Securing a French student visa, also known as a French education visa or French study visa, is pivotal for those seeking educational opportunities in France. This journey entails grasping the diverse French student visa requirements, meeting eligibility standards, and fulfilling document prerequisites.

Understanding French Student VISA Types

Applying For a French Student VISA

France offers a variety of student VISAs tailored to different academic pursuits and lengths of stay.

  • Short-stay VISA (Schengen VISA): Suitable for programs lasting less than 90 days, such as short courses or language programs.
  • Long-stay VISA: Required for longer academic endeavours, further divided into two main types:
  • Student VISA (VLS-TS): For programs exceeding 90 days but less than a year. (This can be relevant for France internship VISA requirements for students enrolled in programs abroad).
  • Student Resident Permit (Carte de Séjour): For stays extending beyond six months. (This can help understand why France stays back for Indian students after their program).
  •  Student-dependent visas in France are only applicable for long-term study visas. While a dependent of a student in France gets a visitor visa, it comes with the restriction of not being able to work.

Each VISA category has specific France study VISA requirements regarding documentation, financial means, and health insurance. Furthermore, candidates might have to show proficiency in  French or English, depending on the chosen program. Prospective students must understand the specific criteria for each French education VISA type to ensure a successful application process and enrollment in French educational institutions.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for a Student visa to France, also known as a Student visa in France or a France Type D student visa, applicants must meet specific criteria established by French authorities. These include securing admission to a recognized educational institution in France, including universities, colleges, language schools, or other accredited entities.

Additionally, applicants must demonstrate sufficient financial resources to cover their France study VISA costs, including tuition fees, living expenses, and return travel. Bank statements or a sponsor's financial guarantee are common ways to prove this. All-inclusive health coverage throughout the length of their stay in France is mandatory.

Language proficiency requirements depend on the program's language of instruction. Candidates must show they are fluent in French or English through standardized tests like DELF/DALF or IELTS/TOEFL. France study VISA IELTS requirements or France study VISA without IELTS will depend on the specific program.

Furthermore, applicants must not present a threat to public order or national security and must be free of any criminal record. It's worth noting that eligibility criteria may vary slightly depending on the type of student visa sought, such as short-stay or long-stay visas for programs exceeding 90 days. Understanding and meeting these eligibility requirements are essential to obtaining a student visa for France.

France Study VISA required documents:

Typically, the following paperwork is needed for a Student VISA in France:

  • VISA application: filled out and signed.
  • Passport: Blank pages, valid for at least three months after the planned stay in France.
  • Passport photos: Current, passport-sized images that adhere to strict specifications.
  • A letter of acceptance from an accredited French university attesting to admission.
  • Evidence of Sufficient Funds: Bank statements or a guarantee of funds attesting to the ability to pay for living expenses, tuition, and return travel expenditures.
  • Complete health insurance for the duration of the appointment.
  • Evidence of Accommodation: A letter from the host attesting to the accommodations or a rental agreement.
  • Travel Schedule: Including bookings for flights.
  • The police clearance certificate attests to the lack of any criminal history.
  • Proof of Language fluency: Documents, such as language test results, that attest to one's fluency in French or English, if necessary.
  • VISA expenses: The necessary application expenses for a VISA must be paid.
  • Extra Documents: These could be required depending on the applicant's situation and the kind of VISA.

    Verifying the particular specifications and any updates from the French consulate or embassy—where the VISA application will be filed—is crucial.

French Student VISA Information: Costs and Validation

Application Process

The French student VISA application procedure has a few essential elements. First, the necessary paperwork must be collected, including the passport, VISA application form, acceptance letter from a French university, evidence of funds, health insurance, and housing information. Fill out the application as precisely as possible. Schedule a meeting at the consulate or embassy of France, show up for the VISA interview, and, if required, submit biometric information. 

After paying the France VISA cost, you must wait weeks for processing. After a choice is made, if the VISA is granted, pick it up. Make appropriate travel arrangements and register with the school and the local government when you arrive in France.

French Student VISA Requirements for Indian Students 

Applicants must meet specific criteria established by French authorities

  •  to be eligible for a French student visa. They must also Obtain admission to a university, college, or language school recognized in France.
  • Demonstrate adequate financial resources, such as recognition fees, living expenses, and return travel (check for specific France study VISA costs). Bank statements or a sponsor's financial guarantee are common ways to prove this.
  • Possess full coverage for health insurance during their visit.
  • Depending on the program's language of instruction, prove proficiency in French or English through standardized tests like DELF/DALF or IELTS/TOEFL. (France studying VISA IELTS requirements or France studying VISA without IELTS standardized the program).
  • Have a clean criminal record.

Additional Considerations

  • French VISA student application processes often involve interviews. Familiarize yourself with the procedures beforehand.
  • Online student visa renewal in France might be an option, depending on your siFamiliarizeeck with the authorities.
  • A work visa in France after a master's degree is possible for some graduates—research specific requirements after securing your student VISA.
  • Internship UK French student VISA: If your internship is part of your French studies, you might still need the French student VISA.

Application Fees:

  • Long Stay National VISA for Students: €99
  • Potential VISA Processing Charge: €50 (cash or bank transfer, location dependent)
  • Long Stay National VISA for Students: €99
  • Potential VISA Processing Charge: €50 (cash or bank transfer, location dependent)
  • VISA Validation: within three months of arrival, validate your VISA online for residency:

If your visa is denied, there are a few common reasons why:

  • Insufficient Funds
  • False or Incomplete Documents
  • Weak Academic Record
  • Lack of Course/University Knowledge
  • Public Security Concerns
  • Poor performance during the interview


In conclusion, applying for a French student VISA can seem overwhelming. Still, you can make your dream of Studying in France come true if you prepare carefully and have the necessary paperwork. Remember to account for processing times while making plans. Feel free to ask for advice; MOKSH Overseas, with its knowledge of French student VISAs, will give you complete guidance. Contact MOKSH Overseas right now to start your academic journey in France.