The cost of studying MBBS Abroad can be intimidating for many but do you know that there are countries you can afford!

When a student and his/her parents plan his/her academic strategy to become a doctor, it invariably hovers around India.

The notion of going abroad seems unaffordable.

The most important reason that people don’t consider MBBS Abroad as an option is the cost involved.

Most people believe that MBBS Abroad is very expensive. However, when we compare with the investment needed to study MBBS from a private college in India, doing an MBBS from Russia, Ukraine, etc. is way cheaper.

MOKSH came into existence with the idea to make foreign education accessible to one and all. We have a list of all those Universities which are great for doing MBBS but are quite affordable.

So if your goal is to become a doctor, either work hard for the NEET (National eligibility Entrance Test) or get in touch with MOKSH to pursue your MBBS in Abroad at low cost.

MOKSH has brought MBBS in Abroad to your doorstep, making it quite affordable for Indian students but maintaining the high quality of education. Before choosing your University and country make sure that you don’t go with the fraud agent.

Check out the most affordable countries for an MBBS degree:

Click on each link given above to get an in depth analysis of pros and cons of doing MBBS from these countries, the best universities there and choose the ones you like.

These are the countries which offer affordable cost for an Indian student to achieve their dreams of studying in abroad to become a good doctor.

Remember that these Universities we offer at MOKSH are all government Universities. They are really old which means they provide great standards of education. MCI have approved all of them so that after your MBBS, you can come back to practice in India. If you wish you can take MOKSH's help to complete your PG in the US.

But make sure you work hard to serve your society and your country people well.