Though medical students have a routine they follow when in college and it’s mostly fixed by the university, life can differ from individual to individual. There are myths and beliefs around medicine as a course and also the labor and toiling that it involves about the 5 years duration of the course. Yes, needless to mention the course involves diligence for continuous five years and much of study also. But, it does include lots of advantages and perks also. So, here is a rundown on how a medical student’s life can be awesome.

The Eager Boon –

Yes, a medical student’s routine is all packed through the day right from the morning till the evening and includes early theory lectures, dissection, hospital visits, case presentation and more throughout the day. Apparently, medical students repeatedly run out of time to study for their theory exams at the year end. But, still it’s a boon because it rarely gives her time to contemplate anything. Remember, the saying ‘an idle mind may be a devils workshop’ and doctors are too busy to be idle!

You’ll definitely make Cool Friends –

At the medical campus, you are going to find many smart heads and several others of your wavelength. Over a period of time you’ll not only love discussing out the topic matter with them but develop many friendships that may last for a lifetime. This may be not just awesome but the most invaluable part or rather gift of your medical education.

No Job Worries –

Like any another routine degree course graduate, you don’t have to search for a job. Most of the jobs will stick in like butter without much delay. There is an internship which will lead to pay you good money. You will definitely earn a fortune in years to come. So, that’s a pretty good reason to feel awesome about doing a medical course. Just make sure you get your PG.

Learn stuff that not many get to –

Your body is attractive and what better than exploring every part of your body and gaining knowledge about your body which you rarely had. At the end of the course you’ll be an enriched person with knowledge about functioning of all the organs of the body and a lot more.

Serve the Society –

By the time you enter your college and your hospital sessions begin you come to comprehend that at the end of the day you are going to serve the society and be in command of the grin and frowns on the faces of individuals and work to turn frowns into smiles all the while. The sentiment of doing something good for the society in itself makes one feel blessed and you as a doctor will do it day in and day out. Above all, this is the best part of being a doctor or taking up medicine as career.