Most of the students choosing MBBS in abroad option do not worry about this most important aspect of the journey to become a doctor. The average result of MCI Screening Test or FMGE is as low as 15%. It means, almost 85% of the doctors who return have to appear for the exam again in order to move to the next step of internship and then registration as a licensed medical practitioner. We have identified the problem and now trying to create a huge awareness about this. Imagine, 6 years course, 19 different subjects and 128 topics with very wide syllabi is what you would be studying when you pursue MBBS in Abroad. If you were to give an exam on a single day and test all your knowledge and skills for such as wide syllabus, naturally, you would find it difficult. However, if you PREPARE FOR FMGE WHILE STUDYING MBBS IN RUSSIA, you can definitely pass the exam. MOKSH provides you with FMGE or MCI Screening Test coaching online. While you are studying Anatomy, you can now learn the subject by way of online video lectures, study materials and the Mock test on that subject. Accordingly, you prepare subject by subject and finally be ready for all 19 subjects. Anyone preparing for the MCI test during their MBBS studies abroad is guaranteed to clear the exam in the first attempt! However, it is a pity that the students believe that it is a simple exam and they would clear it after coming back to India and start preparing for it by a coaching class. As per our own calculations, no more than 5% pass through the coaching class on average!