All you Need to know about MCI Screening Test.

Students who pass their MBBS course from abroad university need to know. So do those who are in Class XI or XII.

What is MCI screening test?

MCI screening test is licentiate exam. Which is conducted by national board of examination for the graduates who have passed their MBBS program from abroad universities.

After MBBS from a country other than India, MCI screening test is compulsory. The MCI screening test was first conducted in 2002 for all Indian students who have attained their degree from Abroad Universities listed in WHO and NMC.

One Common Question

One common question which every student has in his/her mind is, after studying for 6 years and becoming a doctor, why one needs to clear MCI screening test?

Students who wish to work in a clinic or hospital as well as those who wish to run their own practice, a plain MBBS is not sufficient. They have to appear in MCI screening and after clearing it, student can work as a professional. Actually, the medical courses run by different countries are suited to treat local diseases and Epidemiology says that the diseases prevalent in a country depend upon climate.

So, for an MBBS to treat patients in India. He should be aware of the basic differences in the prevalence and treatment of a disease in India. That is exactly what the MCI Screening seeks to achieve. Moreover student is equivalent to those who have done their MBBS from India.

The MCI screening test keeps an eye on Basic idea of medicine. The test checks the application of concepts, ability of time management, common sense and most importantly, MCI screening test is not about the details of study material but mainly focuses on whether the student is familiar with the fundamental data.

However there is no limit for the number of times you can write MCI screening test.

As soon as you complete you MCI screening test the very next step is your internship. The MCI screening test is very challenging exam it needs lots of practice to clear the exam.

MCI screening test is twice in a year. The test is conduct in English language. There are no negative marking, students who pass with 50% are eligible for MCI screening test.

Students who qualify MCI screening test can apply for Medical Council of Indian (MCI), State Medical Councilor for permanent and professional registration.

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