European country, one of the biggest economies and top notch universities. That’s all you have heard about Germany in the past years of your life. But, that’s not what Germany is all about. Rather, it is much more than that. Take a look at these incredible facts about Germany that you have probably never come across before.

  • More than 800 million of Currywursts (a type of sausage) are eaten by Germans annually! The Currywursts has a special place in the hearts of the Germans and they are available in the vegetarian version too. As per the reports, an average German consumes 67 pounds of sausages annually. And speaking of the varieties, you can select from 1,500 different sausages in Germany!
  • With more than 94,000 books published throughout the year, Germany has gained the status of one of the largest book publishers in the world. And it also conducts the world’s most important book event, the Frankfurt Book fair.
  • One-third of the Germany is still under the dominance of the woods. The 32% area of the country is covered by forests and woodland. This area is home to around 90 billion young and old trees along with possession of wood stock of up to 3.7 billion cubic meters.
  • To all those fast drivers, the highways of Germany invite you! That’s because 65% of the highways in Germany do not have any speed limit. The recommended speed limit at highways in Germany is 130kmph unless stated otherwise. However, there is no such speed limit at 65% of highways in Germany. So don’t get bewildered if you see someone speeding their vehicle to a raging 200kmph.  
  • The German land produces over 300 kinds of breads.
  • You know what’s the synonym of love in Germany? It’s beer! More than 100 liters of beer is consumed by Germany every year. The Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer celebration where people put on some traditional dresses and enjoy the delicious beers.
  • Germany has contributed to the world with some of the greatest inventions of all time. The light bulb, automobiles, record player, refrigerator and the calculator to name a few.
  • Germany has the largest zoos in the world amounting to 400!
  • Germany charges no college tuition fees. The tuition fees were removed from 16 German states in Germany in the year 2014. Therefore, it becomes feasible for the students to study in Germany as they have to pay a small amount of money to the semester expenses only.
  • Germany is the powerhouse of Europe in economic terms with being one of the leading economies in the world.
  • The Germans have a gesture for ordering beer. If you wish to have one beer, then show your thumb and if you want two, show your first finger. The capital of Germany has shifted seven times. Cities like Aachen, Regensburg, Frankfurt-am-Main, Nuremberg, Berlin, Weimar and Bonn (and East Berlin) have all been the capital of Germany at one time or another and since 1990, Berlin has been its capital.
  • Most of the taxis you will find in Germany will be of the Mercedes brand.
  • You know where the hamburgers came from? Straight away from Germany! Many of us believe that hamburger was an invention of the Americans, but they actually originated in the Hamburg city of Germany. So all those who are a burger fan, the city of Hamburg welcomes you!
  • Never go for shopping in Germany on Sundays. Why? Because you won’t find much shops to make transactions with. Almost everything is closed in Germany on Sundays, except some restaurants and gas stations. The Germans make no compromise when it comes to resting and so, check your grocery items on Saturday morning itself or you will put yourself in a bit of a trouble on Sundays.
  • The capital of Germany (Berlin) is 9 times bigger than capital of France (Paris) and possesses more number of bridges than Venice does. To further add on, it has the largest train station in the Europe.  
  • There are over 2,100 castles in Germany. Majority of them are about a 100 years old and now play host to different museums, historical monuments, art centers, etc.
  • The drink ‘Fanta’ has its origin in Germany. During the Second World War, the Coca-Cola drinks were prevented to enter the German land and as a result, the owner of the company decided to produce a domestic drink through leftovers like Whey and Apple pomace. This makes it the second the second oldest brand of the company and now one of the most popular drink in the world.
  • Germany commands the energy and climate policies. The decision to decommission all nuclear power stations by 2022 was taken by Germany, following a replacement of renewable energies for green electricity.
  • The German passport is considered as the third best passport in the world which allows you to travel to 126 countries without a visa and to further 36 countries where you can get a visa on arrival.  
  • Always keep your tank full while traveling on German highways. Because in case you run out of fuel, be prepared to pay some fine. It is illegal to run out of fuel in the German highways (Autobahn) and only motorcyclists are allowed to stop for emergencies and having an empty fuel tank.
  • This one may not be surprising for you but Germany is the largest car producer in the world! Being a home to many luxurious car brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc. the German land is one of the leading car manufacturers in the world.
  • The German markets are the best in the world when it comes to Christmas. The Christmas markets are taking place in Germany since the 1400s. Further, the tradition of the Christmas tree traces its origin to the German land.
  • If a prisoner escapes a prison, then there would be no punishment for his act. This is because the German laws state that no one wants to stay in a jail and anyone would want to free himself. However, they may face punishment in case they damage the property of the jail while they escape the prison.  
  • Angela Markel, the Chancellor of Germany is considered to be the second most powerful person in the world according to Forbes. Another interesting fact about this lady is that she celebrated the 50th birthday of Barbie by producing her own Barbie doll.

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