If you desire to have a deep insight of the culture and traditions of an alien country, then only studying abroad can help you out. Pursuing bachelors in business in Germany can provide you with a decisive career advancement that ordinary business programs may not be able to provide. By taking a hold of this opportunity to study BBA in Germany, you can combine the practical managerial abilities with a technical knowledge of management and lastly, who wouldn’t like to gain fluency in a language like German?

BBA (or Bachelor of Business Administration) in Germany is a program which is 3-4 years long that bring in a fundamental type of education of business for international students. The program counts market influences, business principles, management principles, and finance & communication principles as its chief contents. The degree of BBA in Germany enables you to examine complex business issues from several perspectives. The core topics that one studies in BBA program in Germany are listed below-

  • Business theory
  • Accounting and finance
  • Marketing fundamentals
  • law and ethics of Business
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship fundamentals
  • Project management

Pursuing BBA in Germany is no less than a prestigious opportunity for you. The BBA program in Germany lays the perfect foundation for a global management career. If you’re keen on making a career in the business world, then the BBA schools in Germany welcome you to obtain a degree in the business field together with broadening your cultural horizons.


The BBA program in Germany is a four-year integrated program. The first two years are dedicated to the basic fundamentals of the program. In the first year, the students are introduced to concepts like business analytics, business theories, financial accounting and organization & management principles. While in the second year, topics like data analysis, marketing skills, finance and economics take place.

During this two-year period, you are required to take languages trainings too. Several workshops are further conducted for the purpose of advancing your individual potentials for success. The subsequent years are devoted to lectures on the characteristics of business administrations and in the final year of the program, you take up internship programs which are an integral part of your curriculum.



The first and foremost requirement for admission in BBA in Germany is to learn German language. The German language is a prerequisite in case you want to enroll in a BBA program in German University. Majority of these bachelor programs are taught in the German language. Yet you can find some of them being offered in the English language. You are further required to give a proof of your English language proficiency through exams like IELTS, TOUFL, etc. 

Moreover, the required score in these exams should not be less than 6.5 bands in each module. Except this, there are some general documents which you need to present to the University in which you have enrolled yourself for the BBA program in Germany. They may include your school leaving certificate, passport size photos, etc.


The commencement of your admission procedure would take place with deciding the ideal university for your program. To make it simpler, you can approach our counselors who will enlighten you to some of the best universities in Germany that fit your requirements. After you’ve opted for a University, you will need to fulfill the requirements of your desired course. There have been incidents where one minor error has resulted in the failure of application. So to avoid any fuss, feel free to get in touch with any of Moksh’s counselors to gain access to the information regarding the required documents. Once you have collected the required documents, you can hand them over to the team of Moksh where your documents are again verified so as to avoid any trouble afterwards.

After the verification is finally completed, we submit the application to the University on your behalf. Since you are applying through Moksh, you can rest assured that nothing will hinder your admission process. After the application form has been submitted to the University by Moksh, it takes few weeks to obtain the admission letter from the University. This is just the beginning of Moksh’s services for you. Throughout your entire education, we will assist you in numerous ways. So it’s no surprise that the Moksh family is expanding – the trust factor.


Although no public-funded universities in the 16 states of Germany charge any tuition fees for any program, you need to pay a semester contribution to the University to avail facilities like bus services, sport expenses, meals, etc.   However, if you plan to study in a private university in Germany, then the cost would vary on a large scale as all the private universities have rights to charge whatever fees they want from the students (both international and national).


While planning to study abroad, there are a handful of things that you must take care of while you apply for a program in a German University. The first thing would be to get a health insurance. It is required while your enrollment in a university or if you’re planning to reside there. There are two types of health insurance plans in Germany that you can select from. However, the health insurance plans from other nations might be accepted in Germany. You should inquire with your health insurance company for further information. In such cases, you have to validate your existing health insurance in Germany.

Another thing to keep under consideration is your visa. Once you have received your admission letter, it’s time to get your visa process done. You must have your student visa before you arrive in Germany. Furthermore, it would be suggested to commence the entire process at least 3 months prior to the beginning of your studies because even if you are concerned about the commencing dates of your studies, the embassy is not.



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