the German terminology with respect to their field of interest.
  • The students should get used to the specialized language of their field of interest.
  • The students should get acquainted with the basic fundamentals and the modus operandi of their chosen field.
  • The students should become accustomed to the German social life.


Studying at Studienkolleg is not very expensive. However, there is a stipulated amount of fees you need to pay for each semester that varies between 100-400 Euros. Other expenses include the health insurance, learning material and other necessary things.

The language of instruction at Studienkolleg preparatory program in Germany is mandatorily German. Make sure your German language skills are not less than level B1 as you have to prove yourself to be adequate to get enrolled in the Studienkolleg course.
It is a two-semester course that lasts for a year and deals with specific areas of studies at the Universities. There are generally 5 Studienkolleg courses, namely the G-course for humanities studies, T-course for technical education, M-course for students form medical background and finally the W-course for Business studies. Of course, German language is a common subject in all of these courses.
Moreover, some basic skills and abilities are also taught to you during the Studienkolleg for the purpose of enhancing your learning process. These abilities include working with the origin of various terms, examining various terms, etc.
After having completed the Studienkolleg course, the students have to pass the assessment test, ‘Feststellungsprüfung’ after which you are successfully qualified to get admission in a degree program of your preference at a German University.

Types of Studienkolleg

Generally the Studienkolleg course lasts for a full academic year or four academic semesters with the intention of just developing you with the required knowledge and skills that relates to your course of study in Germany.

The course of Studienkolleg varies with your respective field of study and on the basis of the same you are needed to attend any one of the below mentioned courses:

  • T-Kurs is meant for the stream of German, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Informatics.
  • M-Kurs is meant for the stream of German, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • W-Kurs is meant for the stream of German, Mathematics, Economics, Business and Sociology
  • G-Kurs is meant for the stream of German, History, German Literature, Sociology and Statistics.

From the above, you can easily derive that German language course carries utmost importance and is indeed a priority because irrespective of your type of course, you will have to learn German language.

If the regular courses are taught specifically in English language which is most likely to be at post graduate level then your priority will transform to English language and you will get classes to learn the same.

In addition to this, your language course count for the highest number of classes during a Studienkolleg course.

At the time when you apply for this preparatory course, you have to possess a minimum level of knowledge (at least the basic part) in the English or German language as per your program requirements at German Universities to attend Studienkolleg.

Usually requirement of B1 or B2 level is asked by German universities at the time of joining Studienkolleg in Germany.

During your foundation course of one-year, you will learn to utilize German/English language in different contexts which relates to your study field, for instance: business, science or economics. Thus, improving your language level serves as a vital factor to succeed in your regular studies at German Universities.

List of Studienkolleg in Germany

Region of Studienkolleg German State Universities Courses available
Studienkolleg in Munich Bavaria State Universities T, M, W, G
Studienkolleg in Coburg Bavaria State Universities of applied sciences TI, WW, SW
Studienkolleg in FU Berlin Berlin State Freie Universit?t Berlin Humboldt Universit?t zu Berlin Charit? Universit?tsmedizin Berlin T, M, W, G
Studienkolleg in KIT Baden-Württemberg State The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology T
Studienkolleg in Hamburg Hamburg State Universities T, M, W, G/S
Niedersächsisches Studienkolleg Lower Saxony State Universities Universities of applied sciences T, M, W, G/S
Studienkolleg in Sachsen Saxony State Universities T, M, W, G/S
Internationales Studienzentrum Hesse State Universities T, M, W, G
Internationals Studienkolleg Rhineland-Palatinatestate Universities Universities of applied sciences T/TI, W/WW
Hochschule Wismar Studienkolleg Mecklenburg-West Pomeraniastate Universities Universities of applied sciences TI, W /WW


For those who wish to study MBA in Germany, the W-course needs to be opted that has many courses. However, only some of the studies are pertinent to the MBA program, which are Business sciences, Business informatics, Business administration and insurance business. Enrolling in the W-course brings with itself the following subjects:-

  • Mathematics
  • English
  • German Language
  • Business administration
  • Economics
•To all those who have a technical itch in themselves, go for the T-course where you will become friends with German versions of subjects like Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, German language and Informatics. The course further allows you to choose among numerous degree studies that comprises of a bunch of engineering courses and other degree studies as well! Completion of these courses will enable you to enroll in a degree program such as engineering in Germany, MS in Germany, etc.
•In the end comes the Medicinal course (or say the Studienkolleg M course). The medical course brings with itself subjects like Biology, Physics, mathematics, Chemistry and obviously, the German language lessons.


Quite often this question arises in the minds of the students that - is it really worth to go and spend one year in the Studienkolleg institutions or is it just a foolish idea of wasting one’s time? Well, it would be recommended to you not to go directly for admission in a German University as there are chances that you would face a lot of trouble since you would not be able to cope with your studies, if you’ve not been made aware of the basics of your subjects and some of the cultural and social ethics of the region of your University. Researches have further shown fruitful results in which the graduates from the Studienkolleg institutions were considered to be way much attentive and faster in studies than those who did not opt for a Studienkolleg program.

And as a result, you are more likely to complete your degree course successfully if you opt for a Studienkolleg course before taking the major step for your career. So the ball is in your court! Decide whether you want to take the major steps first, or you want to grow gradually while taking each and every step with caution. It is you who got to reach a conclusion for what the righteous thing is for you.

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