Cost of studying MBBS in Canada for Indian Students


Are you an Indian student dreaming of studying MBBS in Canada? It's an excellent opportunity for a successful medical career. But, one important thing to think about is the cost of studying abroad. In this blog, we will discuss the factors that affect the cost of studying MBBS in Canada for Indian students. If you are planning to start your journey or are already on your way, this blog will help you better understand the financial aspects of your education.

Tuition fee for Pre - Med

The cost of studying Pre-med in Canada for Indian students is based on the university and program you select. The Approximate tuition fee is CAD 15,000–30,000, which is equivalent to INR 10 lakh–20 lakh per year.

Tuition fee for Medical School

The cost of studying MBBS in Canada for Indian students is based on the university and program you select. The Approximate tuition fee is CAD 25,000–60,000, which is equivalent to INR 16.5 lakh–43 lakh per year.

Do compare tuition fees from various universities to find the best option that suits your budget and preferences.

If you are planning to do both pre-med and MD in Canada, then you need to be financially strong. Also apart from tuition fees, there are a lot of expenses which are explained below.

Living Expenses

You also need to think about living expenses while studying in Canada. This includes things like where you will stay, food, transportation, and other everyday needs. The cost of living can be higher in big cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal compared to smaller towns. To save money, you can share living space with others or choose to live farther from the city.

The approximate living expenses are CAD 20,000–30,000.

Health Insurance

As an international student studying in Canada, having health insurance is compulsory. The cost of health insurance can differ from province to province, so it is very important to include it in your budget planning. The approximate amount can be CAD 50–100.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Apart from tuition and living expenses, you should keep other small costs in mind. These might include textbooks, study materials, lab fees, activities outside of classes, and personal expenses. It is important to remember these to have a clear idea of your total expenses. It can be approximately around CAD 100–100.


Studying MBBS in Canada as an Indian student is a thrilling experience, but it requires smart planning and budgeting. Remember to calculate the tuition fees, living costs, health insurance, and other expenses to get a clear picture of the total amount you will need. You also can look out for scholarships and financial support options to ease the financial burden. With careful preparation, you can turn your dream of studying medicine in Canada into a reality. So Welcome this amazing opportunity and set yourself on the path to a successful medical career in Canada. Good Luck!