Post-graduation after MBBS Abroad

The respect and affluence associated with a doctor?? profession are the reasons why MBBS is one of the most-sought after courses worldwide. However, it is ironic that now MBBS is not good enough for a complete ??edico??experience. One must have done MBBS Post-Graduation and doing that in India is way more intimidating than cracking NEET-UG & getting a seat in MBBS in a Government Medical College here. The magnitude of the challenge of doing Post Graduation after MBBS becomes greater if you have done your MBBS from abroad that is looking for? Post-Graduation after MBBS abroad.

The challenge is multi-dimensional. To begin with, the seats are very few (less than 36k) and the aspirants that compete for them have mostly cleared NEET-UG, so, the competition is stiff. Also, the pattern of the test is such that one has to study the entire syllabus of MBBS after being buried neck-deep in Clinical studies for the last 3 years of MBBS. So, the picture does seem bleak.

But M has not one but two options for PG after MBBS. These give some relief from the bottle-necks of NEET-PG. Let us see how!

Why study PG after MBBS abroad?

There are quite many reasons to complement medical pg abroad for Indian students. Also, the volume of Indian medical aspirants, in abroad is increasing with every subsequent year. Let’s understand why you should go for pursuing PG in abroad after MBBS:

1. door of medical PG opens an array of opportunities for your specialized field of medicine by enhancing your skills for the same.

2. Particularly speaking, the Indian students have the liberty to go for Medical PG in Ukraine, Medical PG in Russia, and Medical PG in China. 

3. You get to experience the international exposure. 

4. Can avail lot of scholarship opportunities and financial aid for medical PG courses from abroad. 

5. Get acquainted with the huge patient inflow and get to work with different perspectives and techniques.

What are the PG courses one can opt for after MBBS?

Are you an MBBS graduate? Confused about what to do next? Well, whether you completed your MBBS from India or from abroad, you have ample choices to select your career from.  Actually, we don’t blame you for such dilemmatic state of mind because medical field, is in reality, quite diverse and complex in various ways. 

To simplify this, we have prepared a list of medical pg abroad courses for Indian students so that you can make a decision. 

For all those medical grads who wish to practice as a physician, you can choose any of the aforementioned MD degree. This is the easy route for you to reach wide range of patients.

The MD courses:

  • MD in Anesthesia
  • MD in Anatomy
  • MD in biochemistry
  • MD in Aerospace medicine
  • MD in in Geriatrics
  • MD in Dermatology
  • MD in Forensic medicine
  • MD in ENT
  • MD in obstetrics and gynecology
  • MD in General surgery
  • MD in orthopedics
  • MD in ophthalmology

Another option is the MS degree courses that demand you to possess excellent mental and physical attributes since it involves disciplines to work in harmony while you are practicing medicine. 

The MS degree courses:

  • MS in Plastic surgery
  • MS in pediatric surgery
  • MS in cardiac surgery
  • MS in urology
  • MS in Cardiothoracic surgery
  • MS in ENT
  • MS in cosmetic surgery
  • MS in obstetrics
  • MS in gynecology
  • MS in orthopedics

Apart from the MD and MS degree courses, you can also switch for the medical diplomas mentioned above. You must note that medical diploma courses don’t demand the same recognition from medical institutes unlike what the MD/MS and DNB degree do.

The diplomas:

  • Diploma in anesthesia
  • Diploma in ENT
  • Diploma in clinical pathology
  • Diploma in health education
  • Diploma in physical medicine and rehabilitation
  • Diploma in occupational health
  • Diploma in obstetrics and gynecology
  • Diploma in DVL
  • Diploma in immunohematology
  • Diploma in hospital administration
  • Diploma in sports medicine
  • Diploma in pulmonary medicine
  • Diploma in hospital administration
  • Diploma in pathology
  • Diploma in psychiatry
  • Diploma in microbiology
  • Diploma in pediatrics
  • Diploma in nuclear medicine
  • Diploma in radio therapy

Still can’t make the right choice for pg courses after MBBS in abroad? Get in touch with one of our expert counselors and get answer for all of your queries and doubts.

Which Are the Best Countries for Doing PG After MBBS?

Which Are the Best Countries for Doing PG After MBBS?

The first option that we offer for doing PG in abroad after MBBS is qualitatively way more celebrated worldwide than a Medical PG from India. Yes! We are speaking of Medical PG in the USA. This is one qualification that almost every nation in the world welcomes unconditionally. Imagine that you don?? even have to appear in?NEXT (National Exit Test)?if you wish to come back to India! We can safely state that this is the best PG course after MBBS in the whole world.

Medical PG in the USA

Students who want to do PG in the USA need to clear the USMLE examination. MOKSH advises students to get in touch with us as the process of MD in the USA can be complex. Keep in mind you have to clear the USMLE exam.

PG in the USA is like a dream for every Indian student who has completed their MBBS course. Students mostly choose to study in Ukraine, Russia, and China as the best country to do PG after MBBS.

The second option, though not equivalent to the first one, is also a great option for doing post-graduation after MBBS abroad but with a catch. We are talking about doing a Medical PG in Germany. The catch is that if you come back to India after finishing your PG in Germany, you will have to appear for NEXT as your PG will have no value here and you will be treated as a plain MBBS.

An important factor, worth discussing, is the financial angle. Considering the money factor is important but when you are not aware of the reality, it can be a problem. We will be throwing some light on this and some other things as well?

Medical PG in Germany

The high standard of medical education is what makes Germany a desirable option for Indian students. A hub of academic internships with headquarters of some of the world’s biggest Medical companies, the medical education in Germany is solely dedicated to innovation.

The academics in Germany are always excellent with some great pedagogues with remarkable pedagogy. The admission process may depend on the MD program you choose. Every country has a different procedure for entrance in PG in abroad after MBBS.

Cost of Studying PG after MBBS

Countries India USA UK Canada Australia Germany
Difficulty Level High High Medium Medium Medium Easy
PG Seats 36,000 40,000 15,000 2,000 5,000 5,000
Quota System Yes No Yes Yes Yes No
Career option After PG Medium High Medium Low Low High
Salary? Monthly (Rs) 50K-80K 300K-500K 200K-400K 300K-450K 250K-350K 300K- 400K
Tuition cost 2Lac- 2Cr Free 20lac-1Cr 1Cr- 3Cr 40Cr- 3Cr Free
Average time to qualify exams 1-2 years 2-5 years 1-3 years 1-2 years 2-4 years 2-3 years

As we said earlier, you must know the cost of pursuing PG courses after MBBS in abroad. When we talk about PG in medical science from different countries, the cost varies from country to country as they have their own expense particularly concerning the quality of education they provide. Some are expensive while some are moderate and others are simply affordable.

Let us have a look below:

Completing MBBS post-graduation from the USA (also commonly known as MPH-MASTER IN PUBLIC HEALTH) is high. This means that you will have to incur a cost of US $30k associated with the USMLE steps including 3 months of clerkship/clinical rotations. However, you can earn this entire amount and much more while pursuing your Post Graduation after MBBS as a stipend.

The cost of pursuing PG after MBBS from Germany is less than in the USA as you will only have to bear a cost of 20 Lacs INR at max. This is because the annual cost of obtaining a PG in medical sciences from Germany is approximately 11,000 euros. Precisely speaking the cost of pursuing a medical PG is reasonably less as compared to the US and UK and in addition to this, the stipends provided are also very high.

  • Cost of Medical pg in the USA:

  • Cost of Medical PG in Germany:

Pursuing PG in Medical Sciences Abroad

In furtherance of what is already mentioned above, MOKSH can still give you more reasons on why you should go for PG in abroad after MBBS.?

Firstly, the percentage of both Indian, as well as international students seeking admission in abroad medical universities, is increasing every new day. Secondly, it has become a tedious task to choose the most suitable destination for post-graduation after MBBS abroad and this is when MOKSH will be of utmost help. It is highly recommended to select professionals for this task and MOKSH is one of them.