How to Select a Best Study Abroad Consultant

Whenever any student desires to study abroad for their bachelor/Master's or doctorate, they are clueless about the process of a complete journey. In such a scenario, they always need a reliable and expert companion who can help them make the whole process convenient and quick. Here are a few criteria for Study Abroad consultants to meet before considering them as the best Study abroad consultants for your journey

10 Services You Can Expect from a Best Study Abroad Consultant

Many steps are involved in planning to study Abroad to reach your dream University. Here are the few services you should expect from a top study abroad consultant. Remember, Consultancy Services for the Medicine program are entirely different from other Programs in any country. This blog confines to Services except for Medicine Program.

1. Selection of the country

Different Study Abroad destinations have their own USPs and challenges as well. The primary criteria for most Students to select any country are a post-study VISA duration and the Program cost. The USA, UK and AUS are expensive study destinations with high-earning opportunities and a long process of getting citizenship. In contrast, the European Countries offer Affordable education to international Students with respectable incomes and an easier citizenship process. Your Study abroad consultant should be able to provide you with a suitable destination as per your budget 

2. Course Identification

When any student plans for Abroad studies, their biggest challenge is to select a Course and Specialisation. This gets even more confusing when students look for a Master's program. More than 2000+ Universities in the US, UK, Canada, AUS, NZ and EU Countries offer close to 1 Lac Specializations! A few specialisations are very similar, and choosing among them is tough. You can expect complete details about the course from a study abroad consultant for the chosen specialisation.

3. Selection of the University

Once you freeze Country and Specialization, you will get multiple options like, Free and Paid courses in Public & Private Universities; you can compare all such options; here, it is important to note that the Chances of acceptance in Public Universities are always lower than in Private. Similarly, Acceptance for the Paid Program is higher than for free courses as it requires multiple criteria to be met. Your consultancy for abroad studies expert will help you decide on your University.

4. Helping in SOP/Letter of Motivation

All Universities are keen to know about the applicant's intent. You can ask your consultant to support you in writing the Letter of Motivation/SOP. You need to check with your consultant for the charges, as, at times, it is a paid service, and few may offer it as complimentary to the student.

5. Application to the University

Once everything is finalised, the application goes to the University; this must be done very carefully, as any silly mistake can lead to the rejection of your application. MOKSH Study Abroad Consultants are experts who can do it on your behalf. Many Universities ask for the Application fee, and few allow it for free. If you are applying for multiple Univ, then your consultant will do so; however, all applicable application fees are to be paid by the students.

6. Preparation for University Interview

After Assessing your application, if they find you a prospective candidate, Before issuing an offer letter, a few Universities may ask for personal interaction to understand the candidate for their intent for the program and their communication skills. Important tips from the consultant will help you prepare for the university interview.

7. Application & Tuition Fee Transfer to the University

Ask your abroad study consultancy to support international fund transfers for applications and university tuition fees. Reputed consultants are always tied up with Forex company to make this hassle-free for the students.

8. VISA Interview Guidance

This is the most crucial part of any student's journey. Few countries have a low VISA success ratio, and few are impressive. It depends on factors like the Chosen country, Paid or Free Program and Your Financial documents submitted to the VISA officer. Please discuss with your study abroad education consultants for all these challenges. Your consultant will prepare you for the probable questions the VISA officers will ask about purpose, course, and financial sponsorship.

9. FOREX and Travel Arrangements

You can expect this service from your consultant. Reputed consultants do offer these services to the students on a chargeable basis.

10. English Proficiency Exam Preparation

Only Top Study Abroad Consultants in Mumbai have resources to offer IELTS Exam preparation to the students, which small Study Abroad agents can't; this Exam is mandatory for most of the Study Abroad destinations. This service may be paid for or complementary, depending on the consultant.


What is more important for you is a study abroad consultant near me or the best Study abroad consultant? Proximity may give you comfort, but remember that it should not be at the cost of your career. Only the best consultancy can shape your career for your dream country and University.