The degree of MBA, or Master of business Administration, is a post graduate degree granted by a University to those scholars who attain the skill set and understanding of business applications and management operations. The MBA graduates are always highly demanded by every enterprise as managerial and business strategies are what a business rely on, and the same are provided by an MBA graduate.

The origin of MBA degree dates back to the 1900s when Harvard Business School in USA introduced this program. And now, it has become a very popular program in many parts of the globe. However, not all Universities yield MBA graduates of the highest quality. Well, speaking of highest quality, German Universities outperforms to be some of the best Universities for pursuing MBA. What sets German Universities apart from the rest is the deep insight on a multitude of things that have crucial importance in the managerial and business areas. The exceptional MBA in Germany ranking of Various Universities also gives you a reason for why you should choose Germany as your MBA destination.

The Universities further provide you with a program of MBA in Germany upon which various researches are done, ensuring an exposure to the real life business undertakings where you enhance your thought process and decision making power and ultimately evolve yourself into a highly skilled graduate.


Of course it is! The German universities are what the MBA aspirants can consider a promised land for them. Well, if you were to count the boons of pursuing MBA in Germany, then the list would probably never end! Here, we have picked out some well-founded reasons as to why the German land is ideal for the MBA program!

  • Excellent academic staff: The professors at German universities possess an international profile. The well-built educational background constructed by them through years of enriched experience is an assurance that you can make the most of it for the purpose of carving a lucrative career.
  • MBA program in English language: Due to a rise in popularity for MBA in Germany for international students, the German MBA Schools have started offering the program of MBA in Germany in English language so that international students needn’t learn an additional language to study MBA in Germany. However, you may learn an additional language in order to boost your career opportunities.
  • The German language: German is one of the mostly spoken languages across the sphere. During globalization, many German enterprises offer job opportunities to foreigners when they expand their networks to foreign lands. So learning the German language while studying in Germany open doors to you to stumble on innumerous career opportunities.
  • Qualitative education at Affordable Cost: While planning to study MBA in Germany, the financial factor is the biggest concern for students and MBA programs are undoubtedly very costly program. Although the Public Universities offer free MBA in Germany, the best MBA programs in Germany can only be pursued in privately owned Universities that charge a considerable amount. However, the MBA in Germany cost of privately owned universities is way lesser than those of MBA schools in the USA and UK. For instance, the MBA program at Harvard Business School costs around $70,000, whereas the MBA program at Munich Business School costs lesser than $40,000!
  • Scholarship programs: Being a cheap and cheerful place to live in, the German government further brings forth to you opportunities to fund your studies in Germany. The German government bestows scholarships to scholar students and some of these scholarships are awarded to international students as well! To further add on, the German universities hold separate scholarship schemes for international students. Also, various companies are often drawn to highly talented individuals and come up with high paying jobs for them and fund their education as well.
  • An eye opening experience: The degree of studying at a German university and the various experiences cannot be explained in words. You do not go to study in Germany, but start out for a sensational journey. There is a highly diverse family of international students in Germany where you can make new relations with people of different regions, become familiar of various cultural ethics and traditions as well as tell others about your own culture. The German land possesses many wonderful sights to allure you like the Berlin’s Brandenburg gate or the Cologne Cathedral.


The International students who aspire to study in Germany do not know the German language which makes it difficult for them to seek an English taught MBA program in Germany. Thousands of international students get their motivation to study in Germany through the free of cost University programs, but the major barrier that they face is that finding an English-taught programs in Germany is not easy as majority of the courses have German as the language of instruction. As per the DAAD, there are a mere 57 MBA programs which are wholly taught in English.

If you want to study MBA in Germany in English, then you will have to look beyond the famous University and consider the Universities which are less known in the German nation. Although some Universities are less known, do not forget the global value possessed by a German degree. It proves to be an ideal option for those who have their career path already planned out and look forward to attaining practical skill set in their field of concern together with a globally recognized degree.


Another case is where you know the German language. Since most of the MBA programs have German as the language of instruction, it becomes easy for you to find a suitable MBA program in Germany. Moreover, to study MBA in German language, a high level of knowledge is required by the Students and the candidates are needed to appear for tests like TestDAF & DSH in order to prove their German proficiency skills and hence, gain eligibility.

However, some universities conduct their own entrance exams to test the language proficiency of the students. So you should always check for the entrance test required by the University of your choice and make preparations for the same.


MBA in Public-Funded Universitie

Although the private Universities have redesigned the fees structure for international students, the Public Universities in Germany encourage higher education without charging any tuition fees both for the natives as well as the international students. The German government has abolished charging tuition fees in Public Universities of all the 16 states in Germany. So where you will be spending your money is on facilities like bus services, sports expenses, administration costs, meals and so on. This is called as a semester contribution and a particular amount has to be paid to avail these amenities. The semester contribution can differ from University to University and can range anywhere between 150 to 250 Euros.

MBA in Privately-Owned Universities

The fees of private universities for MBA in Germany are undeniably expensive and this is why many students do not opt for it, as they lack financial support. But it is better to get into German Universities rather than choosing Universities in USA&UK as the cost of the former is very much affordable than the latter and provides the same quality of education into the bargain.

As there is entire freedom in the hands of German private university to charge from the students whatever fees they want to, the MBA in Germany cost varies largely. You will find that the cost at an MBA in Germany Universities that are privately owned, is much higher than that of a Public University, and that’s because the former is privately funded as compared to the latter which is financed from the government. The kind of MBA in Germany program you want to enroll yourself in is also a major deciding factor for your list of expenses. Having said that, the executive courses for MBA at Germany would stretch your list of expenses while the Full time MBA course brings the list a bit down.

To provide you with a rough figure, the Full time MBA course would range anywhere from €30,000 - €50,000, while the executive MBA program would debit your account by a figure of around €80,000.


The admission requirements for MBA in Germany vary from University to University. Nevertheless, below is a list of documents that should be compulsorily supplied to the MBA University in Germany in which you have enrolled yourself.

  • Acknowledged Undergraduate program degree
  • Proof of your language proficiency (Either English or German)
  • A good GMAT or GRE score
  • Professional Experience of 2-3 years
  • Reference letter
  • Transcript of grades

NOTE: You must know that work experience is a key factor if you plan to apply for Executive MBA programs. Or else, you may not be selected for executive MBA in Germany without work experience.


The commencement of your admission procedure would take place with deciding the ideal university for your program. To make it simpler, you can approach our counselors who will enlighten you to some of the best universities in Germany that fit your requirements. After you’ve opted for a University, you will need to fulfill the requirements of your desired course. There have been incidents where one minor error has resulted in the failure of application. So to avoid any fuss, feel free to get in touch with any of Moksh’s counselors to gain access to the information regarding the required documents. Once you have collected the required documents, you can hand them over to the team of Moksh where your documents are again verified so as to avoid any trouble afterwards. After the verification is finally completed, we submit the application to the University on your behalf. Since you are applying through Moksh, you can rest assured that nothing will hinder your admission process. After the application form has been submitted to the University by Moksh, it takes few weeks to obtain the admission letter from the University. This is just the beginning of Moksh’s services for you. Throughout your entire education, we will assist you in numerous ways. So it’s no surprise that the Moksh family is expanding – the trust factor.


German Universities provide it students with a highly research-oriented MBA program, the primary aim of which is to impart all the necessary skills and knowledge to the students so they could outstanding in the job market. After having completed MBA from a German university, you are all geared up to step out into the Global World. The program of MBA in Germany not only enables you to work in Germany but brings the global world to your doorstep.

Moreover, to put forward some factual information, Germany is the 7th best country in terms of salary of an MBA and one of the largest economies in Europe. It is home to many International MNCs and needless to say, well-known German companies as well. The German Universities boast of many international companies that hire a considerable amount of MBA graduates from German MBA schools. These companies include Google, Amazon, Nike, etc. while the automotive brands like BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, etc. also seek to hire MBA graduates from German Universities.


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  • German Language teaching
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  • Accommodation booking
  • Visa extension application support for work search visa (18 months) post study period.
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