Why is getting MBBS seat in India very difficult?

Yes it is. Not from the studies point of view. But because of the limited no of seats.

Take AIPMT's example. There are about 6.5 lac candidates who appear for the exam and only 2800 get in. And god forbid if you are from general category then things get worse. The studying part is interesting. But the competition might kill that interest. Due to unavailability of seats, most of the people drop a year or two. Out of which hardly a few get into their desirous college. {C}{C}{C}With the introduction of neet, things will get riskier. If on that particular day your brain doesnt work properly then you are doomed. Your life will depend on that one day. Those 3 hours. So you need to have your luck(60%) alongwith hardword(40%). I have seen some great students not being able to crack it and some of the average ones excelling at it on the basis of sheer luck. Also Admission is not guaranteed for average NEET scorers. They need to apply various universities and each university need some application money. which is nonrefundable. or very hard to get refund. And not just that. You must be aware of how much some of the private colleges charge. Their fee structure is a nightmare to parents. And if this is not enough, take the issue of management quota. It explains it all. The meritorious student's seat being given to the people with rich daddy's.

So What is the alternative to get a MBBS seat?

MBBS Abroad, Very few colleges has entrance test and these are very easy to crack. You will get Latest technology and learning syllabus is also based on latest version. Hence doctors from Abroad are able to find and cure the diseases earlier than Indian doctors. For MBBS abroad Here student should pay application money only for one university and if student meet eligibility criteria and applied before deadline then we assured guaranteed admission.

Some things student should do.

1.Select an appropriate country. (not a backward country like Philippines and Georgia) 2.Select an top most Overseas Education?consultants (like MOKSH). that helps you to select an appropriate country. 3.Think about Post Graduate. Not just about MBBS. 4.Do not wait till application deadline. Because study abroad?consultants need some time for processing the application and visa.