How to become a doctor in Canada after completing MBBS in India?


Are you a future doctor who finished an MBBS in India and dreams of practicing in Canada? You might be curious about the steps to make it happen. In this blog, you will go through the process of becoming a doctor in Canada after completing your MBBS in India, giving you helpful tips to achieve your dream.

1. Medical Degree from WHO recognized school/ college 

You have to Complete your medical school or medical college and complete your medical degree. This degree has to be from a college that is recognized by the World Health Organization. This you can check from the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS)

2. Verify your Medical degree with MCC 

Your Medical degree should be verified by the Medical Council of Canada (MCC). For this, you have to submit all your degrees on the website called

Here you need to submit all your credentials like a medical degree, and internship certificate, if you have completed your medical training then you submit that.

Now medical Council of Canada uses a third party will verify all these documents and say they are actually authentic. This does cost a lot of money but it is a part of the process.

3. Check your Medical Knowledge 

This can be checked in the form of two different exams 

  1. MCCQE1 – Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination Part 1. This is a computer-based, one-day examination that checks your medical knowledge based on MCQs
  2. NAC – National Assessment Collaborative.This is also a one-day OSCE-based exam.

As you work through this process, simultaneously you have to apply for your Canada PR or permanent residence. Canada offers PR on a point-based system. You can start the application right from your country. 

4. Apply for Residency 

The next step is to apply through a website called CARMS in order to be eligible for matching in a Canadian Residency program.

5. Residency Training 

Now you can complete the Medical Residency training in your desired Specialization.

After passing the Royal College Canada Examination, you will be a fully certified doctor in Canada.

6. Obtain a Licence 

The next step is to obtain a license from the provincial regulatory body. You can practice in any province of your choice where you want to work. During your residency training your license will be called a training license and it comes with a lot of restrictions. 

7. Start Practicing

Once you have a full licence you Can work as a consultant in your specialization. 


Becoming a doctor in Canada after completing MBBS in India is possible. If you meet all the requirements like passing medical council exams, finishing residency training, and getting a medical license, you can practice medicine in Canada. Follow this path with determination and passion, and you will be on your way to a successful medical career in Canada.