Pros and cons of MBBS in USA for Indian students

Every course has two absolutes: merits and demerits. The same rule applies to a degree course in MBBS in USA for Indian students. Those who wish to enrol in a college for a degree course in the discipline need to toss both sides of the coin to make an informed decision.

Here are the possible benefits and drawbacks of the decision for Indian students.

Pros of MBBS in USA for Indian students

  • Exemption from MI screening: After doing an MBBS degree course in the US, one does not need to go through any screening while registering as a medical practitioner in India.
  • Degree with global recognition: A degree in MBBS in USA is recognised across the globe. So, earning the degree opens up the window of opportunity for one’s job prospects at the subsequent stages of one’s career.
  • International experience: The United States is a leading destination for studies among students of various nationalities. Indian students also enrol in the colleges in the country for a degree course in MBBS. They do so to receive education in line with international standards.
  • Access to advanced technology: The United States of America is a developed country with access to advanced technology in various fields, including medical science. During their course duration of MBBS degree course in the US, students get access to advanced equipment and ground breaking technologies or methodologies in medical science. This helps them keep track of the latest breakthroughs and developments in the discipline from across the globe.
  • No fees for PG: One may need to pay an additional fee for a specialty in MBBS degree course in other countries. However, it is not necessary for those who choose to do it in the US. This saves a lot of money.

Cons of MBBS in USA for Indian students

  • It is expensive: It may be a dream-come-true moment for students to do a degree course in MBBS in the United States, but the fact remains that it costs a fortune. Not everyone can afford the expenses involved in it.
  • The difference in the criteria for selection: There are various states in the US with distinct criteria for selection. This can land a foreign student into the dilemma of choice.
  • Lesser possibility of landing a secure job in the US: Enrolling in a degree course in MBBS in the US may appear to be a good idea from the outset. But it may not be as good for landing a dream job in the healthcare system in the country. This is essentially true for the students of Indian origin. While there may be some substance in it, they may get fired on the grounds of lack of commitment towards their job.
  • Loneliness: This is a common problem, not linked to doing a degree course in MBBS in USA for Indian students but for those who wish to study abroad in general. Only a handful of students succeed in making it to the selection list. As such, those who make it to the list are left to deal with the problem of loneliness.

So, these are the pros and cons associated with the decision to take admission to a degree course in MBBS in the US. Weighing one’s options before concluding is one's best bet to make an informed decision.