So you’re planning about moving to Germany? Well, after you’ve finally attained your work permit, visa, citizenship, etc., it’s time to explore what Germany is all about! You must have got a word about this European country as a land of marvelous opportunities with a grace of beautiful cities and towns.  But, ever wondered what is it like to live in this beautiful country? Now if you’re seeking the answer to this question, then go ahead and stumble on the intriguing facts of this European land.


Living in Germany is a perfect mixture of stress free lifestyle, high standard of living, dignity of labor, an interesting historical background and a bunch of memorable experiences. Germany has always welcomed international students and has great international relations with most of the countries of the world which helps Germany stand economically and politically very strong. It is a study hub as well as a business hub as major trading of the world takes place from Germany. Besides, there are a few points which all students who wish to Study in Germany must keep in mind as this would mentally prepare the students for their future journey.

The Euro is the national currency of Germany. Of course you know it but, since you are coming from a country where a different currency is used, make sure you exchange it for Euros and help yourself to buy goods or take any other service. Or the alternative option for you is to make use of debit and credit cards. Moreover, if you care for getting around, knowing a bit of German language would be recommended as it is the national language. Although you will meet a lot of English speakers, knowing at least the basic slangs would be favorable as you don’t want to get frowned upon not knowing how to greet the German folks in their native language. However, learning the whole German would require a great deal of effort since the grammatical rules are difficult. You can further enroll in a language school in your town where you could learn the language with convenience.

Living in Germany brings a term called ‘busyness’ in your lifestyle. You will always find yourself engaged in doing something. But this doesn’t affect the peacefulness of the nation at all. Wherever you will be living in Germany, peace will always follow. The night clubs and pubs are an exception where you can’t expect a quiet environment but some raving electronic beats. Other than that, you won’t be able to find any corruption in the country.

Germans never fail to care for the rules. They follow both written and unwritten laws and consider them no less than a religious tradition. Break the rule and you would get to know the consequences afterwards. Either you will be given a very bad look by the people or you should be prepared to get yelled by someone. So make sure to aware yourself of all the dos and don’ts in the German land.  The rules in Germany include the trash too. You will find garbage bins for all kinds of garbage and the time for recycling is prescribed for recycling the same. Germany is an environmentally friendly country, so brush up on your recycling dexterity and make yourself aware as to which material goes in which bin while you are moving to Germany.

It would be recommended if you check your grocery items, dairy products, etc. on Saturday morning itself as you won’t be able to buy anything right from Saturday evening till the Sun shines on Monday. This might sound strange but yeah, this is true. Sunday is the day of rest. So just buy your Sunday bread one day prior so that you don’t run short on your breakfast. The transportation routes in Germany are built for all kinds of vehicle. However, bicycling is quite common on the German streets and there are further separate lanes made for these bikes.


The moment you book your tickets to Germany, you bring home a bunch of opportunities. Let’s start with the education. How about an education system without any tuition fees? All you need to pay to your university is an amount ranging around 100 euros per semester. In this way, you can earn a good amount of salary without the burden of any education loan. Another marvelous opportunity is that you can work in Germany while pursuing education. Being a non-EU/EEA student, you can work for up to 120 days (working full day) or 240 days (working half day).  You are allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week while studying. In case you exceed the limit, you would be required to pay into the German social security system and there could be a negative impact on your studies as well.

Since you’re a non-European and desire to study in Germany, you need to apply for a visa first. The student visa allows you to stay in Germany for a period of 90 days and also provides you with a residency permit for living in Germany as well as getting around the country. The residency permit further allows you to travel visa-free in the whole Schengen area, making it a wonderful opportunity to pay a visit to those countries that catch your interest.

Don’t forget the fact that you are studying in a German Universities, the degrees of which are highly respected and valued all around the sphere. As a result, you are surely to enjoy high employability in the global job market. Avail attractive offers from worldwide employers, engage in high paying jobs and get your career going towards the path of prosperity!

Last but not the least, the cultural heritage! Within the German land is buried a long, complex and rich history, the traces of which can be found anywhere on the German land. Studying in Germany is a great opportunity for you to take note of these historical gems, catch some incredible stories of the nation and needless to say, create long lasting memories.

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