University Transfer for MBBS course in Abroad

Why Indian students are looking for Transfer

Students started looking for transfers in the last 3 years. There were many reasons, and a Few Major reasons are listed below.

COVID-19 Pandemic:

The discussion of university transfer cases started during the COVID-19 pandemic. When approx. 15 Thousand Indian Students studying in China came back to India in 2020. Medical Universities in China Started Online Classes for their students. NMC issued a circular not to accept the online classes for the Medical courses.

As life became a normal post-COVID pandemic, students who were pursuing their MBBS in China returned to their Universities. However, students registered in Ukraine & Philippines universities are still in problems.

Russia-Ukraine War Situation

The war between these two countries erupted in Feb 2021. Around 18 thousand students in Ukraine were pursuing MBBS courses in 12 different universities. Due to safety and government advisories, students returned to India and started attending online Classes. NMC again issued an advisory for not accepting online classes for their degree course. The issue was highlighted when students demanded a transfer to Indian colleges as returning to Ukraine would not allow them to meet the NMC criteria. The matter was gone under an honorable supreme court, and the Court directed NMC to frame a clear policy in this situation where student can pursue their course.

Substandard Education:

In the past, students started taking transfers from their universities due to sub-standard education and looking forward to a better university. Often, agents send the student to a university where the Infrastructure is poor or the MBBS course in a Bilingual medium for their financial benefit. When students reach the university and understand the problem, they try to find a better university for the MBBS Course. They always look in the same country due to the easy admission process and less mobility.

Admission in BS Course, not in Medicine

In many countries, including the Philippines, students are not directly admitted to medical programs. Firstly, they must complete a 2-3-year BS course or Associate's Bachelor's degree. Then, they are expected to pass the NMAT Exam, similar to the Indian NEET Exam, to pursue the MBBS course at a Philippine Medical College. Post NMC Regulation 2021, which was considered effective upon its publication on 18th Nov 2021, all the students who were pursuing the Bachelor of Science (BS Course) or did not start the MD course were assumed to be a non-recognized program. The reason was straightforward: the length of the Program was 4 Years, and Indian Students were also not allowed to register for a License. (refer to NMC criteria in the below section)

NMC Regulations for MBBS Abroad

Below are NMC regulations to allow an Indian citizen who acquired a medical degree from an abroad university to obtain a license in India.

  1. Students should pursue MBBS courses in Foreign Medical Universities with a minimum duration of 54 months.
  2. Total Duration of the Internship undergone for a minimum duration of 12 months
  3. The course must include an internship in the same foreign medical institution.
  4. The entire Medicine program should be from the same campus; programs done from multiple campuses will not be Accepted
  5. The medium of instruction should be in English for the entire course.
  6. The MBBS course must be on campus only, as distant learning programs will not be considered
  7. Students should study the subjects in Schedule I of the NMC Regulation.
  8. The student should register with the regulatory body in the respective country, competent to grant a license to practice medicine in their own country where the medical degree is awarded and at par with the right to practice medicine given to a citizen of that country. University Transfer within the same country
  9. Completed a 12-month CMRI (Compulsory Medical Rotational Internship) in India.
  10. Clear FMGE/NExT Exam whosoever applicable successfully.

Rules for Univ Transfers in MBBS Abroad

Before 18 Nov 2021, there was no restriction by NMC for the Univ transfers in MBBS Abroad. Students were taking transfers primarily from bilingual to English Taught Universities. Post Nov 2021 Gazette, it is restricted entirely. As per NMC's notification on 23 Nov 2023, a deadline of 3 months ending on 23 Feb 2024 will be the last date NMC will accept any Univ transfer. They mentioned this as the last opportunity for the students of Ukraine and the Philippines, specifically as most issues are only from these countries' students.

From Ukraine

Students fought for their careers with NMC in the Supreme Court. Post NMC policy, students in Ukraine started exploring the options in their budget for the rest of the course. The biggest challenge was that many countries and Universities were ready to accept the transfers. Agents compelled the students to opt for the University where they wanted to place them. Many of the countries suggested by the agents were not offering quality education.

Students were also looking for the destination of their choice, but these universities were asking for original Transcripts of their Courses. Getting original transcripts from the University was possible through a contractor or collecting them in person in Ukraine. Consequently, the students had no choice except to get admitted to the Universities suggested by the contractors.

From Philippines

Students who were studying BS in the Philippines before NMC Gazette 2021 were in shock as they spent around 2 years of their lives on BS course and 15 Lacs Rupees, and now, as per NMC's new regulation, they need to start again for the Medicine! They could not figure out whether they needed to start the MBBS course in a new country or continue the MBBS in the Philippines with the risk of no License in India for them. If they continue in the Philippines, the only hope is to clear USMLE to pursue their career in the USA as the Philippines follows the American education pattern. Clearing USMLE is not easy, as you need a lot of handholding, guidance, and Mentoring.

Country Option for the Univ Transfers for MBBS

Though students may wish to take transfer to European countries like Poland, Hungary and Romania, where they follow the same ECTS system as Ukraine, these countries accepted Ukrainian Students to show their solidarity towards Ukraine, not Indian citizens. Nepal, Bangladesh, Egypt, Mauritius, and China didn’t take the Transfer Applications. The choices left with the Indian Students are below.

Georgia: A Few Universities whose seats were lying vacant accepted the Applications, mainly through contractors

Russia: Very Few Universities accepted transfers

Serbia: The University asks for Serbian language proficiency after admission to the University; failing that may lead to cancellation of the admission, and the student needs to return to their own country.

Kyrgyzstan: The University welcomed the students, but Students were not very keen as these destinations were never known for quality education.

Uzbekistan: This was also not a preferred place for the Students. However, contractors shifted the majority of the students here.

Kazakhstan: Universities in Kazakhstan have always been known for over-recruitment. Later cancellation of Admission even after paying the tuition fee. Still, some opted due to their Budget issues.

How the University assess the transfer Application?

Whenever any transfer Application comes to a University, it first checks the credits earned by the Student. This helps them finalize the year of admission for prospective students. It is straightforward in a country which follows the standard education assessment system like ECTS in European and Balkan countries.

The problem arises when the country of the new University changes. In such a case, the new University compare the subjects the students studied in previous University to the topic they teach in their University in a particular year. In this comparison, many students lose a year or even more in the new University.

Document required for the Univ Transfer

Universities ask for their Certified and Translated Transcript of MBBS or MD course of all years to verify. They also need a passport copy, with all pages of the VISA stamped. The Admission Digital copy may work, but they must submit the original copy during the registration process at New University.

Expenses in the University transfer process

Usually, the expense for transfer is low, and your additional expenses are Translation, notarization and Attestation of the document, as well as Travel to the new university. If you are availing services from any of the Consultants, that will be an additional expense from the cost mentioned above.

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