A though that often triggers mind of a Medical students is tips required to study MBBS Abroad. As it is seen that more than 10 lacs application are filled whereas less than 70,000 seats are there for medical students. Points to keep in mind before choosing MBBS Abroad the probability of getting a medical seat is day by day becoming touch for the students.

In such situation, students often look for another option or think to take a drop for the year. Alternatively they can choose to study MBBS Abroad.

If you are one of those student who is planning to study MBBS abroad, following article is MUST read.

MOKSH Educon Oversea, study MBBS abroad consultancy has created a list of points to keep in mind before choosing MBBS Abroad.


To study MBBS abroad, you must carefully choose the country based on:

  • Budget: As the currency in each country varies, student must verify the fee structure as per the home country currency so that you have an idea of average budget including you expenses.
  • Evaluate: Another crucial thing to keep in mind is to evaluate the country based on the security of foreign students, upcoming war, prevailing situation etc.
  • Weather: Some countries are cold as compared to India. You must check whether you can adjust in the country as the temperature goes below zero.


  • Approved by MCI: You have lots of Universities to select but make sure the university you select should be MCI approved.
  • Government Universities: Just like Indian abroad universities are also government and private. Try to apply for the Government University as the government universities offers modern technology, Infrastructure and high quality of education.
  • Reviews: Reading the review about the university is first and foremost thing. Next check the year of establishment and the number of batches. Do remember look whether Indian students have graduated from the university.


When planning to study MBBS abroad apart from the admission fee there are many other expenses that students have to take care whether it is your physical activities requirements, or extra clothing etc. These factors may increase the cost of living. Try to choose those country whose estimated cost of living get fits into your budget.


While doing MBBS from other country point to keep in mind before studying MBBS abroad that some countries internship isn’t valid in India. In this case, students who already have completed their 5-6 year MBBS course. After coming back to Indian he/she has to again do an internship program of 10 months. Make it sure you select the country whose internship is valid in India.

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